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  1. lexicon

    Jack Grealish

    Because it's not his fault if he gets injured, so I can't see how you could hold it against him.
  2. lexicon

    Jack Grealish

    That's really odd.
  3. lexicon

    Jack Grealish

    So you like him less because he's been injured?
  4. lexicon

    Villa Park Atmosphere

    The biggest problem with the reputation that some of our fans are creating is that players considering moving to us aren't going to be thrilled or inspired to play in front of a group of people who demand loyalty from but don't show it to the players.
  5. lexicon

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Absolute nonsense. Pure hyperbole.
  6. lexicon

    Villa Park Atmosphere

    It's desperately sad and entitled at the moment. 'Give me something to cheer for then' - the most ridiculous, counter-productive argument going. Whatever happened to sticking with your team through thick and thin? What happened to giving Smith the time and a chance to create something at the club? What good does booing players and the manager do? Any idiot can point out problems, it doesn't make them special. If the fans are showing such a catastrophic lack of loyalty to the players, do you think they'll really want to play their hearts out for them? Hell no. Those fans need to stop pointing fingers and do their part. They can't be enjoying what we're going through, yet can't seem to see that they might be part of the problem too. Turning up to bitch, moan and boo means you might as well be cheering for the opposition.
  7. lexicon

    Dean Smith

    Why not? He's the best player in the league, tbf.
  8. lexicon

    André Green

  9. lexicon

    André Green

    Pace, strength, decent enough with the ball at his feet, passing and crossing aren't and can be worked on. Players are not the finished article at 20 or even 23 in a lot of cases. He excelled at youth level and can be a good player for us if he is treated correctly. Why shouldn't we support him?
  10. lexicon

    Tyrone Mings

    He's class. Would be great to sign him but tricky, as he'll have no shortage of premier League suitors in the summer at this rate.
  11. lexicon

    André Green

    He scored the other day, for one thing. The point is that he's a young player with potential and he needs time, support and encouragement to get to the level we want him to be. Sneering and deriding him are pointless things to do. How does it help him or us exactly?
  12. lexicon

    André Green

    20 years old. 1100 minutes of football for us under his belt. Written off. Have a word robbie.
  13. Nothing. Just sick to my back teeth of the **** negativity.
  14. And what part are you going to play in this improvement?
  15. When you hear the crowd at the stadium, you know it's linked. It's a reflection of the fans and frankly, it's cancerous.