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Where will we finish this season?


Finish place?  

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  1. 1. Finish place?

    • Champions League Place: 1-4
    • Fighting for Europa League: 5 - 8
    • Midtableness: 9 - 14
    • Battling not to use the 'R' word: 15th and down

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Where will will finish this season?

This isnt a reaction to the poor performance against Blackburn today, just a general question.

Before MON "did a Keegan" on us I was expecting us to at least finish in the Top 8, but all that was thrown into disarray when the "Messiah" threw his toys out of the pram and buggered off.

However we havent started very well to Houllier's reign and we look more inconsistent than ever. Although we've had many injuries (we are paying for 3 years of being virtually injury-free I suppose) we've lacked a cutting edge and look toothless against teams we really should be beating.

Although its one of the closest (points-wise) leagues in years, if we can't get some consistency together I can see us being dragged into trouble. Its going to be a very long December (and perhaps most of January too) to wait until we have that striker we desperately, desperately need.

Without a new striker I can see us finishing lower mid-table at best, but with a couple of new attacking options we may be able to climb up the league and at least have a respectable end to the season.

I have no hopes for anything higher than where MON finished in his first season - 11th. Houllier should have that as the bare minimum.

Edit: LV - poll added, poll open for 7 days only.

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7th-9th.... altohugh if our defence stayed switched on, we'd be top, every goal we've conceded is because we're ball-watching. Pedersen's free kick for example, why not two men on the post? He did it against Newcastle and he did it again here, I wish we'd learn from our mistakes rather than repeat them every week.

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we've got lots of injuries on at the moment and we're still learning. Hogg and Herd wouldn't normally be anywhere near our first team. When we have showed promise it has looked very good. We need a quality CM, a striker, and a left back as well. We may get one or two of those in January.

Hypochondriacs please **** off and walk over a cliff too. If it is so inevitable in your misery ridden eyes we're going to be pointless for games on end do us all a favour and log off to stop us reading the same end of the world tripe every day something doesn't quite go our way. It's absurdly childish.

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We can finish anywhere from 8th to 16th at the moment. Today we were missing Collins, Cueller, Albrighton, Petrov, NRC, Delph, Sidwell, Heskey and Carew. All would have played some part today. Its hard to judge how good a team we have when we have Johathan Hogg playing. Any team and i mean any team, (look how much Chelsea are struggling with Lampard, Essien and Terry out) would struggle with thoughs injuries we just have to grin and bare it.

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Transitional season we'll finish anywhere from 7th to 14th, I'm optomistic though some good signings and continue to develop the young players and we will challenge 4th next season.

Funnily enough playing teams who actually try play football we should do well against, I worry more about playing burn/stoke than Arsenal/Lpool.

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