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  1. Danny_Villaman84

    January transfer window 2019

    in january transfer; we hope see left back and centre half as priorty and goalkeeper is must find replacement - cancelled goalkeeper loan to return once we has buy new goalkeeper and Nyland as second choice goalkeeper. centre half - we should try lurk G.Cahill return to Aston Villa to partner with Chester, and recall Elphick to back to back up it is better than nothing.. Left Back it is diffcult to find at moment .. if we sort it two or last season ago will solve problem as some very good player were avaliable...might worth to try find any loan.. Left foot winger is might need option to think as our winger don't have left foot winger.
  2. Danny_Villaman84

    James Bree

    James Bree is a good attack with have defence skill so it is smith's right back type. so likely yes playing under him more that elmo which i happy with it as i alway see Elmo as right winger/wide midfield rather full back / wing back. Looking forward to see that James Bree play in his best.. problem is other side of defence (left back) we don't got type of it i alway see N.Taylor is quiet good defence with not offence skill. also problem (centre half) cause by bruce hope smith fix it, but i don't want see Bree play centre half until jan to find centre half as it is would be affect his football careers..
  3. Danny_Villaman84

    James Bree

    I like him, he need a time to settling down in right back and will grow experience. problem is he need games times. He got De Leat and Alan Hutton, Elmo, Axel(Personal, i would play Bree and De Leat, not Elmo in Right back, Elmo is more winger that full back and Hutton, he can play left back as we got short cover left back also Axel is better in Centre Half not right back. Real reasons problem with these, answer is Bruce who won't let some player in right position, so it is problem not Bree fault and it is bruce. Bree need regular so loan him out or play him regulars.
  4. Danny_Villaman84

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    that what I think same, that why I not suspire hayes begin un-sure what to do and Whelan told him what to do when he is play his (hayes) roles. it is confused for Hayes.
  5. Danny_Villaman84

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    that reason I notice this as well because he is push forward by Whelan as he told him keep forward and he sweep back 4 midfield, that why he don't know what to do because Whelan play his roles where he regular do it for u23 as he always command in midfield and control midfield line, kill pass he supply to RMH as he did and RMH waste many chance as he knew RHM well, and he can support defence as well he always do it in pre-season.
  6. Danny_Villaman84

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    I think Whelan make Doyle push too forward when Doyle is effective in sit midfield and pass around and better defend. that why I think best Whelan and Houricane get off.
  7. Danny_Villaman84

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Villa play poor, too dull to watch villa play in this way. keep repeated tactical which not suitable our forward, why we are play this way … no so effective. once we play kill pass into box we look live and energies, only problem we has is lack creative and movement in forward. Whelan and Houriance need sub at half time swap McGinn and Grealish as we too deep when we should go pressure on them and push up to field. Green is Best player on the pitch and H-Doyles is did good job, would like see Hayes-Doyles with McGinn in Centre midfield I think both will prefect balance. Houriance and Adomah are disappointed me.
  8. Danny_Villaman84

    Steve Bruce

    would like see these play, bruce. ---------------------------------------Nyland\Moreira--------------------------------- Hutton(\Elmo)-----Axel(\ Elphick)-------Chester-----Taylor(\Hutton) Green(\Elmo)---------McGinn-------------Houriance---------Adomah -------------------------------------------Grealish--------------------------------- --------------------------------------------Kodjia--------------------------------- (or) 4 Midfield change to 5 Midfield Grealish(\Elmo)---------McGinn-------Jedinak------Houriance---------Adomah (\green) anyway about these line-up I know always have negative vibe toward bruce, as he is not good manager but in postivie note about him is …... he bring us win in bizarre style even team play poor week in and out which make him stay at villa or wise if he lose he will sack.. even I have positive vibe about him as he bring win to us, yet we cant forget what he did also he keep it wrong all time up how we can't talk about this?
  9. Danny_Villaman84

    Ørjan Nyland

    bruce will never learn it as it is been happen for like two and half years and same problem week In and week out., if Nyland carry on poor form next 3-5 games so give to chance Moreira chance to challenge him as we can't afford to mess nyland confidence or wise it is would effect on him.
  10. Danny_Villaman84

    Ørjan Nyland

    your not wrong in these, as all good goalkeeper like to have stable backline these can become a developed bond and understand each other in a defence line to make more effective goalkeeper. problem it is Bruce who won't make it happen. so we need like hutton-axel(elphick)-chester-taylor, and see how nyland did with these defence rather 2 out of the position player in defence even with 2 natural player available to player it is stupid bruce. yet we can moan about bruce but bruce bring win in stupid way so we got accept that he is stay there, even I want him sack.
  11. Danny_Villaman84

    Mile Jedinak

    why bruce keep play him as I always say if he want play in centre half as his legs is goes for centre midfield, as I always point if he want play in centre half best move on to low level club maybe 6 months train him as centre half learn there in experience (loan) or play him part time as DM roles that all and play centre half in training or behind curtain match, even u23! .. and many match he play as centre half he is make "wholes house fall down". we need stop play him until 5th option after like Elphick or Axel, even let Suliman try that Jedinik. 1) Chester 2) Elphick "") Axel 4) Suliman 5) Jedinik it is would make a sense! that reason I always HATE and DISLIKE bruce because he got centre half elphick by natural position and he is did alright last week, and today he drop and play CM by trade in CH it is bad stupid call and how bruce can do it, it is prove that he stubborn donkey who like old routine way. "Dinosaur" he is keep same mistake with Axel which he is poor in Right back even we have 3 natural right back in squad, why we keep play him there. which he is fact he is natural centre half why not play him at there with Chester as I think he and him better balance that Elphick as Elphick and Chester both are similar style usually make hard to partner, if he not work so bring back elphick and axel got wait for other chance. Jedinik, sorry about my blunt ;-S
  12. Danny_Villaman84

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Birmingham mail pick up Jordan Hugill story lol it is good his name pop up. That exact what i want see villa sign load along buy snodgrass. Must be someone read this forum, make story to sell.. If it real happen we sign him loan i hope optional to buy clause include, that will very good sign. Nick Powell, I like him before he join man utd from crewe, his ability is very good at threat outside box. but i don't idea if he got still these ability, man utd. he would good at acm but ok ish cm, good back up to houricane which he better, he is one i want villa buy before Westwood. If he loan with optional to buy clause i would happy. If loan no these clause no worth.
  13. Danny_Villaman84

    Jake Doyle-Hayes

    your not only one as i was say same about him, I can't see bruce will play him useless cup match or no choice to play him after whelan and jedinik, or Branjasson, Lansbury, Houricane, injury that he will force to play him. even he should ahead of whelan and Jedinik, Lansbury in my option. that why i alway moan about him should play first team and developed him, rather pull him down after he performance better than whelan and other player in centre midfield that sudderly he not in first team, it is felt not right it is make sound like bruce don't want him play as first team as he prefer experience over his perform in pre-season which make me question about bruce.
  14. Danny_Villaman84

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    your welcome, yeh he is young 21 years old, compare to jordan, but let us compare his age , we have RHM and Davis, even Knibbs, also Mckriry....on villa book and all of 4 these are very good young players especial Davis did Brilliant job last season. why we need loan him, what he will bring us ? when i don't know what he like. that other reason i don't want him come to villa as i don't fan who young player other club loan, but i will accept if young player who high potential like Ben Woodburn as he is international for wales this reason i ok with it, or any mature or experience i am ok with it but like toni no thanks.. i rather play our young over him. if it is different story jordan Hugill, that i will say YES! as Kodjia is keep injury and Hogan not suit tactical bruce way even he is good forward yet he failed goal load for us, Davis is get injury groin easy like last season and again in pre-season.. so left us have Kodjia and Davis suitable to Bruce style if both injury who we replace with ? that reason i point to Hugill not Toni.
  15. Danny_Villaman84

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Jordan is 26, is mature age, and potenial to big star and international. but he is might peck - 3th to 5th choice in west ham, he is need play regular reach maximum potenial. jordan is did brilliant for preston, and he is a benteke type he can header, can strength to hold off defender, and right time right place to goal, poacher in box and can threat in everywhere with long shot, also he is fairly quick player, i can see him a potenial england (when he is around 28-29 if he play regular) forward stars in future after kane or that reason i find him suitable bruce way also he can play in any type tactical possession or target man, he is your man to player. I think Jordan can bring more goal threat that Kodjia from cross even long shot, pop in box, also if he partner kodjia in 3-5-2,\ 5-3-2 will bring us load of goal they will have diffcult to pick to man mark both. and he can score load than Toni and he is were top scorer for preston, in 2016-2017, before he transfer request move to west ham (which sad as i don't like see player put transfer request to play for west ham), my nana is preston supporter i like update her about preston, that reason i keep eyes on preston and everton (half my family support villa and everton, few support wrexham), also i often tease my nana say i wish villa steal Jordan Hugill,, so we can goal more through him because he goal against us i think 3 to 5 time in 2 seasons before he join west ham last jan, he not play much for them, only 3 time (accord wiki) also Jordan got experience play in Championship as Toni not.. these reason, i want him rather Toni as Toni i don't heard good about him, and i go look up at him stats not a good compare to Jordan as he low goal. if toni join villa, i hope he prove me wrong, i will happy