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  1. MCU

    Crypto currency

    Thanks mate. Been doing a lot of research into it all this week. Crypto is the only investment I don't really have my finger in at the moment. I'd like to leave my money in long term but even from just reading this thread you've got to be a lot more switched on with the market. I mean, a single tweet from Elon Musk dropped bitcoin by 5k or so this morning. That influence is ridiculous. Comes days after he joked about Tesla accepting dogecoin too causing it to increase. But yeah, still trying to weigh everything up to be honest. Will take a look into the one's you mentioned.
  2. Bottom one is a nice throw back
  3. Love this. Ever picked up an instrument?
  4. MCU

    Crypto currency

    Just awaiting verification on the Gemini app before I start investing in some cypto. Where's good to go? Dogecoin?
  5. MCU

    Douglas Luiz

    Thanks for that. Thought as much... same old story. You only have to go into his comments on his latest IG post to see the usual drivel Villa fans are directing at him. Absolutley no need for it. Silly penalty to concede but it's done now and we move on. Leave the guy be, especially on his birthday.
  6. MCU

    Douglas Luiz

    Hmmm... why say stuff like this? Just bleeds arrogance.
  7. MCU

    Douglas Luiz

    Can anyone translate his IG story? All I see if a '**** you' thrown in there... could be nothing.
  8. MCU

    Dean Smith

    Really good to see us pressing them throughout.
  9. I'm intrigued as I don't know what hours you do. Are you literally eating fast food every night? Also... assuming you're starting in Cardiff?
  10. From somebody who hasn't watched a single episode, I find it quite funny that it was...
  11. For anyone struggling, I highly recommend reading A New Earth and The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle. Or if you're into audiobooks more, listen to Awakening by Anthony De Mello. Life changing stuff if you go in with an open mind. You really are not your thoughts.
  12. This is why I struggle with watching any TV series. Much rather watch a movie.
  13. MCU

    General Chat

    Booked Thursday and Friday off this week because meh... need some time away from the computer screen. Any idea where's good to go to for a loner to go for a drive / day out? Seaside would be nice but i don't know how far is acceptable to drive for a day out considering a lot of stuff is not open or restricted/bookings etc.
  14. Agree with the comments about the changes coming late (again) !. The one for me though was bringing Wesley on in the 90th minute when we're still losing at that point. I get he's been out and needs to be eased back in but surely you give him give him at least 10 or 15 minutes, especially when we're chasing a goal? Strange one that. As it was we actually did equalise and he had a couple of oppurtunities.
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