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  1. The entitlement from some in this thread... Christ.
  2. lexicon

    Wesley Moraes

    Well no, because that would have actually been funny rather than just taking the piss out of fans who actually support the players on their team.
  3. lexicon

    Dean Smith

    I don't think there's anything he could have done to have won the game tonight and I'm not going to worry about losing 2-1 away at a top 4 team.
  4. lexicon

    Wesley Moraes

    I don't think it's funny or banter. It's just stupid.
  5. lexicon

    Dean Smith

    Perhaps, maybe he'd have done nothing or maybe caused us to concede a third. I trust Smith to make those decisions because I think he knows better than I or you do.
  6. lexicon

    Wesley Moraes

    It's puerile, doesn't add anything to the discussion and only serves to antagonise people.
  7. lexicon

    Dean Smith

    Yeah we'd have walked it against Chelsea otherwise....
  8. lexicon

    Wesley Moraes

    Do you really need it explained to you?
  9. lexicon

    Tom Heaton

    Clear MoTM - worth every penny.
  10. lexicon

    Ezri Konsa

    Hit and miss. There's certainly talent there but his positioning needs work and he has a tendency to hoof it. Would start Engels over him.
  11. lexicon

    Wesley Moraes

    Absolutely pathetic post. Sorry.
  12. Just totally outclassed by the players he was up against and he just looked totally overawed by the occasion. Luiz back starting next game for me, 100%.
  13. He's a live wire - can't fault him for effort.
  14. He was actually a lot better tonight than recently IMO - much better passing.
  15. A mixed bag of performances tonight - Hourihane and Targett stood out as being especially poor. I think Luiz showed just how much better than Hourihane he is by coming on and holding his own against some quality midfielders. I don't have any issues with Wesley tonight. We need to stop lumping it to him and play to his feet. We need passes that play him in behind rather than crosses to his head. If he had Pulisic and Willian supporting him, I'm sure he'd not have any worries.
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