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  1. agreed - and where would we be if we had a better player in those games?
  2. he had a few good spells across the season, and then about 30 shite games.
  3. Liono

    Dean Smith

    John Terry Terry Connor.
  4. Not a chance Sherwood will get sacked soon.
  5. The amount of times an easy pass was on and he decided not to use it was far too many for me liking. He wasn't good enough at all last night and should be dropped.
  6. **** all is going to happen. Getting your hopes up is purely idiotic.
  7. KEA was good and composed on Monday. I'd give him a run with Westwood and Delph on Monday.
  8. He would do a MON and 'walk' if he had been lied too. I'm sure of that. He didn't hang around at Norwich, did he?
  9. Liono


    We need to make sure we sign players for now, and not the future. If we go for the future, then we might not be in the right league to make them good players.
  10. I'm starting to have serious doubts.
  11. I don't mind Herd. He'll prove useful in the squad. I have a feeling Lambert rates him.
  12. Liono


    Reading, Southampton and Wigan are worse.
  13. Still a bit rash in the tackle. Will be a useful squad player. Still not sure exactly what he does best.
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