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Ratings and reactions: Villa 0-2 Bolton


Who was your man of the match?  

53 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Given
    • Hutton
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Collins
    • Ireland
    • Albrighton
    • Petrov
    • Bannan
    • Agbonlahor
    • Delfouneso
    • N'Zogbia (for Albrighton 73)

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Your ratings and reactions please.

Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong.

[table color=#bccde9:41731aaf5c][mrow][mcol color=#8c333c:41731aaf5c]Aston Villa[mcol]0-2[mcol color=white:41731aaf5c]Bolton

[row][mcol color=#8c333c:41731aaf5c][col][col color=white:41731aaf5c]Eagles 54

[row][mcol color=#8c333c:41731aaf5c][col][col color=white:41731aaf5c]Kakuta 77


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cant wait for QPR away live on sky for everyone to see......

were gonna get absolutely bummed......

cant comment on the players coz didnt see it but its a pretty standard result for us which most of us expected...

and it sounds yet again that our midfield didnt turn up.....

**** football

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That's it patience well and truly gone. We need to get this joke of a manager out of our club now. Randy you really have lost the backing of the fans (I would think). I don't think these non football people realise the pure anger the fans must be feeling right now towards them.

Utterly gutted and see no hope at all under the current regime. I fully expect a home attendances to drop below 30,000 with McLeish still blaming the recession and randy and his **** cronies to bury their heads in the sand. I feel like crying as i can see a real disaster on the horizon.

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A little bit shocked, I never imagined we'd be that bad. Very worrying and simply unacceptable.

Sounded like Gabby, Dunne, Bannan and Petrov were the only people remotely interested.

Tactically, god knows what the idea was, didn't seem like much attempt to change things either after a dreadful first half.

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MOTM vote is surely a joke?

I for one would not give any player on that god damn football pitch in a villa shirt man of the match they should all be ashamed of themselves and take a good look in the mirror none of them deserve to wear the shirt

Complete and utter shite.

Our first shot on target in the 87th minute...

Losing 2 - 0 at home to a team in piss poor form did i forget to mention they had made 9 changes as well compared to our 3....

Lerner out McLeish out and take fatty faulkner with you.

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We've been dire for weeks now.

Outplayed by Everton and some how scraped an undeserved draw.

Let Newcastle have 21 shots at Villa Park and got another undeserved draw.

Now played off the Park (at home) to a Bolton team who just lost to Norwich!

Boring, predictable and dull football.

Mcleish out please. Randy you can join him.

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McLeish is living up to everything we thought he would be.

Sounded like he never made the changes when things were obviously set up wrong.

Picked the right team with the wrong tactics.

How on earth with Gabs, Fonz, Albright, Bannan and Ireland on the pitch do we only manage 1 shot on target in the 87th min.

How the hell can we conceed 2 goals to a weakend poor Bolton team.

There will be calls for Mcleish out at the moment i'll reserve judgement on that but i'm definitely on his side at the moment.

Going QPR on Sunday not looking forward to it at all

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Villa fans in overreaction shocker! Roll-Eyes-smiley12.gif

Sounds like a poor performance.

Teams have them.

Let hope we improve and win a game or two soon.

Move on.

i admire your optimism MG...

but weve had 5 poor performances out of 6....

and its showing no sign of stopping

Oh well at least we have a team to support, we could support Plymouth i think fans forget that almost all the time!

It wont be the last time we lose this season we'll also win a few as well believe it or not.

Yes our first few games have seen us defend terribly and concede lots of goals!

Nobody died though!

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If our team are a "disgrace" and a "joke" then our fans are 100 times worse. First loss and here comes the backlash. MON managed some embarrassing early exits in cups but that will be conveniently forgotten.

McLeish may as well leave because when ans of a team want the team to lose to spite the manager then there is no future for him.

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It's still too early to pass judgment IMO but time is running out for McLeish; he needs to win a game and get the team to deliver a proper performance because we've seen very little to be encouraged by of late.

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