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  1. MCU

    Pre-Match thread

    I just hope this isn't a repeat of dropping silly points like against Bournemouth last year.
  2. Just had an email from work saying to carry on as normal (2 days a week in the office), even though they were shit hot on ensuring we were working from home for the past 6 months as we’d always be following government guidelines. Bit confusing!
  3. What on earth is wrong with McGinn? How can a player look like a world beater one game and so sloppy the next? Not to sound harsh as it’s the first game after the break but he was showing hints of inconsistency in his game last season.
  4. Did he play in any of the CL games?
  5. He’s just followed up with this. Haven’t even bothered checking the replies but can imagine the Villa twitter brigade are out hurling the abuse. I also think it’s complete tosh Traore is our last signing, but so what if he is. Journo’s are always wrong... apart from Percy
  6. Happy welcome happy welcome
  7. Twitter is the scummiest of them all. I’ve had to stop myself from reading comments on any tweet. Full of teenagers using a footballer as a profile picture constantly commenting on opposition football clubs twitter. Villa are one of the worse for it. Absolutely embarrassing. Said it before on here, no wonder so many opposition fans hate us. Ok ‘Ty Bracey’, I will like your #freerashica tweet so he sees it.
  8. Nothing sadder than people begging for likes. I thought that was left to teens on Instagram and FB? Rashica will be disgusted.
  9. Rigo’s on fire... journalists are terrified
  10. Goodbye take care see you never
  11. MCU

    Do you read?

    I really don’t read very often if at all, but my girlfriend recently finished ‘The tattooist of Auschwitz’ as she’s a keen reader. We’ve come on holiday this week so forced myself to finish the book after I started it ages ago. Anyone who’s read the sequel ‘Cilka’s Journey’ recommend it or one to avoid?
  12. Happy welcome happy welcome
  13. At this point I reckon this will be the team. If Rashica and/or Traore come in now, probably a bit too soon to chuck them straight in. Regardless, that is still a strong team and with a bit of confidence surrounding them I’m hopeful we can get something. Question is, would you take a draw now?
  14. Will be on the bench if we sign Rashica anyway.
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