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  1. I think people just massively underestimate/undervalue him in general tbh, Steero.
  2. lexicon

    Louie Barry

    You'd think so - he's in a position that will test his character and resolve. Does he have the determination and fortitude to fight for his place? Is he doing enough in training? Was he under the impression that he could just saunter into the first team? A loan to a lower league side has many sides to it and the growth of a player isn't just linked to getting minutes. Obviously, we'd all prefer it if he'd been smashing it all this time, but there could be a lot of valuable lessons being learned.
  3. There's definitely a lot to like about this kid. It'll be interesting to see how he does when he gets his first team chance - it says a lot that he's settled in so quickly to the new team and surroundings, though I suppose he played with half of them before we robbed them from the Baggies anyway
  4. Agree 100% - we have to do what's best for the long term, after all, as this is a project designed to shape the club for years to come. If it takes us another year without Europe but we've successfully developed a raft of talented youngsters, then we'll be in a much stronger position down the line. NSWE aren't just thinking about the next game or even season, it's a bigger picture than that.
  5. He seems like a guy who values loyalty highly - and it looks like he has a great relationship with the club, staff and fans. It's also not like playing for us hampers his chances of being an international regular, as I think that was also a factor in Grealish going (thanks mouthgate, you prick).
  6. He seems to be talented but very streaky - for the kind of fee and wages involved, I'd want someone a lot more dependable and frankly a little more serious/professional than him.
  7. 100% agree with this. If we compare the debuts of Carney and JPB with that of, say, Indiana Vassilev, we can see a massive difference in their approach to the game mentally. The first two seemed cold as ice - not fazed by the situation at all, just calm and collected, whereas IV looked like a rabbit caught in headlights. It's not easy to predict how a player will react to the step up but I guess that's where scouts earn their corn.
  8. DM is a very simple term in today's game tbf but we don't play with a sort of large destroyer type in the first team, and seeing as the big thing NSWE wanted was to have a philosophy running through the club at all levels, it stands to reason that we wouldn't play one in the academy or U23 teams. We like a DLP, so we have Luiz in the first XI and Lindley in the U23s.
  9. It's going to be very interesting to see how he develops as a player. He has a very mature head on his shoulders at just 16 as a few of you have already said. He's also pretty good on the ball and I've seen him pass with both feet relatively effortlessly. If he continues to improve from this point then we'll have a serious talent on our hands and a first team player ready to rock and roll in a couple of years.
  10. Ah well, I heard he has the touch of a rapi... never mind.
  11. At that age, surely it has to be Feeney.
  12. He does that himself 99% of the time tbf.
  13. I do wonder whether that would knock his confidence somewhat, though. He's flying right now and I think we should be channeling that into the first team.
  14. That would be an incredible chant for him
  15. They're advertising it on VillaTV+, so if you're already subbed you'll presumably have the game already - or it's £1.99
  16. This 100% happens - I've seen whoscore change stats after their initial release.
  17. But Tottenham weren't below par today - they were pretty good, all in.
  18. Very reminiscent of a game we lost to spurs years ago, where the difference between the two teams was Rafael Van der Vaart - this time it was Son. It's important to note that spurs played well today. They knew how we were going to line up and obviously had a plan ready and they executed it effectively. It showed the limitations of that system and if I'm honest, I'd much rather we went back to having wingers and one striker. We need that creativity and guile in the attacking third to break teams down.
  19. I'd like to see Traore and Bunedia on. Would really mix things up.
  20. It's an effective formation unless we're losing because it's hard to chase the game when the other team are able to sit back. We have plenty of options and the opportunity to change things up, so don't despair just yet.
  21. Spurs were very good in the middle part of the first half - pressed well, passed and moved well and we struggled with the talent, particularly Son. The issue we have with this formation is the lack of creative players on the ball in the final third. Plenty of that on the bench, though. Game is far from over.
  22. It doesn't kill me to give him credit at all, on the contrary, I really want him to do well and have been very complimentary of his last two games if you look back through my posts. I've also gone into detail about where I think he was lacking in his poor performances if you'd care to look back. Maybe then we could have a civilised conversation instead of... well... this.
  23. Been a useful match for the players today. Hard work.
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