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  1. As long as we spend the money wisely, it won’t be the massive blow it currently seems. I don’t begrudge him the move with the opportunity to test himself against teams in Europe, but if he was to go, I’d rather he went to Chelsea I have no interest in watching Manchester City, it’s just soulless football, so I’ll only be interested in him as an England player. Personally, I’m sad because I don’t remember seeing another Villa player like him in 50 years down at VP, and probably never will again. This is a really big test for us in terms of recruitment and integration of new players and I expect that we will rise to that. Unfortunately we have no choice but to become expert in this respect, because while that Champions League remains a closed shop, we are going to experience this sort of thing with the likes of Watkins and Martinez in the future.
  2. Not sure that a World Cup Semi-Final and a Euros Final is mediocrity BUT if Jack was fit he certainly under used him. I watched Mount closely last night (and I do rate him) but I could not see where he offered anything better than Jack. Then we get the ‘master tactician’ done by his own overthinking. First half Harry Kane doing a great job, England on the front foot, second half I thought Steve Bruce was in charge, roll wor sleeves up and dig in. No outlet to get England up the pitch with the ball going back to Italy cheaply and no attempt to disrupt the tempo. It must have been blindingly obvious at that point that the ideal candidate to affect this was Jack. But by then Southgate had become a victim of his own no risk philosophy. Penalties in training with your mates ain’t the same as penalties in front a crowd in the biggest game in a generation. I never expected Jack to be in the first five, but then again I never expected Saka either. I did expect Stirling, Phillips or Shaw though. Saka had a great tournament, shouldn’t have been put in that position, think he has a brilliant career ahead of him. Last night though Jack should have been on before him.
  3. 6:32 Shrink match day screen to size of a matchbox as Villa take a corner to show Liverpool coach arriving
  4. So apparently young people are losing interest in football according to one of the pro ESL voices. Well that was a complete and utter borefest. I said it before a few years ago when we were away at Spurs under McLeish, again we looked like one of those demonstration teams that used to go out annually on the court at the Empire Pool Wembley in the 60s and 70s in order for the Harlem Globetrotters to strut their stuff. A May Bank Holiday treat for BBC1 viewers alongside Disney Time. It’s a good job we got points in the board cause this is currently relegation form.
  5. Neither of them three were as wasteful in possession as Luiz and Traore Defended too deep, inviting them on much too often. Why do all this playing out from the back possession nonsense when we are happy to give the ball away time after time?
  6. Another soft give away for the first goal, I’m not certain but it feels like matches are more dependent on who scores first in this odd season. Sanson subbed as soon as he started to have more of an effect. Strange? Never a penalty, man had no control of the ball. Toothless up front, could still be playing now and not score.
  7. Looked like he was about to get involved more on the left and have an effect like where Jack creates, then got subbed, ridiculous decision to take him off.
  8. Although, I have been supporting Villa for nearly sixty years, I spent 20 years of my life in Sheffield and I can assure you up that you couldn’t be more wrong. The Blades are by far the classier football club by a mile and their fans are on the whole brilliant. Watching matches at Bramall Lane is electric, going to watch Wednesday is most certainly not.
  9. Club statement just appeared here https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2018/05/30/club-statement-dr-tony-xia-on-future-plans
  10. trevor


    Yes I understand, but the club say general sale starts online.
  11. trevor


    If they do get to General Sale, and I suspect they will, that does not leave much time for posting out. I wanted to ask if anyone who has already secured a ticket, are they selling tickets that you can print at home?
  12. Not much point in throwing on three strikers if they are all going to stand with each other every time a cross comes in. Not convinced Kodja was the right substitution and Hogan for Grabban was the correct substitution but about 15 mins earlier than when he came on. Nice to see a ref let the game flow though, for a change.
  13. Is this commentator on regularly? He’s full of boring facts about Wednesday players and far too complimentary about them.
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