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  1. That quote is to do with the Liverpool bid, not the Jiangsu one. You were trying to twist that into this narrative you've created where this guy is a disloyal money grabber, and I think that's pretty unfair.
  2. They accepted the bid - where's your source for them asking him to stay after they had accepted the bid? CSL isn't League 2 standard - what are you basing this on?
  3. I trust the recruitment team at the club to make the right judgement on a player's attitude. Personally, I think you're drawing conclusions from your assumptions rather than any sort of fact.
  4. Very narrow world view IMO. He grew up in abject poverty and managed to get a job making 200k or so a week in China - who are you to judge his life choices?
  5. I'd agree with this - I think it's best to leave the fond memories of him alone rather than ruin them by getting him back.
  6. lexicon

    Ezri Konsa

    He also has Mings to do the more physical jobs.
  7. I didn't want to pick him up for that
  8. 98.5% passing accuracy tonight - he didn't always play the safest option either. Probably the best game he's had for us.
  9. I think Manquillo will be having nightmares of Targett for a few days at least
  10. Who is telling you that you can't say what you feel? It's a forum, people discuss/debate/argue.
  11. Just the 9 clean sheets this season that he's been a massive part of, along with the the rest of the defence. They're a unit and a bloody good one.
  12. lexicon

    Matty Cash

    May have flown under the radar a bit but I thought he was excellent today. Seen some steady improvement all season.
  13. Konsa made just as many mistakes as Mings today - they're a partnership and they kept another clean sheet. Get off his arse.
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