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  1. Think the toilet is just for staff mate
  2. Glad he's out on loan but would have liked us to find a higher level than the national League for him.
  3. You're going to get pounded for posting that
  4. Well yeah, surely how much he's paid doesn't affect his intelligence
  5. I think the weakest area of his game has been worked on quite significantly since he joined the club - which was quite simply his confidence on the ball. He looked terrified at first whenever he found himself in possession and without an easy pass on, but in the last 6 months or so he's seemed to be a lot calmer. Bodes well for us.
  6. He's not that short mate - just not particularly great in the air.
  7. Can you imagine being written off in your career aged 20?
  8. And also if he's really a fan, surely it'd mean more to go down as the greatest legend of all time than to be a bit-part member of a petro-dollar dickhead club just for the sake of a few trophies?
  9. lexicon

    Jed Steer

    Good opportunity for him to lock down that 2 spot and he's absolutely shat the bed. No real surprise he is where he is in his career.
  10. This part is true but it's quite often an older crowd with the same attributes, particularly on Facebook - the demographics have shifted a lot and kids don't use Facebook that often.
  11. I'll never forgive him if he leaves.
  12. Poor bugger hasn't had a break yet.
  13. If he continues in this vein then you could be right - his glaring weakness was his panicking on the ball and he seems to have calmed down a lot.
  14. lexicon

    Keinan Davis

    A lot better from him today. Think he's twigged that we won't wait forever for him.
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