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Midweek Football 28/30 October


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QPR v Brentford SS3


Carabao Cup 4th Rd 

Burton v Leicester 

Crawley v Colchester 

Everton v Watford 

Man City v Southampton 

Oxford v Sunderland 


Carabao Cup 4th Rd 

Liverpool v Arsenal 7.30pm SS3

Chelsea v Man Utd 8.05pm SS1

EFL on Quest Carabao Cup highlights 10.30pm 

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11 minutes ago, StefanAVFC said:

Oh good, we can stop talking about VAR and get back to talking about the horrendous standard of reffing in this country.

2 of the worst penalty decisions you'll see, so far tonight.

The James dive 😂

He just fell onto his **** arse.

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1 minute ago, Genie said:

How much of a prick do we think Liverpool’s 16 year old player is with his crap beard and man bun?

He just came back from a ban for insulting Kane 

Maybe will wear T-shirts to defend him 

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