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  1. It could be much worse, we could be with Macron or Kappa.
  2. I really like both kits and it'll be a hard choice as to which one I'll buy.
  3. *may contain spoilers* finished this a while ago and now I have had time to think over Harbinger's final message I have come up with a few little theories, just thought I would share them. Due to the now common usage of Element Zero (for mass effect fields etc) dark energy in the universe is getting all messed up and leads to situations like the sun on Haestrom (sun aging prematurely) meaning the reapers cycle of harvesting is to stop the suns from going out by kulling advanced populations who use element zero before the damage becomes irreparable making life in the galaxy imp
  4. my old English teacher Mr Mellor claimed to be Jermain Jenas' cousin, don't know if there's any truth in this though.
  5. stay, I cant think of anyone realistic who could do half the job Martin is
  6. the shapes got me, Im not good with things like that.
  7. That was 3 wasn't it? 3 or 4, I'm not sure I havent seen them in a while.
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