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Are you a happy Villa Fan at the moment?


Are you a Happy Villan at the moment?  

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  1. 1. Are you a Happy Villan at the moment?

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i feel the same as i did this time last year, but by start of the season i was happy. i think it will be similar again....

on another note i gotta say im lovin fergie abusin rafa at d minute

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When was the last time we were happy?

League Cup Final 1996? - Yes

FA Cup Semi Final vs Bolton in 2000 - Yes (that Dublin moment)

FA Cup Final vs Chelsea in 2000 (the poorest FA Cup Final in history, after the 1996 dross) - Yes, up to the David James moment.

Arrival of DOL in 2003 - Yes (yes you were)

Departure of DOL in 2006 - most definitely.

Arrival of MON 2006 - I was almost kn*b in hand, so yes.

January 2009 - big, resounding yes. I couldn't quite believe it.

Then we fell back to earth like the 'Peterborough Roof Faller...'

I'm on the fence folks. 1st of September we'll know.

Until then, look around and see just how bad things could be - Portsmouth nearly slipping into administration, Toon being raped by Leyton Orient, in fact everthing about the barcode club.

If it's mid-table this year, or successful fight against relegation (and for me, at the present standing, that is a real possibility of how this will go), then I'd rather be here, than in the barcode's state. You know, they might just slip into League 1 with how their close-season pantomime continues.

My happiness is currently judged on the fact that I have renewed my season ticket, joined the cup scheme and will be at the Fiorentina game. If you ain't happy then you can vote with your feet. That's what I did in DOL's last season.

It's not that I was fickle (I just started not to like him)... Cripes, I've seen my fair share of toss during my supportership, but DOL snuffed out a lot of interest in the game for me, and I have other interests too that take up a lot of my time.

Come on MON - let the Malaga match be the spark to start your next chapter - not signal a repeat of the final three months of last season.


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We have lost two of our best players and a good squad player, the squad looks weaker than last year with the rumoured replacements not top quality, I am not convinced we can compete with the clubs around us and feel sure we will move backwards next season.


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Yes. Last time I looked Ellis was still gone. It's going to take a while for the smile to fade purely from that, let alone the fact that we have a chairman who does things the right way, a superb manager and plenty of young, hungry, quality players. I'm sure there will be more to come too.

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Why raise a thread that's over a year old?

Interesting reading some of the comments and seeing the results on this thread. August 5th 2008 and the majority are not happy. I would hazard a guess that come August 31st of that year the result of such a poll would have been much different.

A reason to express caution when judging this summers 'work' so far?

You answered your own question for me 8)

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Optimistic and expecting 6th position! [Goal No1 : Being reasonable!] :|

Optimistic and waiting for new signings! [Goal No2 : Having faith and trust!] :shock:

And keeping optimistic! [Goal No3 : Getting behind your team!] :flag:

It's nice to speculate again!:

--- Friedel ---

L Young --- Davies --- Cuellar --- Bouma

--- Sidwell --- Petrov

Milner --- A Young --- Downing

--- Agbonlahor ---

Who is Barry?

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I have no idea how people can say no to be honest. Have some of you only started supporting the Villa in the past two years?! I mean, we have come on leaps and bounds. We have struggled many times over the years and now we are doing well, people still complain. Fair enough everyone deserves an opinion but please get real.....

Two consecutive top six finishes is something to be happy about. Having the manager we have is something to be happy about. Playing the way we play is something to be happy about. Looking at how far we have come is something to be happy about. Having Lerner is something to be happy about.

Sure, I am unhappy with certain areas, such as our lack of ambition in the transfer window and the fact that our squad is paper thin. This does concern me in a big way, yet it doesn't make me an unhappy Villa supporter. Some people seem to forget where we came from and expect success. This is all just my opinion of course. I am happy to be a Villa fan. Sure I am upset when bad things happen, but I will always be proud to pull on the claret and blue shirt. UTV!

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I was moderately happy. expected the sale of Barry and retirement of Laursen to be honest so although I was dissapointed I expected it - however, selling Knight has twisted the nail in the coffin for me and I'm starting to get complacement...I'm happy with MON and RL though and have trust in them so we will see what happens. No more players out though please. We need all we can get...

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Have some of you only started supporting the Villa in the past two years?!

Some people seem to forget where we came from and expect success. UTV!

I certainly haven't, the 5th most successful team in UK history and European champions. People seem to only remember the O'Leary and GT mkII days.

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Wrong time to start this thread!!

At the minute, many of the forum users seem to be caught up in the same old transfer window hysteria that we see twice a year. All doom and gloom because we haven't made any marquee signings yet and the squad is too small? Really? I never would have guessed.

Many of the people on here simply seem to have forgotten the 10 years of mediocrity before MON arrived. Not all the managers were bad, and we've had some good players along the way, but I don't remember a time as positive as a supporter of Aston Villa. Good chairman, good manger, a bit of cash, and some genuine quality in the squad. Of course I'm happy!

Though because we've yet to show our colours in the transfer market this year (in a week it will all be different...) i fear the majority of short-sighted, lightweight Villa fans, will say no.

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