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  1. I was write These in Green Threads, so i decide put it in this thread indeed Green. so if Sell Green and Albert to fund any one or two of these players which we should go for any of these list:- we are lack left foot winger | inside forward player Would Love see one of them;- (Villa Fan Players) Joe Lolley Or, Jarrad Bowen Marcus Maddison (Peterbrough) Adam Reach (S.W.F.C) Robert Snodgrass (West Ham) - might avoid him as short term will idea but his age might waste our money as this optional only if we might need > experience - also he love villa as he player for us. Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo) - Very Good Talent, we need get him before he move to big club - Liverpool is one of them.. hope we get him too late. he is fast left foot with good cross and killer pass, also long shot, can in position to goal chance. he can player winger or forward Or Right Inside Forward - will ideal for him if he move to us if we in premiership. Louis Schaub (Kohn) - I alway liked him for many year he is good talent - he is Snodgrass of Austria; i am sure you all know him when he was player for R.Vienna (before he move to Kohn) Rubén García (Osonesa) - Wild Card - he is hit and miss might worth gamble.. for right foot winger back up or Challenge El Ghazi Fabio Martins (Braga) - Rate highly for me .. he is future stars we need get him before big clubs want him...
  2. No offence Green, As I think best if we offered him left for new club low-level as I don't see him Championship High level or Premiership Level Unfortune ... but he still young and plenty potential, i would sell him to fund new player as we have El Ghazi our first choice in left inside forward | Right Winger. as he is good direct player but poor cross and scare to try long shot, and he some time lost ball by passing error.. all these can improve quickly if work hard in training or in his own time... at moment he is need prove he is good enough so he can keep as back up to El Ghazi.
  3. I think smith will go get Rico Henry so guilbert I think both is good full back simple type. Villa need buy price wise in summer like who can play premiership and long term, young player range age 16 to 26. Smith has good record when buy defender or eyed on youth product defender as he in Walsall and brentford. Think guilbert will suspire load people and other clubs as he is excellent performance in France with low level. Looking forward he play for villa next season.
  4. I alway like see full back do these Defend: Stick narrow gap in backline and capacity win header, strength to create tight line to make hard for cross in or killer pass (with winger support and become double last man in line straight to extra) General play: Can play pass and move and high stamina to running to up and down come support midfield to cycle passing or stay wide to drag opponent winger or space width to push forwarded. Attack: Capacity produce dangerous cross or killer pass from deep area. And overlap to create space to attack and (1st option: running to byline and pass to any villa players to goal / 2nd option low cross whip to area / 3rd "lobbing pass to far post to finish off) which is Elmo is actually do it very good for us in attack term but I never rate his defence ability yet Hause were much better defence that Taylor and Elmo but attack skill is not bad he can better if he play there often... I prefer him play centre half but not mind him play if other centre half filled. Taylor is quiet good defence but not premiership level but his attack is horrible and passing is get much better compare start of season which I pride for this that confidence is lower he need break through in attack area he just need often cross and pray if poor it is ok as good start to build these skill. that why I want see new left back No offence Taylor..it is my option. I not sure about Guilbert but I hear load about him treat in French league and he can handle good deal with psg and Lyon, monaco, Marseilles and threat them.. hope see him action premiership see if he can handle I would prefer take him last Jan to seeing if he can handle but understand club want keep him to staying in French league 1 sad they relegated to league 2.
  5. Agreed with this. But... if El Ghazi don't play so Grealish is best alterntive to play Left Inside Forward with 4 options - will write if you wanted know.. (or swap position often to confused defender | full back - Right Winger) and O'hare take Grealish roles. The reason i agreed with these he can penerate and creative in Wide that other winger can't (Green can't and Albert can't) beside El Ghazi. That why i often moan that we need left foot with flair of El Ghazi | Grealish type (Right inside forward | Left winger - like we got Snodgrass last year) ** off topic - would love see Snodgrass (even he is has lack pace yet still danger player) in right with El Ghazi in left we will consistate threat from centre and left plus right! ** back to topic only i agreed with you as grealish in centre to purpose design him become more flexable to operate for him to do anything to create and shot option. draft to left | Right width area to make create space and draw defender or midfield to create space for other Villa players to threat them in this cause eithier CH or McGinn ...or for himself to apply finish em or give finish product. we lucky have El Ghazi which more pace with high flair dribble skills (quick movement - suitable for winger very important trait) - which grealish lack of - this other reason Grealish suitable centre rather width would waste there. I hope we sign him and find left foot "El Ghazi type" Last thing ...Captain is suitable in centre rather width to more command area and more easy commuciate players, and rally player too.
  6. I hate the media make the thing make small thing into big thing deal just small "quote"! regard which dvision we will be (they should specfic - Stay Championship) in next season we in ... even the fans and maybe himself Grealish know these one fact.. we should brush the shoulder off these stupid gossip. The Fact is:- If we stay championship, which media was right about this.. we will force to sell him around 60 millions (clause on contract) which we don't like see this happen but these fund is good for rebuild for next season buy like Centre Half and we will buy El Ghazi, Housa and (try get) Mings, that we need focus get Striker and left foot winger|Inside forward (whatever it is Loan or buy if got enough money) i am sure we will cope well and promote next season with automanic promotion. If we up, we will keep Grealish and Grealish don't want left Us, few few years (he might need Champions leagues to promote himself to play England if he keep fail break through - i hate FA Rules top 6 must selection for England when it is actually don't matter who you club play for and represent your club and nation rather top 6 rules i am sure southgate will selection him regard club he is in... if he replacement by other manager it is will more problemantic) or useless this happened -> VERY Crazy money (100 millions Plus) to buy him by Real Madrid (I Remember he been told dream play Real Madrid too)
  7. Hause I would not mind sign him as permanently term as he is cheap and play him back up to mings or play left back if needed for strong defence and extra height presences ie set piece. I would love see axel back for loan or ole let us to buy him ..which I didn't see this happening.
  8. Gary Cahill is contract end in summer so should we go for him if we promotion up back to premiership? Free transfer. He will take axel place if axel don't move in with us as ole will keep him at The Old Trafford. We should go sign Mings for around 8 to 12 millions . If we go back in for henry in summer for left back if Fulham regelation so we try get Sam Bryan again try for price drop .. Henry/bryan-ming-cahill-gilberto will be good balance defence with good fullback.
  9. me too, I Love these part in this match , he would be better option in end should lay pass to KD which free 10 yard around of him yet he fire to on target to goal, goalkeeper has a good reactive save. it is seem like his spent time with grealish and learn some his dribbling skill ?
  10. He should few along offered contact along Blackett-Taylor, Mitch,Clark. When grealish injury I was suggesting him play his roles as he is capable step in as simpilar skill and very good creator in centre attack midfield minus draw to foul which grealish specialist...O'Hare more engine and good vision, can good dribble glide defender, he is prefer teamwork over dribble. If we keep him so we not need buy back up for grealish or direct replacement will not much loss. In 3 to 5 years he will big stars as grealish., Problem is we can't play him and grealish If we play both of them; we has to playing fake 9 with 4231 or play 2 centre attack with full back bomb forward 4321 Or this what I think will solve the problem - 3421 - modern style possession football which will excellent for grealish and O'Hare in same team as long we find best forward all around with high pace with good engine hybird full back defender combo with trickers winger, track back to protection full back --------------axel-ming-hause------------ Gilberto-new player-mcginn-new player ------------------o'hare-grealish------------- -----------------------new players----------- (maybe kodjia is ideal this roles forward and maupey will be great in these roles.) We need find (right foot mcginn style centre midfielder) will solve this formation maybe b.b. can play this roles will good impact Axel is rumour to stay there one more next season hopefully.
  11. Chester and Hause, with Elphick back up in RCB. that why in transfer windows i was mentions these barbet come in free transfer take LCB roles so will good balance, if we go in and win the bid war for Mings to join will very good move.. so Elphick-Hause and Chester-Mings/Barbet so prefect balanced and good back up options ... for me i think Elphick is better than chester in defend and aerial, chester better football talent and quick defend that Elphick. I look forward to AXEL-MINGS in Centre half it is gonna interest partner and powerfully partner .. sorry Hause :S even your play great latest .. and Axel take your place for good balance unfortunate as Hause is look awkard in RCB, i would love see him in natural LCB roles in future with Elphick or Chester in next season.
  12. I always want him stay will great if he and lowton play same team, and benteke will score bucket of goals... sad thing manager reject his demand (which is not much high- he was wanted 28-30k with very long 5 years - which i were hear) and chairman will allowed him 22.5k, manager not have a choice let him go... personal i think it is worth risk so we could better in leagues table before we go down.. and he win the champions which i am very happy he do it to proof he make right decision join right club. funny enough MAJORITY of fan actually wanted him go before liecester and they win, they fans change tone about him, when i can see his talent great but he is one-trickey skill crosser and average dribble yet VERY WORK HARD and PASSION, he will bring more threat by cross (Hit and miss - hit first man-yet create a corner-Throw in) i want him stay as know tactical will bring win for us..... I wanted Peter Whittigham Stay same as him, and he left too early, he is great engine and left foot good crosser and team work, good passer too.. and I don't idea why Martin O'neill let him go too early along Gary Cahill. anyway i back on topic about Green... what i see him is he is loss of confience which odd as i used be see he good at direct and dribble past one players and space free to cross and pass which he used be good with these now he not do it as his passing is miss and hit, most time pass in turn other to pressure on us... yet we win them back, crosser is not bad devirly and his long shot was normally good yet he is seem like afraid to take open chance to shot, he decide pass indeed (wrong call many time) might it is confience issues again... i think it is pressure on him so might not us club suit him, yet it is confience issues again.. as compare to he were great players in portsmouth and make impact.. it is look like he is in "choke in the engine which need eithier need clear or rebuild new block." once he discover his old best and he can make impact. yet he is better that Albert in form but not Yannick (before we sent him returned to club). we have to choice either - Albert with bad form, and bring goals with lack threat for us (or) green on good form without goal, direct threat.. to with El Ghazi in other flank. if he carry on like this next season so think best time let him go... to find replacement in low level or give chance i forget his name b..... taylor-c......... loan walsall at currently i heard he is did brilliant might worth a looking at him.. and give him chance in summer pre-season see if he up for it so he take over green and sent him one more loan season see how he go on.. personal i think we shouldn't recall him loan...yet we was have no choice to recall him ...
  13. Jack Grealish, play for England is good shout but there some good Attack Midfield, I'm rate Barkley and Alli highly that Grealish he is more like 3rd/4th/5th choice in this Roles at moment, yet my corcern is it is would make him more Ego and greed, affect his team-player skill which he is huge improvement latest... Which personal, i think he should play for Ireland it is will developed him better players and more challenge that he in England. His choice and i will support him all the way as fan. off the topic, I know most players will brilliant for England if they lift "top 6 rules" for many reason i wanted Ward-prowess play (along Llalana and Rodgella) when they were in southampton 4-6 years ago they was very best creative trio attack and goal threat, and assist.. best in the league they only let down was defence and goalkeeper even low goal against them) 4-5 years ago ---------------------Lambert--------------------- Ward-Prowess-Rodgella(Barkley)-Llalana with back up Sturridge and Sterling) --------------Milner----Barry------------- (Before they both off to man city and liverpool) Shaw------Cahill-----Shawcross----Johnson -----------------------Hart-------------------------- would better in unity and team-work than top 6 only selection....
  14. yeh unfortune, when i watch football, i see team unity and player strength to manager tactical which make a strong team, that why England was alway lack of these for many years..... i suspect it was FA Rules, top 6 - top 8 and outside of top 6 - 8 in top of division wont pick useless need to pick ie injuries occurs... once this happen that top 6 will go pickpocket to top 6 and play themselves (most case put in reversed or few apperenace player for them even if they stay the club where before they come grab them, they were play very great... for ie jack Roswell - EFC to Man City and many else player they become flop now he play League 1 and he not only one it is many else too)
  15. yeh unfortune, when i watch football, i see team unity and player strength to manager tactical which make a strong team, that why England was alway lack of these for many years..... i suspect it was FA Rules, top 6 - top 8 and outside of top 6 - 8 in top of division wont pick useless need to pick ie injuries occurs... once this happen that top 6 will go pickpocket to top 6 and play themselves (most case put in reversed or few apperenace player for them even if they stay the club where before they come grab them, they were play very great... for ie jack Roswell - EFC to Man City and many else player they become flop now he play blackburn and he not only one it is many else too) FA need Big change in thier way which i see it favour to big club rather small club, it is harsh ..... that what they need change .. which will never..

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