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  1. lexicon

    Keinan Davis

    Needs games, like they all do. Looking very promising though.
  2. lexicon

    Tyrone Mings

    Not 80s but his name to the chorus(?) from Blueboy - Remember Me
  3. I think he's starting to live up to his potential - should definitely get him if the price is fair.
  4. The difference in style of play is unbelievable. I've never seen us play as smartly, neatly and technically as we currently do.
  5. Most passes today, 95.5% completion. That's pretty damn good going.
  6. lexicon

    Tyrone Mings

    So, so, so good. My MoTM today. Such a beast.
  7. To be fair to Millwall, they were nowhere near the dirtiest team we've played this season.
  8. 6 quid for me? And a tenner for people in the UK.
  9. The rest was obviously a great choice - came back swinging today.
  10. lexicon

    Dean Smith

    Oh Deano. You beautiful, beautiful man.
  11. ... that's why I think he can be a wing forward.
  12. That's a very good point and important to note - he's got an almost one in two strike rate, clocking up 58 goals in 126 appearances. He's played 3.5 times more games than Tuanzebe (who's the same age) and incredibly, has more first team experience than Tyrone Mings, who is twenty SIX (98 first team appearances).
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