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  1. Early naughties it was a regular Holt End thing. I used to enjoy it. We all joined in.
  2. They are, but I think they sell big venues around the place. I saw them support Babyshambles, then headline the Apollo. They were good, but I have no idea how they fill stadiums off so little publicity, no hits to speak of.
  3. Watched it last night. We rated it as the worst movie we've ever seen. Reveals its total implausibility slowly and steadily so there was only 15 minutes left when we turned it off. By that time it was unbearable tosh. Check out the IMDB reviews, and save yourself the pain.
  4. I don't. I remember taking spuds to pieces though. We had A Person playing for us then though.
  5. I'd like to see a John Gregory style 5-3-2. We have Cash and Targett to play the wing back roles, they more or less play it already. They were fun days.
  6. Leaving McGuinn and Barclay on the bench, can't argue with that. Not so sure about Luiz though. I'd go Ramsey.
  7. So Tammy is stalling on contract talks while Man City continue to show interest in Haaland (or so says the super reliable Metro). We'd have him back, yes? To partner Ollie?
  8. We really do need a free kick taker. So many chances wasted at the moment. I'm not saying Conor is it, but maybe Sanson? At least lets have a proper look at him.
  9. So the only way out of defence is the long ball. No thanks. We need a midfield, that's what we've been lacking.
  10. saturdaygig


    Funnily enough I'm doing just that at the moment. I actually had all the parts apart from a spare screen, and I think I left one of those in the loft at the last place when moved. I'm planning to play Neverhood on it. But I'll do some pipes too, now that you mention it.
  11. Tell them we'll accept Son. Might even throw in some cash.
  12. Even when he's playing we miss those screamers 49 games out of 50. I'm not so sure about Dougie. He can play forward, but so often his only thought is play back. Even though we're so much better in attack than we are at getting the ball out of defence. I'm hoping Dean knows this and Morgan is our man.
  13. This is bang on. Dean is learning, you have to remember that. He got us out of the championship, but he'd never managed in the prem before. First go, he signed a lot of players but none of them really prem-ready, and it was nearly a disaster. This time, and importantly with the backing of the owners, he signed first team standard players at bottom end first team player prices. Kept Jack. And he's done very well with it. What's more, we're starting to see that some of his signings last time did have merit, and we're just starting to see it. Right now, Nakamba over Luiz. Hourihane; even if he doesn't end up playing for us, good business anyway. He's learning I tell you. Stick with it. Win or lose against Burnley, we're in for quite a ride. And we haven't even seen Morgan play yet.
  14. That won't work though. They had to do a lot of buying to push the price up, and if they all hold, the price doesn't stay high. It'll drop like a stone as soon are there are no buyers left, and some people inevitably try to cash out. Sellers + no buyers = price crash.
  15. Lawrenson is just formulating his prediction. Villa have been ok this season, but Brighton have been unlucky so far, and I think their time has come. 0-2. Which hopefully should seal it for us.
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