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  1. January 2017 transfer window

    He's an interesting player who never quite made the grade. He doesn't have a natural position but he's always been pushed up top. I just checked him out and I'm surprised he's 27 already....he's wasted some good years! I don't think I'd bite unless it was a short term loan.
  2. Conor Hourihane

    Hope we sign him if not to push other players. Cheap, something to prove, in the period of his career where he should be progressing. Good move from the manager if we do grab him.
  3. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Agreed with that and a new signing. but who is the proven goalscorer? Signing players is definitely not that easy unless you pay over the odds. Especially not goal scorers who don't require crosses. Also our squad is terrible, there aren't too many systems available especially when the experienced players are all forwards. Good to see Westwood and GG out but not much has changed up top. We still have players perfect for narrow football but without the talent to implement it.
  4. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I do think Bruce has done the right thing (he's a manager not a fan) bringing him back and his timing is justifiable with the AFCON and perhaps even his record in derbies. However I take issue with not bringing on a kid for him at 70 when Bunn could do no worse. From now on I don't think he can start and Bruce should be judged more harshly if he keeps the faith under awful performances. I don't mind him coming on because we don't have many options but there's nothing to lose by having someone who at least plays the striker position as Gabby can't even do that. RHM really has missed out by not signing his contract, he could have been a genuine option to start for the whole month.
  5. Jordan Lyden

    Not sure but it wouldn't be a surprise. Clearly a player that needs to manage his fitness when recovering.
  6. January 2017 transfer window

    Exactly what I said to my brother earlier. Also our lack of natural width certainly isn't pulling defenders away from him and with Gabby he's playing as 2 players. He isn't playing well that's for sure and it's clearly confidence as he can't even hit a free kick. But he's a talented player who knows where the back of the net is. A player isn't judged after 6 months, he's managed to find his feet. We and he probably expected to hit the ground running, he hasn't but it looks like he'll have another season in the Championship to get there.
  7. Academy General Topic

    To a point, but talent, whichever way it is manifested requires good coaching. And good coaching can progress mental capacity to a level which starts to negate any physical impediment.
  8. Academy General Topic

    In part i'd agree with that. Everton have a really solid team. But I would say that Koeman has a habit of trusting young players whereas we do not. Lambert especially decimated any youth improvements because he favoured his own tripe rather than the guys who came through. I guess Bruce has a v tough job and doesn't want to be singled out for a mistake. However if Gabby is better than Davis then I might as well lace up again. There is no excuse for letting him have more than 45 minutes when he does so little to affect the game, you might as well play a kid and tell him, 'don't worry, just touch the ball twice and make a good pass and I'll be delighted'. Having been a young player playing against pro's (rugby, not football) I came on leaps and bounds by getting battered and it allowed me time to reflect. A good manager recognises the value in that and understands how to influence the perception of a performance....perhaps we have another manager who struggles to help players reflect,....
  9. January 2017 transfer window

    I like the looks of him even though it's a lower quality league. Great left peg and has a right one too. He's got 'tude which was why he never progressed at Newcastle. But plenty of players have blossomed late, we don't need a world beater. Talking of players starting at top clubs but dropping and ending up at Peterborough. It's a shame Jermaine Anderson is constantly injured. He'd make for a decent Championship player.
  10. January 2017 transfer window

    The best thing about Bruce is he will be looking at young players doing well in the lower leagues as well as considering those with the right attitude. It's been a while since I trusted a manager to do that and even longer still since we had one who was capable. Early days but the players we've been linked to point to the right direction in terms of the Championship.
  11. Aaron Tshibola

    Definitely looked like he was low on confidence and didn't want to take too many chances. Real shame as he could've done with a good performance but he had many opportunities to try a pass that he didn't take. Not sure that would do much to sway Bruce toward him.
  12. Keinan Davis

    Three times I think. Once a slightly loose pass which still made his target. Another when he took a touch and made a simple pass. Can't remember the third. Kept his shape rather than getting involved out of his position. This was the case when defending too.
  13. Keinan Davis

    We can hope. Perhaps just to remind RHM that loyalty gets opportunities. I like the looks of him, puts himself about even if he doesn't appear an obvious goal scorer. Though what do I know, I've only seen him a few times, impossible to know.
  14. Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Good move by Bruce.
  15. Modern day club legends

    Can't believe people still judge Barry so harshly. He never shirked responsibility despite wanting to further his career. 10 brilliant seasons for us when Villa actually had a great team but all he won was the Intertoto cup. He leaves and 3 long years later finally has a Prem title and FA Cup. I'm glad that particular Villa legend won something