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Christmas Tree


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I've opted for real, albeit I always have fake.

Like to get mine up at start of December, so a real one wouldn't last till Xmas day. However, the one artificial tree I have is pretty damn good, and apart from the smell, you really cannot notice much different.

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I have one of those ones with LED lights that goes different colours at my place, at me parents house we got a real one though - only Blue and White (Silver) decorations allowed :D

We always had a fake since we couldn't be bothered with the hassle of a real one, but it was a very good fake. And then that became too much hassle and the parents went and bought one of those LED ones, hateful horrible tacky thing. I think a major aspect of Christmas died when that was bought for me. Along with me just getting older anyway.

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I always have had a fake one for as long as I can remember.

But it is not the most realistic fake but I only bought it a couple of years ago so will not invest in one of the ultra realistic trees just yet

Also as kingphil said I must have the christmas tree up by the 1st of December (it was up the 29th of November this year due to the first falling on a Monday).

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