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  1. Could be worse ..His parents mighta named him Issac
  2. McGinn looked in pain at the end,Hope he's ok for Sat
  3. So Sorry if i caused offensive comments ... Didn't mean too
  4. Have heard "unofficially" maybe suicide
  5. Cannot confirm ,but have heard it was suicide
  6. Such Sad news Club statement
  7. swollef

    Pre-match thread

    I'm Sure you can find a bar that ars showing the game
  8. swollef

    Dean Smith

    Early days i know, but what pleased me ,was that when we had a throw in we threw it to one of ours in space,instead of looping it up the line,and loosing it.. Yes i'm easily pleased
  9. Is this speculation ? have seen on twitter weve got him
  10. Bastard... bet he lumped a bomb on DS at Laddys +

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