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  1. i'm confused as they say his first assist i thought he pass to McGinn goal on his debut too? 1.55mins yet stats still show him 1 assist. (should be two) https://www.whoscored.com/Players/327682/Show/Leon-Bailey
  2. Ming's hater .... i'm Agreed with ^ ^ Be fair on Ming he is truly good centre half and he is way better that Elphick + Chester and before this, and before this. if he didn't come help us, we will still in likely be in championship. also he is did help us stay premiership for 2 seasons, he is brilliant pair with Konsa. Even I know, Ming did mistake and occasion silly mistake as he is over confidence some time which he need stop do it but he is brilliant leadership and attuite, good player if he keep his head straight and stay calm.. - as same all other defender even Van Dijk did same mistake of his occasion. Personally i'm most blame direct Steers for not right place to help cycle passing should be closer to Ming for a support and offer space to receive passing and ping to other player to help to pass around like Martinez often. Be fair on Steers it is actually partial Ming fault as he should know Steer don't used this or don't have this skills so he, Ming - should've hoof to space if there not space to passing around play safety. Steers position too deep for receive pass and limit area to kick, if he move closer to Ming so Ming can move far wide to receive and better spot to possession or running to side to attack. or Ping to other side, or long ball if pressure. But Steers not his fault as he is not play first team regular and didn't used this way (which he should've know and prepared as it is foundation our style football and tactical) Smith should've go 2nd sweeper goalkeeper for cover and good technician (first touch and passing), know positional to help defend to cycle passing.
  3. He can play - ball carrier forward, and occasion long vision ball passing (Into the Channels) and switch side, good short range passing. Rare Punts useless under pressure or release the pressure to orgainse, play safer after that man city mistake (ref mistake) he learn this lesson. these is a reason I see him as "quiet good" Ball-Playing with "Very good Vocal leadership" and "Very Good" Defends Centre half traits. he is not best Ball-Playing Centre half but any centre half play this way as him? no that many. Old School "traditional" Centre half - they often punt to clear and not play short passing recycles regular, don''t nothing much.
  4. OH sorry as i thought i in the Mings threads :S my fault yeh we have Konsa and Mings, Axel, Hause - we don't need look for or make replacement for them as they are way very good squad and shift rotations so pointless to look for replacement - but Hause was potential to left for regular if we in Europe he could stay and play rotate and i would more happy trust him as 2nd choice left foot centre half - as he is maybe 4th best English left foot centre half behind Jack O'Connell and Mings, Mee (Dirty Player), maybe Hause. Jack O'Connell one should call up along Mings to play left foot centre half as i think he is very good ball centre half. if Mings left i would happy Get Jack O'Connell but i not sure if he able play 4 backline he is often play 3 or 5 men backline as Mings can play 4 or 3 or 5 backline.
  5. Konsa? for me he is better than Mings... reason is - he is play along him 2nd Highest Clean Sheets and better stats better no one past him which mings and he is our player But.. Still Mings is England "Best" left foot Centre half ahead all of Left Centre Half play for England he is should've start for balance reason. he is ahead Maguire in clean sheet term behind Walker and Stone as they are play for man city.
  6. This too, Mings ball carrier to forward much better than Maguire, He is way more Ball player Centre half than Maguire even did, yet Southgate allowed him but not Mings I think should Maguire and Mings play this together and same roles one go and one stay and both right and left, and overlap centre Holding Midfield and one of Holding Midfield (Rice and Phillips) can drop as Centre half to extra space to attack or free space to help move next phase. he can play when England full back do inverted full back he cover full back and boom forward once DM drop deep make 3 overload full back and centre half - Like Walker did in right centre half (3 back) Southgate tactical. Southgate don't allowed Mings yet Maguire allowed cos he is play top 6 and trust him more that Mings that why i find it is odd. If Southgate play Walker-Maguire-Mings I would understand this for this his system. Walker-Stones-Maguire and Maguire play awkward right foot in left side which Mings prefect natural. it is not make a sense and make balance go sideway - This could because he is not top 6 team.
  7. definitely not! he is Cult Heroes for Birmingham City goal and did well when come on pitch but not gain A LEGEND status as he is not that great player, he is average player for us. back to topic Grealish is under "Greatest Player" - definitely not Legend or maybe Cults Heroes - the fact is: He is a Best Player ever play for us and maybe best player even England have this generation and era. and Great to watch him player ever for us. His Football talent is one of the beautiful to watch player. AND last reason he is "Our" - as He was Villa Supporter and OUR Player, Our Youth Product, LOCAL. - but we will remember him bad about him as he left us and make comment about something that turn the table around by him or Media (most of Media groom him left club and he make this happen) Problem is cause push him go is play Champions or Europa Leagues (we cant offered him which understand - yet we knew it is we likely in Europe completion by End of the Season or Next season - he could've patient and play for us if he real loyalist and love club and don't want play any other club than Villa which i would stay regard) I don't blame him and understand yet wish he stay with us... and England (England other one of faeces reason to force him go top 4 clubs to get automatic starter for England even he is way better that top 4 not matter who he play for outers top 6) I don't understand this - if he play for us to make force people will say why he is not play for England so it is could help break top 6 rules to regular player it is media will help force FA to help make England big changing and new way. Southgate force him to move Top 6 club and FA force Southgate pick Top 6 except DM players or Right back from top 6. it would make better team to focus talent and suit tactical, mental, team regard who they play for and goal is to win Cup he is not Legend cos he is not win for us any trophy and he is not sent us to Europe Completion, or goal final to win cup, lots of goal or assist. Will remember him as Cult Heroes for take us to Premiership and solo destroy Liverpool twice (FA Semi and 7-2), and Action Brummies rival fan punch him and goal, and become captain to get 10+ unlosses and winning streak. that all i can think of him. PLUS our first 100 millions record and selling our acdemy to straight to transfer i think he is one highest and record of wholes world i think. it is our Cult Heroes that all!
  8. I am not happy with this, and try point and defend for him as England he is come play and did brilliant, save Stone face, vocal and strong backline and good balance and good left foot passing around, support left back very good compare to Stone. Bizzare than Walker was worse England Centre Half (he is more Right Back and never be Centre Half) yet Mings still first to go. I was suspire how All Media and Pundit blame him and Top-6 Fan as well (Most Non-Top 6 fan was want Mings stay and rid Stone as all of us), we know it is Stone was the one who make mistake lots and errors, Mings come strong and sort his messy and vocal backline, command better that Maguire as Stone and Maguire rare Vocal and command much as Mings. When Mings not play for England they look lost and Poor and worst Defend yet number in defend is help the temporary problem. once Maguire come from injury, he is first person replacement even England Best Centre half 2 of match he play, he suppose reward stay and Maguire got wait his chance .... or Stone or Walker should one to go... Problem we all knew it is REAL problem is Mings is not Top 4 players so he automatic drop that what Grealish was same problem even he win Lots of Man of the Match and High Creative, and best player for England all fear him and legs shaking when Grealish come play even Italy scare of him as know his dangerous. Italy was safe cos Grealish is not Play for Top 4 Club. Grealish is now play top 4 - he automantic starter that problem - FA is one big problem and Yes man manager do FA command - Like JL he not play anymore yet he play cos he is player for Manure United.
  9. It is such shame see this happened to him, I blame "Arse"nal for Cock-up his developed and turn his head think good enough to get breakthrough at Arsenal. Partials his EGO and Cock Attitude as he were one of the BEST youth player in UK and maybe European. He is was very good player best vision and good pass, good finisher. Even Villa was fighting him and told him offered him the route to first team more chance compare to Arsenal we was about started intro him as first team but he was 17 years old and his head mind make up by Arsenal come offered him as Arsenal was top 3 club by this time poison his head and off to them very very cheap and Aston Villa was very angry with Asrenal action and went to FA and FA Support Arsenal and give us very low maximum comprehension for this when he was worth like 1 - 5 millions in end they give us 250k as rules that we not Elite Youth compare to them even we were very good Youth set up and strong u18/u23.. - Arsenal was try save money to bid him big money if he sign for us 18 years old contact (Pro). Same problem we near experience as JPB and CC this season as least they stay with us rather do "Crowley". As they know best chance breakthrough is under compare top elite club which positive and big change compare. I think our Youth System is much strong position to attract and chance to play breakthrough first team, trained by best youth coach. But in Crowley era they was very strong team u18 and u23 that he left that our u18 and u23 become not good enough really as he was one of lead our u18/u23 might reason he think we not good enough for us. if CC or JPB left, even AR, Barry, Young so we have still very good player like B.Young and L.Barry, CC, JPB, AR able carry forward without them which Crowley is different time. Off the topic, I impressive with Callum O'hare I rate him highly and i want him take ACM take over and Play Grealish in left last 3 years and last year Summer he was offered new contact yet it is expired but he decide to play with Coventry which he know it is his breakthrough better and know it is his club and suit his style and decide against us and move to them i clap for him do it and he is key for them stay Coventry as his age was right time and knew it is time move on when Crowley not, eve Crowley is big potential that O'hare. Sad to see youth play rise youth superstar and fade to nothing. Hope our coach use Crowley to learn the mistake and Don't does what he does.
  10. Bailey, He is ahead him too, he were right to move there for this season with us and he should've move there first place before he sign for extended contract with Man Utd as they make his values up and fake promise will play regular for him - it is his mistake but understand the reason also it is Procreate move for Konsa as future star centre half which Smith "Knew" he is best potential over Barbet (I think was it is him or else? correct me if i am wrong...) (and Engels as main) for cheap replacement for Axel which is best buy (KONSA) for our Centre Half 2nd Mings, 3rd him (Would be nice if we were go for both of them Axel and Konsa, Mings, Hause all in first place) hopefully end of the season he move to us. more chance and more strong, better chance fight for euro so can rotating the squad easy - only if we in Europe completion. Hopefully he stay with us next season, in 1 or 2 season big clubs or BIG money to buy him come for him so we already got replacement ready-make for cheap.
  11. not his first senior debut he play last year - Crewe and very impressive display at Crewe. But first Senior Start Debut - Yes - That why i keep called him play over Davis Last Season. Glad see his impact today
  12. What I can I remembered Most of his time in Bournemouth is play IN LB role with occasional emergency cover CH roles. He join us as CH I guess cos his height and football skill is suit him over LB
  13. I glad see him play DM/CM defensive to develop this as I like someone who can drop become 3 backline (5 backline) make tactical change easy during games and push full back to forward overload wide to past defend and cross in or carried ball into box to free space to threat 523 or 3421, 343, 541, 5312 (sub Baliey if he tired) if get axel drop Into 3 centre half.or push in so Buendia can play advanced roles 4231, 4123, 433, 4411, 4312 (sub Bailey if he tried) Plenty of flexibility that why I fan CM who can play as CH.
  14. Yes, he is along Skipp which I want both of them to join us, and know will big future with them. Jacob Ramsey is getting better and improvements lots which are brilliant to see. I was want get skipp but both of them similar style Skipp bit more better in Defensively. Last season my friends and forum keep don't want him to play as he doesn't ready I always say he needs more games time to be a better player and encourage him to play more I thought he will be ready by next season or 2 seasons. I don't expect how fast improvement and bulk to help him a better player. Love his ball running carrier forward and passing accuracy and kill passing and track help, He is a potentially good man-mark but needs to improve ball tackle he seems very good box to box type. Save our money. But under a pressure not sure as Newcastle give him lots of space as they drop back and organise defend rather close him and deny space to passing might see him poor? Maybe I am wrong.
  15. Should be will more chance and Ings Because El Ghazi still not good at assist and key chance both via bring the ball into box or pass/cross into the box, compare to JPB (his stats in friendly much far ahead than El Ghazi) and Ollie Watkins in wide roles also OW more team player and if player open he will always passing which El Ghazi never do any thing I watch games yesterday, I notice Smith like a fast move in a wide area to push forward than switch controlled via possession. Watkins(/Traore)-Ings-Baliey(/Traore) with Buendia pinpoint pass. Or Cash and Young, Mings space to the runner. Will better than El Ghazi if their Defence contains into the box that switches possession to penetrate box, (good thing about new set-piece style) so they don't want risk to get throw-in or corner or free-kick to give us extra pressure them. Also if trap so force to play throw in and corner to get better chance to goal via set piece to give them think how stop us.
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