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  1. swollef

    Dean Smith

    Early days i know, but what pleased me ,was that when we had a throw in we threw it to one of ours in space,instead of looping it up the line,and loosing it.. Yes i'm easily pleased
  2. swollef

    Dean Smith

    Or there or there abouts
  3. swollef

    Richard O’Kelly

    Is this speculation ? have seen on twitter weve got him
  4. swollef

    New Manager Speculation

    Bastard... bet he lumped a bomb on DS at Laddys +
  5. swollef

    New Manager Speculation

    Just spoke to my mate ,who lives next door to Dean |Smiths ,Mom and Dad, and he asked her if Dean couldbe having a crafty half in the Scott Arms Pub. and she said,doubt it ,He or his agent hasn't heard anything at all
  6. same shite ,different game.....nough said
  7. swollef

    Match Thread: Sheff Utd v Villa

    He's split the fans now as well as the dressing room
  8. swollef

    Callum O'Hare

    Send him to Hibs as a thank you for SJM
  9. swollef

    John McGinn

    Blimey not another 2 Goalies
  10. swollef

    John McGinn

    does this mean were replacing jack?
  11. swollef

    John McGinn

    i'll raise youa Des Bremner
  12. swollef

    John McGinn

    Andy Gray says Hi
  13. swollef

    Next Aston Villa Manager

    Dwight Yorke says Hi..
  14. swollef

    Joe Hart

    Gábor Király says Hi