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    Wesley Moraes

    Benteke looked really bad his first few games for us and everyone was moaning that we persisted with him but look how that turned out. I didn’t think he had a great game but he didn’t get a lot of service and I think the fact that he kept getting fouled by their centre backs and the ref gave him nothing threw him off his game a bit. I still think he’s going to be a real asset to us over the course of the season.
  2. According to Acura Sports on Twitter we have just signed Björn Engels
  3. People say we should keep the same team and just add a few key positions but the problem is we don’t own a lot of the key players. We can keep Hause, Elghazi and Mings hopefully but barely any chance of Tuanzebe and Abraham (with embargo in place). I would be very happy with Cahill ( after Chester revelation) and Milner as senior free transfers and then spending big on a LB, RW, CF and a Young DM to compete with Milner. Would also keep Whelo or/ and Jedi as I don’t think we have the squad depth to lose them.
  4. I think he’ll probably be the main thing I miss about the Championship as he’s probably the best pundit I’ve ever seen. Shame he didn’t really play at the highest level as that means we won’t see him on MOTD.
  5. Just had to have a little look who he is and if he is related to Alfe Inge and the photos tell me he most likely is
  6. Doesn’t mean so much when our winger has also lost his legs though
  7. El Ghazis actually wearing Claret and blue and we should be at least 5 up
  8. Absolutely amazing second half. MOTM to Mcginn but Elmo, Jedinak, kodjia and Grealish also superb. Think Grealish is trying to play a little within his self at the moment as still has slight injury as you could see by his strapped calf but his bursts of skill and drive are irreplaceable. Elmo had a couple of moments when under Bruce he would have just tossed it in but instead cut it back to players in the box in space. Jedinak actually really helped as we were struggling with there physicality and high balls. He managed to win 9 aerial duels in his time on the pitch compared to Axels 4 and Mings 1. mcginn was just incredible in the second half and really evened up the man advantage by being everywhere, stopping everything and bursting forward to set up counters. Tayls had a very poor opening but was good second half. only player that really had a bad game who’s hold up play and passing has been really off recently. think the introduction of Kodj was really important as well as they realised they couldn’t go forward as much when he kept skinning there whole defence. my only worry now is that they all put so much effort in and looked completely exhausted by the end which could be a problem for Saturday with Bristol having extra days rest. UTV I bloody love you!
  9. Think that is actually Live scenes of John running home from Rotherham after the match.

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