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  1. Nostalgia drove me to post on VT again after a number of years. Good to be back. Cheered me up having the banter on Twitter earlier.
  2. Thank you all very much for the kind replies! I'm the boss at home, well at least I think so anyway!
  3. Hmmmm... Randy Mark II?? Proud History, Bright Future. I hope he's not all hot air.
  4. Was expecting that from you anyway!
  5. Drive an A6 3 litre diesel which I bought only about 2 months ago... Some beast to move on the road... Surprisingly economical on the diesel as well. Everyone else on the road probably thinks I'm a knob but I'm ok with that!
  6. Just back on here after a few years in exile... Got married since! Good to be back though! I promise I'm not just jumping on the Chinese bandwagon!
  7. Haven't really been on VT for a few years so to see this thread still thriving is brilliant... Just read the last couple of pages, some great banter. Great to see the place hasn't changed too much!
  8. Been a long time since I posted on VT! Will be a minor miracle if we get through to the play offs... We definitely don't deserve it!
  9. Always get sad when I hear of suicide. This one hit harder than any other celebrity death though. Really loved a lot of his films. Mrs Doubtfire was a classic and really reminds me of my youth. Yes, it was super cheesy, but always makes me laugh, even now! As others have said, and the several campaigns have said, it's absolutely ok not to feel ok, and it's perfectly acceptable to ask for help.....
  10. Lombardo


    Borocay in the Phillippines is up there with one of the best beaches I've ever been to. I was also at Maya beach 7 years ago, longboats weren't allowed to come right up to it. We had to swim in. It was spectacular back then.
  11. Lombardo

    iOS app

    No problem Limpid, was just wondering where we could donate through, I wouldn't have a problem doing it wherever. (I also need to donate using the donate button btw!!!
  12. Lombardo

    iOS app

    I'd be willing to donate if needs be. The App had helped me get back into the site after not using it for a while... Do you want us to just use the donate button Limpid?
  13. From what I can remember we flew through São Paolo to get there. Evening flight from Manaus to São Paolo and then late flight to get up to Manaus. Got there at 2am in the morning so would advise booking hotel etc before you go to Manaus. Transfers from the airport to the hotel would be good to.
  14. Ze Germans are going to win this comfortably.
  15. Yeah its my menu but cafe means tighter overheads/staff/money to spend on ingredients .....If your at a certain level at cooking its hard to move down (even though your not really moving down) but say going from chowders, bisques & broths with stock ......to just soup ....The money would be good but the way I look at it is quite a lot of money employing a chef to make a sandwich does not make sense I'd say go for the country house job Meath!! You will feel far better for it in the long term. When you've made your money, you can then start your own little cafe and have a nice life when
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