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Danny Villaman and his English


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@Stevo985 Might i am harsh on members who didnt know too, cos i were lost my cool.  I will apologise for it. 

but i find truly offensive about comment like Google translate it is way high offence even without knowing that it is my second language yet not matter what it is insulted. 

That why i into mauled mode. I wouldn't say that i would say is you poor English? Please explain me clearly that post i would go change edit to better explaining. Or write your first language on Google translate that post might help you out. I will fine with that. 

Yeh i would know differently joke and insult. 

Thanks for pointing me out about they not awareness make me think second thoughts on my post. Might i del one post in other one. 

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Has @Demitri_C got a new account?

I jest of course :)

Don't let it wind you up @Danny_Villaman84 it can get a bit tense in the main part of the forum. Its more relaxed in off topic and the vast majority of the banter is good natured. I'm sure people didn't mean you any disrespect, it was probably just someone trying to be funny and wasn't aware of the situation. 

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Danny, thanks for explaining to everyone that BSL is your first language. I think many of us have learned something about the grammar rules in reading this.

You clearly love the Villa, you've got an educated view on football, and you go to the trouble of sharing that with us in a language you don't use in regular communication. Massive respect for that.

Any issues with other posters giving you a hard time, just press the report button and the team of Mods will get it sorted.

We're all Villans together here mate.

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3 minutes ago, Danny_Villaman84 said:

I wonder how do gif on i try and it is kept popping up link rather pic. 

Yeh, all these is asl :-) i am understand some asl.

 I find some good YouTube link bsl but how emblem it? I know how used it in vital villa but it is not work on villa talk. 

Gifs - right click on the gif, choose copy image then when on VT just right click and 'paste and match style'

Youtube links embed - just copy the address link into your post. 

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