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  1. I don’t really see how it’s Deans fault that our star players, Grealish, Mcginn and Mings are not playing to their best. Imagine the hate if he dropped them.
  2. I’m not as downbeat as most. We played really well until Fernandes foul on Konsa. We seem to really struggle once going a goal down but a lot of that is to do with having no fans to gee them up after there heads drop. i gave Luiz motm again for the fifth game in a row since the restart. Can’t believe How poor Grealish has been since the restart but he said himself it takes him 5 or 6 games to get into his flow and hopefully he can show that against Palace. we are still only 4 points off safety and can reduce that to 1 on sunday and then matches against Everton and Arsenal, who both may not have much to play for. Could still come down to West Ham. UTV!
  3. Played really well today. Was probably our most passionate performance after the restart and was really surprised by El Ghazi and Taylor (although Luiz man of the match again for fourth match in a row) but a shame that Grealish spent most of the match injured and Mings got injured towards the end and I can imagine they’ll both be out for Man U, who are the form team in the league at the moment.
  4. Oh dear, gonna struggle without jack. Taylor has been great.
  5. El Ghazis doing superb, not sure Trez has touched it yet though.
  6. Always bet on the Hause. Lovely old £2 for first scorer at 80/1
  7. Yeah Conor was great. I think he feels the pressure from the fans (as many hate him) and this chilled atmosphere really suited him. much as he does he is really pretty anonymous in most matches other than big contributions and he looked a lot more available this time, my motm just ahead of Davis.
  8. Mcginn only made 9 passes with 7 successful. I know it’s not his game to get loads of touches and he normally has much less than others but I think it’s normal for players to be very cautious after his injury and hopefully confidence will grow with matches.
  9. I was really impressed with our performance today overall. I heard a program the other day talking about how the teams that looked the most cohesive beforehand had the upper hand as they knew each other’s play inside out. I think Sheffield have been one of the most cohesive set of players this season playing far above their players would suggest they could. We on the the hand have been the opposite and with the team changes I was very worried yet overall we looked the far better unit. it was only a shame that our most important players (jack and John) struggled To get into it (although Jack got better in second half). Toss up between Hourihane and Davis for Man of the match but gave to Hourihane for much improved (not to anonymous) performance.
  10. Would hardly call it stealing though when we had 14 shots to their 5 and their goalkeeper was probably man of the match.
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