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  1. He scored over 50 goals in the prem, he definitely wasn't 'one of the shittest'. That's not to say that he was good though, or that he did as well as he could have done if his head hadn't been up his own arse.
  2. Well mainly because we've signed Wesley and I'd say it's unlikely that we'll play with two strikers. Getting him guaranteed starts and game time and therefore minutes would be better than maybes on our end. Do you think Smith might look to play him out wide?
  3. Not a lot to say about him. Looks a lot more confident with the ball at his feet than Taylor does though.
  4. Typical Bjirkir today, worked hard and got himself involved without really impressing much. No change from last season for me.
  5. lexicon

    Keinan Davis

    He may well have goals in him. Hard to tell as he's young and hasn't had much first team. I think his role isn't a prolific goalscorer anyway, more of a forward who links things up and gets others into goalscoring positions. Think he'll be able to learn from Wesley too.
  6. lexicon

    Scott Hogan

    Hopefully that goal will make him easier to offload.
  7. Definitely needs a loan and some first team experience. Not good enough yet and he needs to improve quite a lot.
  8. He looked confident, hungry and really took the game to them in an impressive 45. All in a pretty odd/disjointed XI. I do think a loan would be great for him, as he's definitely ready for first team action but we'd not be able to give that to him in the prem yet.
  9. lexicon

    Wesley Moraes

    Really liked the look of him today - lovely touch, with the vision and passing skill to match. Even if he doesn't score loads, I think he'll make the team a lot better and bring players into the game. Can't wait to see what he can do with Grealish, McGinn, Jota, AEG et al.
  10. Consistency comes with experience, which comes with game time. A loan, as many have said, would probably be the best option for him.
  11. No mention of him this preseason yet on here but I thought the ball he put in for Bjarnason was possibly the best cross I've seen him make. If he can do that regularly, he could be a real asset as his crossing and passing were his weakest areas last season.
  12. lexicon

    James Chester

    I've a lot of time for Chester but we've bought 4 CBs now and he looks to be knackered injury-wise. I'd sell him for 7.5m+ but who knows if he'd even pass his medical? I like the idea of using him plus cash to get Phillips, though.
  13. You never told me that we have a daughter, Dave. I'm not paying you a penny without taking a paternity test first though.
  14. I'd take 1000 optimistic SGCs over 1 of his negative, moaning equivalents.

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