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  1. I think there could be something in that as we signed Gueye from France that same season, and although he adjusted a lot better, he improved ten fold the following season for Everton and then moved to PSG!
  2. I’m sure he will following his MOTM performance last time out. Was great to see him have a great all round game, rather than the occasional moment. Good for Bailey as well that he has less pressure to be the saviour.
  3. Iroegbunam Scored an absolute belter in this from 30+ yards. Think there are highlights on AVTV
  4. I would like to see a midfield 3 of Luiz (deep) with Mcginn and Buendia either side with a front 3 of Bailey, Watkins and Traore. Don’t think we’re good enough, or have the correct players, to play 4231. Buendia would be able to link better in this role and play his clever through balls, plus he’s not afraid to graft.
  5. Same situation. Been trying to activate for 2 months but doesn’t work.
  6. Thought I was suffering a bit of deja vu reading that
  7. I totally agree, they deserve a chance, as there should be no chance of a struggle with this squad and if we are struggling come January, we have an incredibly fat wallet to put things right!
  8. So, so sad. Was struggling to even read this earlier on Facebook without breaking down. Can’t even begin to understand the pain they must be going through! I’ve had a couple of friends take their own lives in the last 2 years that I didn’t even know were depressed as they didn’t talk about feelings. I felt so shit about not seeing the signs as would have tried so hard to help them. The guilt of not realising made me take a course to read the signs and I now feel as though I’d be a lot better at spotting them. It only took 30 mins to an hour and was a real help. Think it may have been this one. If anyone is ever feeling down and wants to talk to a fellow villa fan I am always available (if PMs are possible on here). https://www.zerosuicidealliance.com/
  9. I think he’s great as a DM with 2 other midfielder ahead of him but doesn’t work in a 2. If there is enough quality around him he will be great in the quarterback role, waiting in deep space to take off defenders and start attacks.
  10. Worst I’ve seen us play for a long time. Only Mcginn hasn’t been rubbish. Tricky situation now as we need more help defensively but also need goals. Full backs have been particularly crap.
  11. I think it may be Young and JPB. Would be harsh to put El Ghazi on his opposite wing in place of JPB, who’s been superb preseason. If anything it’s between Young and Ghazi on the left and JPB and Buendia on the right.
  12. I think Ings could play the 10 role pretty well (opponent dependent). When Barkley played that role last season he was almost up alongside Watkins most of the time, which Ings could do, but Ings would track back better and is a lot more tenacious, plus he has a great strike frome edge of the box.
  13. I like Nakamba and think he’d be great in a sitting role rather than part of a 2. Doucoure May be better for all we know but is also only 21 so certainly has potential to be better.
  14. I’d be happy with us getting Doucoure as backup/ competition to Nakamba as DMC and playing a midfield 3 with Nak/Douc deep and Mcginn/ Luiz one side and Sansom/ Buendia/ Chuk other side and 3 up top out of Bailey/ Ings/ Buendia/ Watkins and Traore (with El Ghaz and JPB as backups).
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