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  1. Thought it is put release clause purpose act as failsafe for we fail promotion to premiership last season. Once we promote it is cancelled and removed release clause; As originally jack wanted to also smith want stop lowest bid war so set up to stop hassle if he were still in championship if we relegated and it is become trigger once again 60 millions. If we still up and I think we should put 100 millions as minimum and let bid war. Worth to find out? I prefer he go Barcelona if Messi left or understudy before Messi retired he is ideal replacement. As can't see him in man utd or maybe man city regular - pep style I remember he say always Want to playing for 2 clubs it is Barcelona and Aston Villa. Let hopefully Barcelona say loan back 1 more season if Messi didn't left or once Messi retired and he move to there. Please any of you updated release clause as we under the fog about these.
  2. Mount and Grealish both is complete different type footballer; I think Mount actually very talent players that people rated him, this is my point of view be fair on Mount and Grealish both are player different style not fair to compare both player. I don't understand why people against Mount and laugh over other people opinion. Let me explain what i think of 2 players Mount and Grealish:- there a go (please bear with my english) Mount is more a Central Midfield (he can play as left inside forward) with he is play more balanced than grealish; Mount is more attack mind yet have good defend mind, he is attack midfield mould which reasonable people who use this to compare both I think Maddison and Grealish compare is more sense that Mount. only Grealish is ahead better than him it is dribble and draw to foul, and mount is par with him it is killer pass. Grealish capacity to penetrate opponent's defend against him he use his flair breakthrough which grealish best weapon and he use these traits to bring wins for us that why villa fan (us) love him and other clubs fan hate him and think he is overrated. Mount play it is limited as he is safe player also he is big club to player that reason Southgate would pick him over Grealish. for example if defend phase and Mount better odd to hold and win the games than Grealish. If we play Grealish same role in "Attack Phase" will better result for attack due his dribbling and draw foul, and killer pass but in "Defend Phase" he could cost us the game with silly mistake under pressure in our half box and poor man marking could wreck our chance to win or draw, hold the score that is what grealish weakness, be fair I don't see this weakness is bad news as grealish still learn and developed his games and focus his weakness will make him better footballer that what coach able help him improvement. But if we play him left inside forward as he did for us, he would bring better result than mount. Grealish would have problem breakthrough is he has England have Sanchos and Sterling ahead him, who i would replace one of them for Grealish for Start Line up? be frank I want to see Grealish and Maddison play same pitch and centre midfield with winks in defensive midfield, Grealish-Wink-Maddison or Grealish-Mount-Maddison this would be brilliant and threat consist the games it is will beautiful these 3 midfield like magic in attack phase yet "i got bad feel about this vibe" potential problem as "Lampard + Gerrard" That why i might worth think would better if we play them both different roles rather both in Centre midfield move to opponent style If opponent is who like sit Deep Defend area, I would play this 3 midfield and 3 front like we are strong and pose threat... Grealish - Abraham (kane - inj) - ???? Mount - Henderson (or Winks) - Maddison (or) Sancho - Abraham (kane - Inj) - Sterling Grealish - Mount | Winks - Maddison) Foden? Freeman? Bowen? Lolley? Greenwood? McNeill? Sessegnon? March? for right slot of 3? - who else is flair left foot england has?? I don't think Sterling will penetrate them with killer pass if they sit too deep when these can bring long shot and killer pass, good cross than sterling but he will bring goal more that Grealish with dart running into box and goal which other player likely fail to do... personally I would play Foden or Bowen even March - the problem with these is England would not pick for tactical reason, they normal go for big names and play for big club, higher level. that is what major problem with England so bin Lolley and Bowen, Foden, McNeill, Freeman, even we don't have left foot winger problem still same track way long time ago... if we have welsh left foot player for england will solve the problem (Giggs and Bales since 90's we would win world cup!) also if we want counter attack with good football ? Southgate would pick Sterling (Sancho) - Abraham (kane - Inj) - Sessesson (even Sancho first choice) Cork (or Henderson) - winks (or Rice) - Maddison (or Mount) something missing and who missing? oh it is no Grealish in this line up? that possible same reason other people wouldn't pick him, maybe 3rd choice after Mount and Maddison? in centre midfield, No offence.... even i want see Grealish play for England I prefer winks over rice and henderson; if you wonder why i pick Cork as he only one is more box to box would better balance for defend and attack, and i rate him very good player even he is not far elite status level if he is not pick i would pick longstaff or Chalobah even Matty James, John Lundstram for box to box midfield. if Kelvin Phillips playing premiership i would pick him for DM roles with Winks so it is more tactical optional to pick.
  3. ah suck, it is shame as i desperate to see skill and pace left foot inside forward (or left foot grealish type player) as we lack in this department as Jota not pace player yet skill in there which not suit our 4-3-3 but i wonder if we play him in 3-4-3 as would bring better result as he not good in 4-3-3? who else there can play left foot pace inside forward? I know Daniel Sturridge can play this roles as he did for liverpool as Sterling - Suarez-Sturridge it is will very good for 3-4-3 but 4-3-3 not sure as he is not track back to help out defend, even could bring wreck defend with his left foot and pace, but vision and passing is question that why liverpool rid him to Salah other reason to rid him it is a injury record.
  4. your are not mad, as it is your opinion as it is good see other people got different view and understand, perspective is good to shared. Nakamba is great player as i been point to his weakness - consistent form as some he is play in a game and did great and some other is worse, also other problem is generate to attack is problem if we play him yet one thing i agreed defensive sense Nakamba is very valuable over McGinn, if we want go attack so McGinn will better job with his long shot, running in box, vision to pass forward and better result that Nakamba could delivery us better result in hold the line with less creative force to supply to wide or forward.
  5. If Smith can do this each games with revision who opposition and what their weakness against formation so we can change each games to confuse them or bring more better result that i will more happy to support this scheme. which i was always want to see manager who can who is a good tactical master (adjust formation each per game to exploit weakness and give opposite guess what the formation that we will bring to game.) same time have good eyes selection player, play their strength and suit our style that is winning formula. one of two problem with 4-3-3 is right slot of 3 is big problem to creative, but maybe play Samatta on shoulder which help 4-3-3 attack solve problem and bring better result that Wesley as he like play too deep as that reason i point it to him and he is ideal for 3-4-3 to play wesley strength. two of two problem with 4-3-3 back 4 is good defender problem is Targett not good at defend but very good attack even good overlap, i think he still better in 3-4-3 as focus attack rather defend, so left back is big problem with this 4-3-3. Fred is good right back but he need more game to learn premiership that why he is on and off in defend solution but his overlap is lethal in this formation yet he did well in 3-4-3. back topic to Luiz I really hope he keep good form yet below elite standard as i really don't want man city think he is good enough for them and they come back for him in summer with cheap fee right to buy re-call to back man city as once work permit will final to get him play for Pepe Team as he often want him play for him but work permit. if we hold him until 2 or 3 right to buy recall fee will bit high that first year.
  6. I'm hopefully we go for 1x striker and 1 x left foot winger | Inside forward it is seem like we not in for Bowen as WBA in for him. if reject Hull is fight to hold him until summer we could back in for him in summer so it is such shame as i think we need him to play right slot of 3 (in 3-4-3 even 4-3-3) that what we need to sort until next summer what happen to PSV G.Peirera? as last time i heard he is go to England to sort transfer as bid is accept i wonder who he talk to? he is idea for step in left foot inside forward (Right slot of forward 3) if we failed get Bowen - (would love to have both of them as I don't see Jota in ideal for Right Slot anymore but maybe move him to Attack Centre midfield to back up Grealish if we play 4-2-3-1 again) once we sort these we can move to summer to revive the rebuild squad we can sort replace with Taylor with first choice maybe back up to Targett and Maybe Elmo as his age is likely affect him if long term play regular so i think he move to Qatar or MLS will ideal for him - (I know Elmo is our best crosser but he can play regular or stick one more season as bench and second flick team?) and One more Centre midfield to replace Drinkwater once loan finish & hope we sign Reina in end of summer once loan finish so it is would nice we have 4 very good goalkeeper - Heaton & Reina, Nyland, Sarkic. that is very good department of goalkeeper if we have these that we will full ready for next season.
  7. Nakamba he is did great job as well but his consistent form is question to me one games he struggle and other games great, if he keep this form until McGinn it is will hard for McGinn get in this squad, guess possible return to 4-3-3 for 3 of this midfield, I think 3-4-3 is very good for us, don't want this see change formation to 4-3-3 as 3-4-3 is winning formation Big Question - should we change to 4-3-3 for play 3 of these midfield in same squad, even we are good at formation 3-4-3 and we did not bad games result with our recently 4-3-3? ((off the topic - if we got better play right Inside forward in wide of 3 Grealish left slot and right slot is need sort once, we have Samatta in centre 3 will result better compare to wesley we have would result same as we did 3-4-3 ** be fair on Wesley I think Wesley is ideal for 3-4-3 not 4-3-3 it is nice to have 2 different striker who can bring maximum result in both formation)) No offensive to him, I think that Nakamba are excellent defensive midfield but his passing skill is poor, he ideal to pass to near team-mate it is could impact shape to set to attack as give them time to organise their defend against our attack, that reason I like see McGinn to pair with Luiz. Nakamba is ideal player like top 6 with regard formation in 3-4-3 or 4-3-3 that reason why I like see him play with extra security as he provide us last night.
  8. He is really did great without prone to error in last night game. I can't wait McGinn return from injury and when he due back? Feb ? March? I cant wait see what McGinn + Luiz in centre midfield, they would be great balanced left foot with right foot player in heart of midfield and would strike opposition with fear with due their ability skill in passing, tackle, long shot, vision, engine, determination to win this is prefect type for midfield to play.
  9. I don't like rashford as he is overrated in my opinion. That why I put Sancho ahead him other reason his pace and dribble, long shot better than rashford. If Bowen join premiership he could offer left foot solve problems as England don't got enough left foot inside forward in squad. rashford can bring goal and positional sense in box can see why people like him over Sancho as his attitude better than Sancho. I think maddison can take a turn to drop to cover when grealish drive ball to forward and to threat long shot if he draft to free area to recieving to shot or killer pass to other player even or once grealish bring down foul and maddison take direct free kick. both will more threat that why I like both same pitch together and it is will more goal threat. Question is both on pitch will experience same problem as Gerrard and lampard less effective as both same roles to forward with not cover each other meant less defence and holes to counter attack (Gerrard was can drop deep as he used but he won't) If it does so it is healthy to have good cover each other yet mount is other players is fight place. Centre half I was think same Maguire and mings is right balance too also be fair there other player is really good & close each other yet hard pick really as no one good partner as Sol and Rio that last time England good centre half partner. Maguire or Gomez, and other else not got leadership and command as mings that why Mings should starter even his record mistake as he will bring Maguire or else better player that why Maguire struggle as he used Evans or Morgan command next to him and make him look much better than he play in man utd that what Maguire problem is. I think grealish likely to not pick this euro until other 2 years and play for top 4, he will automatically call up if we in Europa League or champion league. Hope we win cup final if we go through to final. So he will stay with us.
  10. ----------------------Pickford----------------- Trent ------- xxxxx -------- xxxxx ------Chidwell ------Maddision---Hendo --- Grealish-------- -----Sancho----------Tammy-------Sterling----- *replace one of centre midfield with rice if against strong team* at moment centre-half in England is hard to pick which one as we need to find two good pair and understand each other in mutual and natural. Once Kane back from injury and take Tammy place
  11. after my rant post in Smith's thread I hope we stay up this season as point in the moment bottom 10 these teams (Clubs) are very close each other like 6-9 points between villa position from Bottom (20th to 11th) so we got plenty games to go and i believe to chance and wait and see what other club on transfer windows (bottom 10 so there maybe chance stay up if they buy players to fight stay up and we didn't sort that we are not good favour to stay up) Norwich, Bournemouth, Burnley, Newcastle, Brighton, Villa is possible go down if we not address our problem kiss good bye to premiership yet i believe we will survival this i am sure we will pick the rhythm in few next games and play 3-4-3 until McGinn's return I am suspect that Smith might switch to 4-3-3 with McGinn + DM + Drinkwater will better what we has before it is might risk I still think best stay 3-4-3 and McGinn in centre of 4 will massive improvement maybe good partner with Luiz as they can push and close down in up the field will bring best result and better chance to score lots, better defend - but chester and engels might too slow to drop deep best answer might bring konsa and hause once mcginn return will make as sense and wise move in 3-4-3 (hope Drinkwater better to be play well for rest of the season) so stop worry about this and stay in believe our clubs and will pull the mercy ! so I really hope that Smith change to this team against brighton (until Mcginn return) we back to 3-4-3 to we stay up as we does got chance if he won't change we might not stay up. Reina (hope he join regard see us play today) Engels Chester Mings Guilbert XXXXX Drinkwater | Luiz | Lansbury | Houriance (new CM please) XXXXX Marvellous | Luiz | Lansbury | Houriance (new CM Please) Targett El Ghazi | Trézéguet | (new Left Foot Inside Forward Please) New Striker if we not sign striker vs for brighton so play - Hogan | Archer | Youth Striker Grealish I really hope we have new Striker by Brighton for our sake! I don't meant to drop them on Konsa and Hause to swap to Engels and Chester because experience and style to block + clearing ball use experience to pass around play safe as they are safer playing beside mings and plus side Engels and Ming good understand each other and Chester is experience premiership and international (wales) will bring stable and solid defend and good header, height. (konsa is good header but need experience and better defend to lock and tight our defend) let Targett and Fred to creative chance and attack forward (also they can track back also they good defend (beside Targett if on his good day we need him for attack forward rather defend better chance than taylor) - if they out pace by opponent these 3 back line will better organise to defend compare to Hause and Konsa) Bench Konsa and Hause better than put taylor or elmo on bench as they can play centre half or Left | Right back our second issues is Centre midfield are problem and hard to pick as luiz and marvellous is bad form at moment and Lansbury no got legs and Houriance is missing most of games only pop up when set piece which not good, who can take their roles? Clark? Doyle-Hoyle? Need Sign 2 Centre midfield to stay up ? is our transfer budget to afford buy 2 midfield but we need left inside forward and striker to stay up after no pace left inside forward and no very good striker available to use? Pray other club is running bad result and good running result for us (villa) from now to end of the season that what we need to stay up.
  12. Disappointed with his selection today; Really treacherous selection and some hazard to drop for make way for Elmo and Drinkwater, Houriance - big mistake as they not ideal for against man city. Fred Guilbert and Trézéguet, Marvellous are ideal for this game, and they should to playing as starter today. Smith big changing is cause weak and not combat against man city. Guilbert will help push forward and give more wide to threat with his running rather sit and defend, and Elmo not great at defend compare to Fred, but his crossing and killer pass from deep are better that fred, which i can understand this, danger move by smith it is make man city more favour position to push us to deep and play their strength which lead all their goal which smith pay the price for try this way. Trézéguet will help push to forward use pace to closed down and bring ball to close to their goal it is will promit give man city to start build up deep to buy us to time to arrange, and will threat them. his head down and running blind alley to carry ball forward will give us chance to create opportunite, he did this and win us the penalty. Why this happen and smith allowed houriance to play and will cause slow and not quick to move forward that why man city is fit and fast, athletic to close us down easy. it is below my understandable and Smith not see this - it is common sense and know man city famous style for, even same way as barc and man city what pepe to do. Only I can understand reason he, Connor is played cos set piece how we can get set piece again, Dean should know how likely will happen that Grealish Isolate in forward when he ideal for deep role (centre midfield) to better space for dribbling and vision (and optional) to passing team-mate, keep ball or behind striker | inside forward when no else can play like him (maybe O'hare or Ramsey yet they are lack experience for man city etc but other club maybe like norwich etc) This was Dean's Fault he is should know this big time, as way he bring win was play deep so best let Archer or youth striker to chance until buy or loan reinforcement striker allowed Grealish and El Ghazi | Trézéguet play their strength. Marvellous + Luis is ideal for man city games if we want sit deep, Luis can play further to close them up the field and make impact threat - at moment Luis is poor games for us for several games and cost the games. Dean fault again to play Drinkwater when not ideal to debut (Brighton - yes but not man city) and Drinkwater screw the plan to stay draw or defend like leicester. So Smith screw this plan and rip the blueprint for lost and throw away to got point to survival and keep (Stay) in the premiership. Last one is he priority Drinkwater and Barry, Reina (soon) when we urgently need striker regard other position over these sign or it is Suso fault? would give us better odd to chance for win the games vs leicester and possible shock win over man city in final if we go thought to there. it is black mark to draw his head which make fan want get him sack. but my rant on him is over now as man city is history now.. roll to next game; brighton and i don't want him sack as he will learn the mistake and he change 433 to 343 which great move but change to 352 it is not work when 343 is work for us when Trézéguet come and we play as 343 and it is work! it is proof that he are capacity to change for win which not same old manager we has as i don't want change manager every 1 or 2 season give him 5 season and will see big result and improve over previously manager as it is wont work like this if we keep sack manager every 1 or 2 seasons yet good thing about this short term change manager will work like magic to stay up or not like shearer in newcastle..
  13. 3 biggest important sign in jan windows is - 1 x Striker (Lammers, Mitrovic, Even Benteke or any else who can take Wesley and do 10x better job) even would happy to see we do " Robbie Keane Deal "or" Bent - Poacher finisher type Deal right time runner and right place, and explosive pace, who can header and shot, even taps in" even i don't care forward who can't passing as we often killer pass and cross and no one, when all striker would finish but not Wesley! 2x and Left + Right Inside Forward (Bowen and Pedro) it is would cover forward or winger problem until summer 1 Less important yet will do need it for completion to health if Davis keep injury 1x Big Future star striker (yet ready to play as first team or happy sit on beach long Wesley and fight as first choice and wesley, to push wesley better player )and future star Left Foot Inside Forward one big and two small question for me to ask? Q) WHO is find Wesley and make call to get him, I Don't believe Smith did it as i suspect Suso make called and ask Smith go ahead, Smith look and like about 11 goals, even he original want Maupay maybe Suso don't see him as Smith did ? Q) in end Smith take a fall? or Smith make actually stupid deal him choice him over maupay even he know he will help Aston Villa better chance survival over, Q) why Gambler Smith take Wesley over Maupay is over my head. this reason we make this thread and talking about buy new striker is due "WESLEY" performance, would avoid this problem from beginner yet fee make this problem and worse to sort the price, we would big loss to sell him future or Wesley turn around with 2 season later?
  14. connor should be play in McGinn Indeed and we will better in attack solution and phase, and set piece even pen taker to rest Mcginn. why Smith drop him? and what he did wrong, as he drop cos against strong team and would bring back vs like sheffield would solve 1 of 2 problem. 2nd problem is Wesley! I can't say anymore as i keep negative about him. so today is Smith's fault Roll to next games (Hope 2 goals with before full time no chance but who know)
  15. Inside Forward (left foot) and who forward capacity of these Header and Long Shot Finisher, Intelligent movement, Pace. (URGENT!) go find now and bid, get contract and Debut match and starter XI on 1st of day of Transfer window open. this what we need ASAP these finish sort and we might need go find Creative Centre midfield - i would consider Bring O'hare and play him Grealish style role in Centre Midfield if Grealish stay as LAM. - if we got fund for this as 2 position need load money to spent money.
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