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  1. Look here mate, we're dealing with unsubstantiated claims on the internet, no facts allowed.
  2. Miracle would be stretching it but I'd call it a good job, given the circumstances.
  3. That doesn't help up with JPB, which is the point I was making.
  4. Spurs and Chelsea have more to offer than us though tbf.
  5. That's us buggered then. Really hope we manage to get him to sign but if those sharks are lurking we'll have to give him a great deal.
  6. Think he needs to work on his passing by the looks of that video - all the highlights seem to cut before his pass should be completed He looks head and shoulders ahead of the opposition, though - going by them as if they weren't there. It'll be interesting to see how he develops.
  7. It's not even close. This lot are perhaps a bit soft but at least their hearts are in the right place. Those arseholes were a disgrace.
  8. ----------------Friedel ---Mings---Laursen--Mellberg Young----Petrov---Milner---Barry---Grealish ----------Carew------Benteke
  9. lexicon

    Dean Smith

    I don't think it really needs explanation - it's simply contradictory. Furthermore, if you think that hitting it long is the way out of this, then you simply need to get with the times. It doesn't work. Have you see what happens whenever we play it long? We just lose the ball. Leicester do not play that way either - they are efficient counter-attackers but actually tend to play a possession based game.
  10. Yeah but Drinkwater hasn't shown that on the pitch at all. Going after the little guy at training isn't a controlled display of aggression or dominance that will help us assert ourselves physically against the opposition, it just means that he's an arsehole.
  11. lexicon

    Dean Smith

    'It's simple but please don't say it's too simple'
  12. If we go down, we go down. We'll be OK.
  13. lexicon

    Dean Smith

    Bet you a grand they weren't
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