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PL: Portsmouth h 2009/09/19 Match Thread 15:00


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Good stuff.

Can anyone watching the game tell me how our defence is doing?

Solid, haven't really put a foot wrong defensivley. Cuellar looks shakey coming forward as usual but don't think we can expect anything else when he's played out of position.

Ultimately, they don't look like conceding.

Now wait and watch pompey score 3 now that I've said we won't concede!!

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Only been able to watch from about the half hour point, seems I'm a good omen ;).

What a cracker from Gabby, even if it's miskick with his slip after that's a shot and a half.

And Collins has one of the best passes I've seen from a centre half, crisp confident and inch perfect.

Beyond that, how've we done?

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Gabby did slip as he hit it so he cannot have planned to put it top corner, in off the post.

I think he did, he looked towards the top left corner a split second before he hit it on the replay. Not sure about off the post though!

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I realise you can only beat the team in front of you, but we look very assured in that first half. Just dispatched them without getting into 3rd gear. If we can continue with that sort of form in the second half this "could be" our most comprehensive win for a while.

Blackburn Away in the league after this one if we can get the maximum amount of points from these two games then we go into the home games against Man City and Chelsea with some good form. Happy days!

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