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  1. What's wrong at Villa?

    I'm not sure that's the case tbh because a leader plays well whatever. I was captain for quite a few rugby teams but the higher I got the less I was given those opportunities. It did frustrate me a little, especially when a captain was leading by opinion and not example but I just played my hardest and didn't worry about that because I was a captain who lead by example so nothing changed when I wasn't given the armband. Maybe you're right about the ego's but you'd hope the scouts did their homework on attitude because high ego rarely delivers a good captain. I think balance is important but the correct positional balance gets wins and ego's are forgotten when you're winning. I felt we were unlucky yesterday and we set up well enough to have beaten other teams in the league. Though I'm really not happy with Kodija playing wide with Hogan down the middle and Bjarn is a hardworking mdifielder (wide or middle) and definitely not a forward/winger.
  2. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    He's a striker not a wide player. Completely different position with a different skill set....as exampled today and again in those games he played down the middle and scored.
  3. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    Arghhhhh! Damn strikers playing as wingers. Waste of bloody time.
  4. Birkir Bjarnason

    If you lose the ability to control a ball or pass 5 yards form isn't your only problem.
  5. Birkir Bjarnason

    In these circumstances I hate being right but I said he'd end up playing wide and he has. At least he's a midfielder but heck; clearly not a finisher.
  6. Mile Jedinak

    Agreed. On that subject I think Lansbury can help us there. Adomah is able to play wide and although his crossing is suspect his desire to go on the outside has helped us. It was a good signing to bring in that sort of player. But on the other wide we have nobody, apart from maybe Green but he's too young to be judged/criticised. Having Jedinak holding will hopefully release Lansbury to play passes 'through the middle', to players more used to making forward runs rather than winger ones. It doesn't solve the problem of forwards then dwelling on the ball and letting the opposition defenders get back but it might get us through a little more.
  7. U.S. Politics

    I meant down to the many veto's that have supported Israeli interests. Obama was no saint here and did the 'right' thing (according to opinion) when he was leaving office. As I said it's not a subject I am massively knowledgeable about. I started my knowledge about a decade ago with Chomsky speeches but unlike housebuilding, welfate etc I don't work in that field so I only have a by-standers knowledge. I think this is an interesting piece by Chomsky, though as I've got older I realise he isn't an answer man but an information man. And it's his information so I'm not saying his word gospel.
  8. What's wrong at Villa?

    5 losses and 1 draw since Johnstone came in. They played together in the Wolves loss but that's it. Good point well made though. I've always advocated the signing of good experienced keeper as backup.
  9. U.S. Politics

    It's not my best subject (or one I even claim to know about) but from my understanding the US hasn't exactly been a force for good. It would appear that very little progress has been made and while I always assumed Obama did a good job (politically) to try and bring peace, facts show otherwise. Having read the full transcript and watched the meeting too it's clear that Trump and Net are not yet on the same page. The way Trump turned to him and said "all human life" plus that Net was clearly trying to educate/propaganda Trump was really interesting. Trump said some controversial things but I'm not sure he really has a grasp on the issue. Also the body language between Trump/Net is v different than between Obama/Net; I wonder how/whether that will change.
  10. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Bob's Burgers is back
  11. What's wrong at Villa?

    Great management? ha. it's v hard to argue with the bit in bold. There are some close to world class defensive midfielders on less. Then again, give me a Villa player who has been worth his wages? This broken culture of high wages can be plastered over if we went straight back up but I feel next season will be messy with some guys leaving and others feeling frustrated that they're on lower salaries...though you never know, it might spur them to play well to get a Prem Villa salary.....we need some motivation at the club because 3 points doesn't seem an incentive for some players.
  12. What's wrong at Villa?

    For two years I was broken record about Albrighton but I don't think I was wrong. We needed his crossing and energy despite him being limited. And I don't want to be a broken record again (despite me being one on a defensive midfielders for 6 years too) but, these are our results with Jedinak in the team. Couldn't get them all one screen but add 5 draws and 2 losses to that table when he did play. We have to blood in a young defensive midfielder who plays defensive midfield rather than attack or we buy an understudy for an ageing and injury prone Jedinak. It's one thing struggling to score but it's quite another to be loose in the middle of the park.
  13. The banker loving, baby-eating Tory party thread (regenerated)

    I think C of E and Catholic schools do a great job in both educational attainment and administration. Not sure why you'd set any alight.
  14. The banker loving, baby-eating Tory party thread (regenerated)

    I think Nicky Morgan said they would encourage the voluntary route, but of course you'e right to say OFSTED is driving that agenda through failing local authorities. Faith schools will be targeted next, or those who run them anyway. There's still opportunity to change the conversation especially with May's stance on Grammar schools.
  15. The banker loving, baby-eating Tory party thread (regenerated)

    The first point you're probably right. It's an exceedingly complicated conversation. However Twigg has always been in favour of academies/free schools (under Labour), I doubt he'd have much motivation to see the policy change. But the second, I hope not. Primary schools have mostly resisted the change, unlike secondary schools so that's positive. I personally haven't heard it's being put back on the table. I'm assuming you have?