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Who's the hardest  

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  1. 1. Who's the hardest

    • Jack Bauer
    • Jason Bourne
    • James Bond

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Who would win in a fight out of these three tough guys.

All specialise in hand to hand combat and taking out numerous bad guys at the same time.

Is it a coincidence they all have the initals JB?

Anyway I'm going to have to say Bauer.

Considering he has killed about 300 people in only 7 days of action.

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I went for Bourne. It's a tough call. It's not Bond because he uses his brain more I reckon, and guns. He's not that hard, just good at killing.

Same with Bauer to a lesser extent, although the fact that Bauer doesn't give a shit about annything makes him harder.

Ultimately, in hand to hand combat (which is how "being hard" should be decided) Bourne would win I reckon.

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Bourne but only because he's a freak.

He underwent all the mentalistic training and re-programming and stuff...made him superhuman so it's not really a fair fight.

Though Bond would distract him with Bauer and shag his German missus (pre-death) before escaping on a gondola riding the resulting wave of the explosion he used to take out Al-Queda, The Taleban and the imposter JB's as a cheeky side bonus.

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Bourne would wipe the floor with Bond.

A fight between him and Jack would be interesting - but I think Bourne would edge it just on his speed.

Let's not forget John Belushi, too. ;)

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Bond no problem

Hed sit back, have a drink, shag a few ladies, whilst the other 2 beat the living hell out of one another for hours. Bond would just shoot the winner of the death scrap, hes to smart to get involved early on

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