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  1. Spurs are a good side and I think some people lost the run of themselves after a few good performances. We're still a work in progress who started without our 2 biggest signings on the pitch today, but looking at the spurs 11 today, it still looked stronger than ours. We're getting close, but still a bit to go.
  2. Reactionary bullshit in this thread today, the lad has played 20 odd games and was far from the worst player on the pitch today, he was positive when he got the ball, always had his head up looking for a forward pass, but it didn't work out today. Luiz again only 23 was poor and McGinn the senior of the 3 was poor too. This guy is a player, and the same posters who write him off, I've no doubt they wrote grealish off early days(His first 3 seasons!).
  3. Early days, we won't win every game, but the performances are there and we're winning games we deserve to win, which feels more sustainable than some of our wins even last season. Its interesting that the arsenal and spurs fans celebrate Utd getting beat by us, the truth is they are miles away from challenging at the top and we should be looking to usurp both of those sides this season, which would be another huge step forward for the club.
  4. Totally agree, each of their front 3 are capable of winning games on their own, and that midfield 3 let's them do their stuff, their middle 3 rarely contributes directly to goals scored. Our middle 3 just need to win their battles and let Bailey/Watkins/Ings/Traore/Buendia score and create the goals.
  5. Only turned 23 in the summer, a Brazil international, Olympic gold winner and an Aston villa player. Needs a new contract asap. Only going to accumulate in value.
  6. I agree to a point, but there's still so much more that goes on too with positioning in the box and also defending set pieces too, which is also a large part of the job.
  7. What a signing! Brilliant in the air, strong and quick. Looks awkward on the ball, but every bit a premier league player and for 3m too!
  8. To be fair the Liverpool midfield 3 have always looked workmanlike and look at the Utd midfield 2 today, you'd be hard pressed to call any of those players world beaters on their own. Our midfield 3 look like a unit and thats what's needed, let the flair players and match winners like Kourtney Hause win the game!
  9. Motm today for me, was excellent.
  10. VillaJay

    Ezri Konsa

    Our next captain. Nerves of steel, he looked right through that clown kepa and was never going to miss.
  11. Fair enough, but point still stands, if our best player who's a boyhood villa fan will leave, I hold no hope for any of the rest of them, and I actually prefer if they're all in such demand, it means we're moving in the right direction.
  12. His pressing was phenomenal yesterday, never gave them a second and whatever about mina dominating him physically, he had mina panicking on the ball numerous times. Incredible workrate, and very important to how we play, however needs to work on his ball control and be stronger in possession as the game nearly went the other way, when he lost it and Everton had a decent chance right before we got our first, this happened a few times last season and directly led to goals. Top player, and we're a better side with him on the pitch.
  13. Couldn't care less. His job is to play football for avfc, If he plays well and villa benefit on the pitch, as well as a big profit off the pitch, job done. 10 more of them please, that's how we progress as a team.
  14. Not his best game yesterday, but his work rate and pressing are miles ahead of where we were last season, his stats back this up too.
  15. VillaJay

    Ezri Konsa

    Stood out again for for me today. If he played for a top 4 team he'd be touted as one of the best in the league. The lad is flying under the radar, in a world where Ben white is worth 50m, Ezri is a true rolls Royce player, composed and just reads the game so we'll. The closest villa centre half in terms of style to McGrath I've seen. Potentially every player eventually needs to be upgraded if we're to challenge the top 4, but he's one of the few who can play at at the top along with Emi Martinez.
  16. Fine margins today, but their quality was the difference. If we played that game again 10 times we'd have won more often than not. We need to build on it and show some positive consistency. Encouraging.
  17. Not picking on you as I've seen it a lot, but I really don't understand this attitude, how is it scandalous if our recruitment team had no interest anyway. Just because we as fans want to sign someone doesn't mean anything really, there's so many variables at play, why is it not scandalous that we didn't try for any other hundreds of players that move this window.
  18. This is it, we've invested heavily in our youth structure to create an elite youth team and players capable of becoming world class players. We should be thinking more ajax than man city when it comes to the new villa. We'll buy 1/2 marquee players every summer and look to bring through 2/3 youth players that are capable of becoming 30-40m. What's the point of that investment if we don't offer them a pathway into the team? This season alone could be a a breakthrough for Chuk, Jacob Ramsay and JPB. If even 1 of them can catapult themselves into a starter, we're well on our way.
  19. His problem is that his only tempo is high and he tries to force the play all the time, he a total instinct player. He's a decent player, but our expectations are rising and unfortunately I don't see him getting to the level we expect which is a top 6 team. As soon as Traore and Bailey came on, the game changed in our favour and that's because they are a better quality player than anyone Watford had on the pitch. We need to improve every position ruthlessly.
  20. Very good today, even from the left. Will offer us a lot from either wing.
  21. Ronaldinho today, not Ronald McD...
  22. Really poor performance so far, no sense of any identity to this team, but a long way to go. We need to try and get into the game and try and salvage a draw and build. Poor pre-season showing here.
  23. Same problems in midfield, a lot to do second half.
  24. El Ghazi off and move Buendia wide right, bring Ramsay on midfield is being played through.
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