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  1. Lawrenson is just formulating his prediction. Villa have been ok this season, but Brighton have been unlucky so far, and I think their time has come. 0-2. Which hopefully should seal it for us.
  2. Is the traditional punchline we used when I was at school.
  3. It'll happen here, unless people just stay in. Boris needs to lock this down so hard - it's tough but it works. My daugher is still stuck in Vietnam - they've just stamped on it without a thought for civil liberty. I mean this approach too brutal for us, but zero deaths to date, lockdown works.
  4. I'm pretty old. Send us round a ready rolled J would ya? Stocks are real short.
  5. Peter Wyngarde. He looked cool at the time but wow, he looks creepy now.
  6. Well I'd like to see the stands called The Holte End, Trinity Road, Witton Lane and a new name for the replacement North Stand if that ever happens. I think Ron would go for some irony. The Ron Saunders Chip Van Side Turnstyle. It's the only one I'd go through.
  7. I would have gone with Doncaster Central Leisure.
  8. 160million views but zero hits. Music is changing.
  9. saturdaygig


    Thing is, it doesn't even know it's a replicant.
  10. Everything he does is entirely deliberate. He works the whole plot out on cue cards on his snooker table, before he writes a word. If the twist is in the middle, it's because that's where he put it. Nick Hornby's brother in law, did you know? And I just noticed who your avatar is.
  11. I read it from the first post. We didn't all quite get what it meant based on that picture, but I think that was kinda the point. Can you spot it, sort of thing. I found it funny for a while, but a good new one is a rare animal.
  12. I think he has real value, for a writer branded as sci-fi. Also wrote the book that Blade Runner was (very loosely) based on. I liked High Castle, and you'll soon know if it's for you if you read a chapter or two. It's not even that long if I remember correctly, although my copy is mysteriously missing from the shelf.
  13. A whole new area to search that me and Mrs Gig found recently was to go back in time. We turned up copies of Lipstick On Your Collar and The Singing Detective, Dennis Potter mini series, and The Beiderbeck Affair. From the 80s. We shared the ones we'd each seen at the time that still have value. Lipstick On Your Collar was excellent.
  14. I love the concept of the latter.
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