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  1. This is assuming Watford don’t pick up any more points too, right? I know we have to stay optimistic, and a lot of people were looking at our wins coming against Palace and West Ham, but I’m sorry... we are seriously underestimating our opponents here. Despite their position, Palace are a very good team and it’s inevitable one of Ayew or Benteke is going to score today. Meaning we’ve got to score at least 2.
  2. These are the type of players we need to go for, and move away from your £15m Kodjia’s and McCormacks. From a Championship perspective , these big signings we’ve made in the past have rarely paid off for us. (And ultimately made us look stupid) We need to reign it in, get a couple cheap but experienced players in (ie Murray, Gayle, Rodriguez etc) and get the morale boosted again with the squad we have.
  3. Yorke, Benteke, Carew
  4. MCU

    New Manager...

    What a broad range of names. Maurico Pochettino to Chris Houghton...
  5. I know one thing for sure, if we go down Douglas Luiz won’t be hanging around He could easily fit in that Wolves team.
  6. Pro tip: stay off the socials come 14:30 this afternoon. On a more serious note, how the tables have turned eh. Seems like our general attitude is we’ve already accepted defeat and Wolves’ is how many can they win by. 3-1 Wolves
  7. How long are those like myself going to be working from home for I wonder? The alarm at 7:00 before logging on by 7:03 is going to be sorely missed.
  8. MCU

    PlayStation 5

    Futuristic looking.
  9. I'm beginning to think it's the dog taking him for a walk.
  10. Your 2 comments ironically coincide with each other.
  11. Crazy. My neighbour leaves his house about 5+ times a day, at least 3 of those he's taking the dog for a walk.
  12. And thank God for that.
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