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  1. Understand the signing - about as good as we can get as backup and be happy enough with the role.
  2. C. He hasn't said anything publicly about leaving and if he announced that he's staying then that'd be just fine.
  3. This is the guy to rally behind.
  4. It's not really cover if you can't rely on him to be not injured half the time.
  5. A good interview and I'm very happy to hear that he's trying to look after himself more seriously and frankly just take things more seriously. I think this season is make or break for him tbh.
  6. Stats are far from everything tbh. Jack had 30 goal involvement from 89 games in the championship, for example. Norwich fans tend to rate him and they're the ones who watch him week in week out - which for me is a lot more important.
  7. I don't. Imagine if he'd gone to **** Liverpool. I'd have puked my guts out.
  8. Dear lord, the flair and lairiness. Can't wait!
  9. Out of our reach unfortunately, I feel, but a superb player.
  10. I agree that we can't know for certain, sure, but we can only go on what we know and value now to pass our judgement. I think if Grealish hadn't made such a big deal about his connection to the club and fandom, it'd be a lot easier to digest and understand.
  11. No, I wouldn't. That's just not who I am.
  12. I agree with the bit in bold but not with the rest - we can only go by our own experience, values and thoughts. If I were offered the two opportunities now, I'd go with being a Villa legend all day long. It's purely hypothetical, sure, but that's what I'd choose.
  13. I think he will. A lot more than he realises right now.
  14. Because for some of us, the club takes priority every time and in his shoes, we wouldn't have gone to City. It all really depends on your perspective and what you value in life.
  15. Don't even joke about that - it'd be so awkward
  16. If we sell one and buy two or three every summer, I dare say we'll be OK. I think the thing to learn from this is to not get too attached to the players.
  17. I hope it's sorted ASAP. We need to move on as quickly as we can.
  18. Most don't seem to rate him for some strange reason, so if he comes here and does reasonably well then maybe it'll work out? Oh what am I saying? The fans that have already written him off will never change their narrow minds.
  19. Brief twitter post and post on the OS and that'll do it for me.
  20. Quite. 'Just hang around for the next 36 hours or so lads'
  21. On the basis that they're clearly very sharp and will have planned for this thoroughly. We just pulled off a major coup with the Bailey signing, and have Buendia now too. They'll see us right, they have so far.
  22. Generally not, no. They're super competitive people after all. Doesn't make me feel any differently, though - if he goes, I couldn't give a shit what happens to him.
  23. I think they're way ahead of you, mate.
  24. He did - but it doesn't excuse the fact that he'd be making a club ahead of us stronger and the gap between us wider, for his sake alone. If he turns his back on us like this, then the only reaction that makes sense to me is respond in the same way.
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