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  1. Cash - Joint 2nd in interceptions Mings - 7th in clearances, 10th in blocks Konsa - 4th in blocks, least dribbled past CB in the division But nah, just Martinez saving our bacon every time
  2. Yes and my opinion is that it's unsubstantiated bollocks.
  3. True. Our numbers have been terrible this season tbf.
  4. foreveryoung getting a lesson in thinking before posting
  5. What a crock of shit. Why are you making this nonsense up?
  6. Won't be bad? It'll be bloody brilliant.
  7. I genuinely don't see it - his technical ability is well under what I think it needs to be.
  8. He's had a lot of chances to do something and just not taken them. I don't think we should bother playing him again now as there's no way we'll be signing him.
  9. lexicon

    Keinan Davis

    I'm not saying we played well tbf - but I'm not upset about the game yesterday either because I didn't expect us to get anything out of it. There have been a lot of good things to take out of this season and while we're limping to the finish line a bit, we've done better than expected in a lot of ways. Europe was pie in the sky last September and was never a requirement this year. I'm excited for the summer.
  10. lexicon

    Keinan Davis

    Well that kinda cheapens your argument a bit, mate, in fairness. Leeds had pretty much none of the game and the only reason Man City didn't score a hatful was that their forward line were having a rancid off-day. They carved them open time and again and just couldn't finish. Leeds didn't deserve the win or play well. Also, I don't think it's helpful to use outliers like that match to try and prove a point - it's like when people say that 'well Messi played at 18, so why can't our kids do that?' - it just doesn't work for me.
  11. Doesn't look anywhere near good enough, for me.
  12. He's such a little rat - would definitely make supporting us less enjoyable.
  13. That sucks - I think he was getting a lot of valuable experience up there.
  14. This shit-site speculation about sacking Dean to replace him with Gerrard better be bollocks.
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