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  1. Could imagine Watkins and Davis being a near perfect partnership if 2 up front was still a thing.
  2. I’m hoping it’s a confidence thing as you always hear reports of him scoring loads in training and his all round play is right up there with any striker I’ve seen.
  3. Grealish superb and Davis and Luiz made a massive difference. Davis is such a good player in all aspects other than scoring but if this goal gives him confidence he could easily be our second striker. You don’t often see big strong target men with such ability to know what’s going on around them with flicks and back heels and such.
  4. Agreed and fair play for counting, I knew he’d pinged a few.
  5. That’s fine though as shows he’s in the right place. He missed 2 sitters against Utd last match too but shows he’s always in the right place. Tammy used to miss 2 or 3 sitters for every goal scored. Also Andy Cole used to miss loads of sitters but still scored 20 plus every season.
  6. I always shout “50p head” at him and Samatta when they nut a great chance 20 yards over.
  7. stegzy

    The NSWE Board

    Best wishes with that TRO. Hope everything goes well for you.
  8. Too many Ken, too many, many Ken!
  9. I agree with you smg. This bunch are so young due to our new system of allowing older players to leave and U23 is already a very high level for these players, whom are mostly 17-18-19. I think maybe Jacob Ramsey and Philomen are 2 players that could benefit from a loan but it’s best for the others to learn the Villa way. We also didn’t play any of the new signings tonight.
  10. Such a shame in the end. Really held there own in the first half and then started 2nd well. Sad to see them give up the fight after the 3rd goal though. Jacob Ramsey easily motm for us. Bidace also had a good game but our defence and goalie were awful. Really young team though and certainly held their own for large parts so shouldn’t be too disheartened. I agree a championship loan would be great for Ramsey.
  11. I think it’s fine as gives them a taste of proper agricultural football. They can get there wins in the league.
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