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  1. That 20m we signed him for seems like nothing now. Bargain.
  2. Solid again tonight despite 2 conceded.
  3. MCU

    Buying a PC

    Good shout on the Windows. I've had a little look at monitors... narrowed it down to MOBIUZ EX2510 and AOC24G2U... relatively cheap. What do you think?
  4. MCU

    Buying a PC

    Yes, I’ve read about the high demand / hard to get GFX card issue atm! going to order this... https://www.overclockers.co.uk/ocuk-gaming-pyrite-gaming-pc-intel-core-i5-10400f-nvidia-rtx-3070-gaming-pc-fs-1eh-og.html#t=c1d!g1
  5. I’ve noticed it goes awfully quiet on this forum when somebody shares a bit of positivity like this.
  6. How is it 'inefficient' ?
  7. MCU

    Buying a PC

    Cheers man, you'll have to forgive me... so search for the PC by graphics card you mentioned then?
  8. MCU

    Buying a PC

    Didn’t particularly want to create a new thread but my beast of a computer decided to pack up this week (had a good run). Once lockdown is over I’m going to take it over to somebody who knows what’s blew on it. In the meantime, I haven’t got the time or patience to build my own but I bought my original desktop from overclockers. Are they still any good? If it narrows it down I’m not exactly a hardcore gamer, world of Warcraft, Witcher 3 for now so guess I don’t need much in terms of power.
  9. Didn’t say anything about forcing the vaccine into anyone, but for those individuals what’s the thinking process/resolution going forward in life?
  10. Fair enough. That’s different I agree. I just can’t quite fathom why you wouldn’t have it. You have injections when you’re born, when you go to certain countries etc.
  11. Why wouldn’t you have it?
  12. Fantastic news, should only increase too.
  13. MCU

    The Film Thread

    I've been the opposite, always Marvel over DC. However, I never really gave the DC movies a chance. They're just such a mess. They keep changing the cast ie they can't seem to settle on a Batman or Joker for example. They're bringing out another film called 'The Suicide Squad' instead of Suicide Squad... assuming this was because the first film really didn't hit it off? Anyways, I watched Batman V Superman last night and really enjoyed it, just as I did Man of Steel. It's a shame, I think they start going downhill from here!
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