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PL: Man City a Ratings & Reactions


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • Cuellar
    • Warnock
    • Collins
    • Dunne
    • Downing
    • Ashley Young
    • Milner
    • Petrov
    • Agbonlahor
    • Carew
    • Delfouneso (on for Carew)
    • Heskey (on for Warnock)

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Your thoughts for posterity.

Please also vote for your man of the match. Remember if you are voting immediately after the game that you cannot change your vote, so you may want to take some time to consider your choice.

Poll added.

Personally I thought we gave it a damned good go with players that were obviously jaded, too many of them had poor days, the worst of which was Downing by a mile, followed by Gabby.

Carlos was simply superb, he missed one challenge which killed the game.

We never 'bottled it' but when we needed that extra 1% of class we were left short, Tevez; Rooney; Fabregas and Torres all have it and have cost us vital matches since NY.

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If Carew's shot went in and not hit the woodwork it would have been a different game. Suicidal 5 minutes cost us, City parked the bus second half and we couldn't break them down. Cuellar MOTM for me, outstanding display at right back.

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I think wre it for a matter of inches we'd be celebrating tonight, Downing's rasping shot just wide at 1-0 and Carew hitting the bar at 1-1.

Just wasn't to be and in the end the money spent on world class players by citeh told. What we spent on our whole defence they spent on 1 defender. And despite that, the stats show our defence to have been the better of the two.

Well done to the lads for the season and lets sign off with a win at home to Blackburn and a 67 points tally

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Yet another depressing day as a Villa supporter.

This season has been such a rollercoaster. We have had so many opportunities to win trophies and to push on in the league. However, we have failed to do either.

Today was a prime example of our shortcomings. Man City were there for the taking, yet we failed to put them to the sword. We simply aren't good enough to finish fourth at the moment.

I have a feeling that this could well be our last chance to finish fourth for a long time now. I can see Man City and Spurs pushing on next season, with he possibility of Liverpool getting cash from an investor. This may well mean that our future will consist of fighting for fifth to seventh in the league, which in all honesty depresses me.

I'm trying not to go too over the top. This is all just my opinion though and with the major impact that money has, I can't see us being able to keep up.

Hopefully we can though and in all honesty MON has done very well for us thus far. I am worried at times with some of the football that we play though and in our inability to put our chances away. Anyway, this season has been a good one in my eyes.

We have been to an FA Cup semi-final, a League Cup final, and we were challenging for fourth up until now. I'm more than happy in some ways, yet devastated by the fact that we have missed out on so much.

Let's just try to finish above Liverpool now. Who knows what the future will hold and perhaps my concerns over our lack of cash (and thus our inability to compete next season) will be incorrect. Good season overall in my eyes though. UTV!

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Is there a more lazy striker in the league than Adebayor? Tevez I felt was the difference for City today upfront. Shame Gabby was so quiet, as Carew was dominating Toure first half.

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cuellar MOTM by a mile. brilliant.

proud of the overall performance, we just couldn't break down a good man city side.

EDIT because i couldn't spell cuellar :oops:

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Bit numb really.

I actually thought the first half we were really good. Looked more likely to score even with all the possession City had.

Warnock really needs to use longer studs though, he's always slipping at crucial times.

That second goal is a by-product of our last-ditch defending that normally saves us so well. Everyone throwing their bodies on the line, but when 3 defenders go for it, you're left totally exposed.

Second half, I only had one eye on the game. You could tell we'd never score. First half we could counter and we love that space. Second half was like a home game for us, where we're thin on ideas if the other team sits.

Just numb that such a promising season ends in a lost cup final, lost cup semi final, and missing out on Champions League. Probably won't get another chance like this year again.

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Cuellar absolutely monstrous.

Proud of the season, and we didn't play that badly today imo. Could have easily won it. Still... we didn't.

We're not finished yet as a side and the summer will take us another step closer to it.

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I didn't watch the game due to personal issues. How did we play?

Very good first half, until 4 or 5 minutes of madness. Second half we proved if anymore was needed we can't break teams down when they park the bus. City were fortunate to win this today.

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