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  1. If Vince has any sense he'll have the Women's winner come from Raw and cash in during Rousey v Jax (e.g. at a point where both are down) meaning the MITB winner can eat the pinfall and keep Rousey and Jax looking strong. The alternatives of Rousey winning clean and putting the belt on her very early or a DQ/Count out win really won't appease the Chicago crowd
  2. Have to say I agree @Daweii the same champions over and over leads to great wrestlers being disliked (Cena being the prime example). The thing I wanted to see at WM was a heel turn by Kofi or Big E as for me the New Day is stale and having one of the members move out by turning on the others and then progress to be a world singles champion would add more depth to the superstar playing field. I would truly love come January to think that every one of the 30 participants entering the Royal Rumble could win it, but due to the booking it tops out at 5 possible winners, if WWE could change that they would have a very interesting product on their hands IMO
  3. Daniel Bryan cleared to wrestle, that'll put bums on seats
  4. Groves v Eubank Jnr date set as 17 February 2018. Hopefully both come to fight and we'll find out how good Eubank Jnr is/isn't against someone who isn't just there to be a human punchbag. For me a genuine 50/50 fight so will be great to watch, here's hoping Eubank Snr doesn't try and make it all about him
  5. Yep because there are 20,000 less police officers to write it up, if you eliminate the police force you eliminate crime #simples
  6. Rollins has flu, rumour flying that Sunday may be in serious jeopardy for him
  7. "Ah Hardy Boyz, We knew you'd come" but will it be this Sunday in the Raw Tag Team Titles ladder match, also Shelton Benjamin now cleared to wrestle but sense that'll wait
  8. Tyson Fury has just tweeted he is working on a fight to be announced for May 13th. Could be drivel but you never know with that mad bastard
  9. I questioned why Haye took the fight when he took it and I guess we got the answer last night. He had a guaranteed world title shot and he took a fight for money instead. Good riddance!
  10. I'm now a little puzzled by the Haye-Bellew fight.... Haye had a guaranteed shot at the winner of Parker-Ruiz for the WBO title, now whilst not as prestigious as some of the other belts, it is a world title which Haye could leverage to fight Joshua on a unification basis, and make a buckload of money. Instead he is fighting Bellew for no belt and the world title ship may have sailed. Does Haye really stand to make that much from the Bellew fight? OR is he just proper skint and couldn't afford to wait? OR does he not think he would beat Parker? Whilst I know Haye loves a celebrity lifestyle I always thought he actually wanted to be world champion again so why fight Bellew?
  11. I'm not sure it'll be Bellew's last fight as he has a world title which isn't on the line
  12. Good to see Groves win last night, hopefully he can get his hands on a world title ad then if Degale beats Jack can have an all British dust up between the 2 with the winner having 3 of the belts. Only problem is that Carl 'I must try and retain the limelight even in retirement' Froch will no doubt be mouthing off that he could still beat either of them and that he is the best boxer since Ali (yawn!)
  13. Good to heae Joshua v Klitschko is signed for 10 December, if the old guy isn't shot will represent a good challenge for the young lion
  14. With all due respect it is all relative, there are people on this site who can go sub 17! (FTR I'm definitely not one of them!) Once you get past the idea of wanting to win, you realise that running is more you against yourself and the clock, it is the mental challenge of pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and you can get far more satisfaction from say a 21 minute run than the guy finishing 3rd who has just run 18:02
  15. Top stuff Wainy, now it's time to do a few more, go sub 20, volunteer, start getting your milestone T-shirts and then visit other Parkruns, it's a fun journey and you are just beginning
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