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  1. That doesn't stop you posting about other things
  2. One of my favourite players. Awesome stuff today.
  3. lexicon

    Ezri Konsa

    Ha! Great observation!
  4. lexicon

    Dean Smith

    Could see how much that goal meant to him. One of our own. Awesome.
  5. A lot better in many ways but our play in the final third has been horrendous. Smith must be fuming at the passes and crosses we've put in.
  6. Interesting video, thanks for posting it up @MaVilla Looks like he's got nice feet - good close control and touch, plus the strength to hold the ball up. Passing seemed to be hit and miss, though.
  7. There are many factors to be taken into consideration with every signing. At Rio Ave, they've scored 20 goals this season in 17 games, which isn't a lot. Apparently, he's played 54% of the total minutes the team has but with 6 goals and 5 assists, he's been involved in more than half of their goals. The Portuguese league isn't bad and he's done pretty damn well so far. I'd definitely sign him if we could get him for a similar price to Samatta.
  8. OK cool - can you walk me through all the 'Salifou-esque' bits please? Because I don't see where you're coming from.
  9. Murray was just an example of someone who is possibly available and has cut it as a premier league striker. There was talk of 'plug and play' type players earlier on (from Smith, I think) but there's really not a whole lot out there who are proven in the prem and available at a reasonable price. I think we tried for Giroud (and possibly Pedro) but neither fancied it or wanted to keep their options open til later on in the window - meanwhile we needed to get people in ASAP. I think Taremi is a believable link and it wouldn't surprise me if we signed somebody like him.
  10. Why are people hating Taremi's highlights? The video I saw wasn't bad at all - powerful finisher, good movement.
  11. I think the transfer committee have looked at what 8.5m gets you in terms of premier league experience and decided it was worth throwing the dice. We were probably quoted close to 5m for Glenn Murray, who's 36, for example.
  12. With all the clubs desperate to sell their best players too, it really makes you wonder.
  13. lexicon

    Louie Barry

    Well... they're insane tbf. I wasn't really having a go, just being a bit sarcastic. It's kind of ridiculous that you felt you needed to even say that IMO and that's not a slight on your character.
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