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When do you wear shorts?  

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  1. 1. When do you wear shorts?

    • Warm and sunny
    • Playing sport
    • Holiday/abroad
    • Never.
    • I'm a loon.

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A bit of a silly season poll: are you a shorts wearer?

(a) Only when it's really warm and sunny.

(B) Only when I'm playing sport/at the gym.

© Only on holiday/abroad.

(d) Never. Only ever trousers for me. Not showing my pins in public.

(e) I'm one of those loons who starts to wear shorts in April/May and won't stop until at least September, regardless of the weather.

p.s. I'm (e). :mrgreen:

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I bought no less than five pairs of trousers that do not meet my ankles only yesterday, they were for my holidays, tend not to wear shorts for football, prefer trackie bottoms but I will wear them whe its warm and sunny too

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probably more E

was wearing shorts to work this week but not today as i'm off to some party thing and i have to be smart ..so wearing my best jeans today .. the other suckers will be in suits no doubt

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