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  1. MCU

    Tyrone Mings

    I hate how arrogant Mings is. Konsa is levels above him.
  2. Wolves were horrific, practically gifted them every decent opportunity they had. As mentioned, subs completely changed the game and as usual once we let the first in we shat ourselves and just invited them back in.
  3. Without going off topic too much, I’ll never forget watching an interview with Hugh Jackman saying he had to wake up in the night to eat plain chicken breasts as part of his diet for playing Wolverine. Said he hated it. Don’t get me wrong he pulled it off but **** that. Back on topic - finally finished What If? yesterday. Enjoyed it. Can’t believe how much they’re pushing this multiverse stuff. Basically saying the next phase is revolving around this and giving us a little taster with the series of what’s to come.
  4. MCU

    Fifa 22

    Won't be surprised if Fifa actually changed the games name to Ultimate Team.
  5. Just getting into the new MMO thats been released called New World (might start a thread if it gets much interest from other VT'ers). Really enjoying it so far.
  6. MCU

    Fifa 22

    I thought it was released 1st October but if you pre-order you can play it now? What happens if I buy it digitally off the Xbox store?
  7. Apologies for hijacking and bringing the discussion down a peg or two but how long into meeting your partner did they tell you they loved you (or vice versa) ? Asking for a friend.
  8. Don't try and justify going. Some good names on that line up. Have a great time! I'll just leave this here again...
  9. Saw them at the Asylum on Thursday. So so good!
  10. Doing the Jurassic Park/World marathon at the mo and did not realise Vince Vaughan was in number 2! I haven't watched 2 for years and years (I was only 5 when it came out!)
  11. Didn't know this. Just ordered one. Supposed to be going to a wedding next week... f*** sake.
  12. Came back from Reading fest Monday, got a proper annoying cough. Done 2 laterals which both came back negative. Also feel fine aside from the coughing. Hoping it's just the usual case of festival flu.
  13. First name on the team sheet now.
  14. Loving getting stuck back into Gears. Currently running through the campaign mode on the Ultimate Edition while balancing it out with some online on Gears 5. Just like the old days! Only thing missing now is my headset and mates down the other end!
  15. Don't think I can justify paying the £100+ the tickets are going to cost...
  16. This really infuriates me. Can pay for premium to remove them which is like £8 a month the cheeky ****. I think some of the content creators can set how often ads are played, some of them put them on literally every couple of minutes on a 20 min video. Literally makes me want to punch the screen in. Ironically, normal adverts on TV doesn’t quite succumb me to that.
  17. MCU

    Danny Ings

    I just hope to god the players themselves don’t read some of the stuff on here. Overreaction on one game, saying he shouldn’t be starting anyway? What a load of rubbish. I’ve said it before, there’s no way he would have joined us to sit on the bench.
  18. Cheers guys. Ordered the S, picking up tomorrow. Just a quick one, what’s the crack with the controller? Are they still battery powered, if so does it come with batteries? One thing I never had to worry about with the PlayStation.
  19. That ultimate pass is a good idea... merge it all! Looking at something like this then https://www.amazon.co.uk/Xbox-Game-Ultimate-Months-Subscription/dp/B08M7H66JV/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=xbox%2Bseries%2Bs&qid=1628583747&s=videogames&sr=1-3&th=1
  20. Thanks mate, sounds ideal for me then. I don't mind paying for the digital release of fifa when it's out albeit paying RRP for it. As for deleting games even though your saved progress is stored is great. How does playing online work? Do I need to pay a seperate subscription for gold as well as the microsoft pass if I were to play these games online? Also, do you have the S? Sorry questions...
  21. Getting sick of waiting for the X so tempted to buy the series S with game pass. I haven't done enough research yet so feel free to stop me in my tracks, but the only games I'll be looking to play will be Fifa on it's yearly cycle then just Gears of War/Halo games. Are all the titles avaliable with the pass? Is storage an issue?
  22. MCU

    Danny Ings

    No way has Ings joined us to sit on the bench. Watkins will go out wide or sit behind
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