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  1. How about one of our under 18's/21s ...Joe ? John ? Webb
  2. swollef

    Douglas Luiz

    has the wp come through ?
  3. For the Old un's on here like me...ive found his chant
  4. swollef

    Tyrone Mings

    According to our most prolific forward signing in decades..States weve made a big big mistake Cascarino said about Mings on the Weekend Sports Breakfast show on talkSPORT on Saturday morning (7:48am, July 13, 2019): “I have got my worries about this. I actually think he will be a miss. “I think he has done brilliant for them in the Championship and got up, but the Premier League and the challenge defensively for Villa, they have got to be sound. I think Tyrone is going to have a very average season.”
  5. swollef

    Tom Heaton

    Has, Heaton actuality signed ?
  6. swollef

    The NSWE Board

    Total sense, i came to the same conclusion
  7. Me too....Maybe the 25% sell on fee back to SHA ? is why they want 25mill
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