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Ads on VT


How often do you click on the ads?  

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  1. 1. How often do you click on the ads?

    • Several times per day
    • Once or twice a day
    • Once a week
    • Once in a long while
    • What ads? I filter them out

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I click on maybe two or three a week... sometimes they're relevant and I figure that a few pennies toward the running costs of the site is a good thing.

I do run a bit of userjs that doesn't show iframes or load plugin content, so I guess there's a bit of ad filtering, too.

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I screen them out. I vaguely notice where adverts are, whether they are in newspapers, on hoardings, or on websites, and I don't look at them. If they are pop-ups, I use software settings for that. If the site has pop-ups that get past this, I try to avoid the site. Am also on the Telephone Preference Service and its postal equivalent.

I block spammers, don't take cold calls at work, and if one gets through, I will either waste their time or be very curt with them in telling them not to call me. I watch very little tv, leave the room when adverts come on, or else read while they play.

I really don't like adverts. Apart from the ones in Viz.

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i haven't clicked on the ads at all, as i thought they only helped the site if you clicked through & bought something?

but if just clicking on the adverts help out the site, then i will click away everytime i come on the site.

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I thought the clicking the ads getting money for the site was a myth? Sure I read limpid say that a good while back now.

I never click em anyway, never interest me and most of the time I don't really notice em.

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