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  1. Won’t beat Leeds? Behave. We’d beat Leeds and Derby together 11 v 22
  2. Fantastic to come away with the result but a frustrating 90 minutes as a whole. I’m fairly confident we will see the tie out Tuesday as Albion have to attack and can’t play the shithousery tactics they did today.
  3. You gonna check Classic out when it gets released?
  4. Wow, just had a little play on the 'free trial' of this on my laptop. How easy is it now?! We're moving house in a couple of weeks so I'm gonna get the computer back out and play it for real to see if I can rekindle any kind of love I had for the game. Been put off by this instant 120 level boost though. Where the hell is the sense of achievement in that? Granted the game opens up at max but come on...
  5. Apologies I'm late to this thread and your story but I'm really sorry you're going through this. Do you have any ideas what triggered you to feel this way? I just want to say without sounding cliché you are definitely not alone in this and these feelings will pass.
  6. 100% regarding the casting. I know it's easy to say but every character has filled their respected roles perfectly and I couldn't imagine anybody else doing it. It makes it kind of sad some of these actors are written off now. I'm also grateful they re-casted Chris Evans as Captain America so soon after having him play the human torch in Fantastic Four. I watched Endgame again the other day at IMAX. Blew me away just as it did on first viewing.
  7. So there's a new Spider-Man trailer and people are losing their minds over the 'multiverse'. What exactly is this?
  8. While we're on about series, are the Netflix one's worth a look? (Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones etc)
  9. As a sufferer of anxiety I thought I'd post this here to see if any of you guys can give me a bit of inspo. Basically, what are your hobbies? Since I left school I've struggled to commit to anything and/or lost interest. Where I may have had an opportunity in a particular job/past time I've turned it down because of my anxiety. This compounded over time has worn me out and I tend to not see it as a hobby anymore. As an example, I bought an electronic drum kit a few years ago when I was 21. Straight away I thought I'm not joining a band because I'm not good enough and I'll never be as good as some people, everybody who's skilled starts when they're really young. I've gone through phases and managed to keep playing very casually on and off over the years. But deep down I know it's not me. And I know I'm being hard on myself but I'm forcing myself these days to play and thus not enjoying it. When I was younger I used to get home from school/college and spend my days playing games with my mates. Not a care in the world. I didn't feel like I had to impress anybody or become brilliant at a particular skill. I did my day at school/college/work then got home and played games. These days and more so the past few years I seem to have got it into my head I need to be GREAT at something worthwhile. I need to have a particular hobby I can master and show off to people. It's such an arrogant mindset because as I've proved to myself I'm not prepared to put the work in. On a positive note, I've just landed a really good job and I'm looking forward to starting that. However, these spare hours I'm left with I just want to spend relaxing without being envious of people who can play an instrument, speak different languages or be the size of Arnie. I'm not sure what I'm getting at here, I'm just a little lost. But as I said at the beginning of my post I'm always intrigued by other peoples hobbies and interests and how they balance it with their work life.
  10. She actually will. Brown eyes: Walder Frey Blue eyes: The Night King Green eyes: Cersei
  11. Completely lost for words. Can only echo what others have said here as it wrapping up the MCU perfectly. Man... I feel like I’m coming down from an 11 year high. I’ve never experienced a movie like that in cinema before.
  12. Bought this game the other day, struggling to get into it atm (that's just down to me). I'm trying to get to one of the cave mini-game things but it's in a cold area so I keep dying. What's the way around this?
  13. Seeing it tonight, can't bloody wait! Where would you rank it?
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