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Midweek Football 30 September/3 October


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5 minutes ago, Dr_Pangloss said:

Pepe has barely looked like a footballer so far in his Arsenal career. 

£77m was it they paid for him? He looks woeful. 

Kolasinic is absolutely dreadful and a really annoying clearing in the woods too. 

Poor axel gifted arsenal a goal. Oh dear. 

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2 minutes ago, sne said:

De Gea looked a bit like he switched off before the finish.

Play to the whistle. Ref never blew it.

Edit: he did blow it but after the ball was in the onion bag. 

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Just now, StefanAVFC said:

Sorry I'm lost

The linesman put his flag up so the game should have stopped so how can VAR check it?

**** the PL seriously and their inconsistent bullshit

Young and true other defender clearly saw the flag up so definitely have a fair argument to say they’d stopped. A strange one that was.

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6 minutes ago, StefanAVFC said:

Kevin Friend is such a word removed. My word.

I think in a game this big, the Premier League wont be able to put up with his crap standards anymore. Then again somebody must be held accountable for giving him a big game

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