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  1. might cos spray disinfection to ball cause ball slippery that explain why look like have butter hand.
  2. I wish we has Ralf Rangnick, as I keep want him manager since Lambert Sack, I often insist go get him, for many many many years, we back premiership he is right man job for me, but I thought Smith can handle in end it is Recuirtment screw him up, I wish Recuirtment is better player ie said benrahma and Maupay, Henry indeed Wesley, Targett, trezeguet, even we go Bowen will solves our problem in winger. this video show why I liked him and rank him very high, he have plan A-B-C-D-E-F in one match to test out the weak and prone to test penetration the holes, that exploit this and fill the defend as cover same time space to chance to play good football with space high speed to counter attack or keep possession. ACM lots will winner if under they on board with RR, his reigns - I believe as he is tactical Genius and very good manager with few money to spent as he did in Red Bull and Schakes, will bring ACM to Best club once again. I think we should keep Smith even back to championship, he will turnabout to better as this season transfer windows is was WORST bad decide to buy who he didn't need, and wrong players. Sack him would too late to fix, we should accept keep him down or Even stay up. I try think it is hard who manager good as him and who accept move to us even we stay up or championship.
  3. possible your right, as i didn't know full information background at villa, just that what way i see. your likely right was we go in for 2 forward, i was thought it was Maupay and Abraham in end we have wesley he is very unknown. hope so wesley come be good for us in few year times as need time for play premiership but samatta possible take pole position as first choice striker so wesley can play behind samatta as ACM roles (shadow striker)
  4. Who else available goalkeeper can play sweeper and play out from the back? there not a lots really. I think he, Smith was original want Neil Etheridge - again same problem as Phillips and Maupay, Cardiff hold him for more money, in end so Villa move to who very good goalkeeper who "can" trained pass and first touch as it is more easy trained so Heaton is brought as he is 2/3rd choice after Pope as he want first choice and want play regular Burnley happy to let him go with fair reasonable price, and respect his wish. There a go Long post; what I Remember, who Smith was really want, and they take too long move or players want stay parent club (loan) Goalkeeper; Matt Etheridge (Cardiff) - they hold him to 12-15 millions, Even Etheridge want left to rejoin Smith, Smith want him join. Result: Go Heaton Indeed - Due price expensive due they hold the court, so Heaton is cheap and he is being very good performance for us and did well smith system, in time he will become very good goalkeeper for us until he got injury against his old club. Counter Result: we go buy Reina after his injury. Defender; - Centre - Mings (Bournemouth) - they hold him very high Ransom price when he is not regular and prefer him left back he is should around 10-15 millions in end we pay 20 millions plus for him, Smith like him as his loan was great success. Mings want come there, Fan want him come there, Smith want him come there, Christian want him come. Results: We "Force" to buy him with Ransom. Defender; - Centre - Axel (Man Utd) Axel decide to stay man utd to try first choice, and Ole persuade him to stay, in turn Axel should join us for reasonable price - 15 to 20 millions Result: Go buy Engels, as latest he is cheap to replace Axel as Axel wanted Stay Man Utd, so Engels is did brilliant for us until his injury and got not fair to drop after he back to injury. he is fit Smith system, in matter fact he is far better that Konsa and Hause, maybe mings his pass is very good and keep simple, but not good whiles he play back 3. Defender; - Centre - Konsa (Brentford) Sold him reasonable, Smith want him for back up Axel as he is big future centre half, he is good all-round yet not ready for Premiership and he will become very good when his peak come, Smith know him, Brentford happy sell him reasonable as he is not first choice. Smith know he can operate as Right Back if need (3rd choice RB) Result: Reasonable Price to buy him - Good price be fair on this Defender; - Centre Hause (Wolves) Smith reward him after good performance while on loan, and he is good left foot centre half, Smith see him 2nd choice after Mings and partner Konsa in cup as both is good potential so set both early so will become potential very good centre half pair after Axel and Mings. Smith know he can operate as Left Back if need (3rd Choice LB) Result: We got him after loan again very good reasonable as wolves not play him first choice so happy let him go for good price - or they accept cheap cos loan-to-buy fee. Defender; - Left - J.Justin & Rico Henry (Luton) J.Justin was set up move to Aston Villa but in end he want move to Liecester even play as 2nd choice, seem like he become ready replacement for Chidwell as he is future star, and Chidwell will left leicester for big club with big money move so Justin is prefect cheap and good replacement be fair on Leicester. (Brentford) Rico Henry we was in him, Smith know him and fit the system and Smith wanted him and find problem is his injury which out of 3-6 months so Smith and Christian was want find player who want play right now as we were got no left back. Result: - Panic buy Targett as he is potential good player but we don't got left back and it is right late buy, that why we accept him with ransom price as he is not first choice southampton, we got no choice force to go head. Defender; Right - ??? Possible F.Gulibert I Think he was Smith original plan playing for us last season, I think 2 clubs mutual agreement let him cheap if they play him french league until end of season, Smith happy with this deal as we got Hutton and Elmo. Result: move to us with reasonable price and he perform very good on his good day and got few bad day - due lack of experience which understandable when he speed up to used this level he will become very good player, i can see PSG will come for him in few years. I Think we will come in other right back to replacement Elmo also find first choice right back with Gulibert fight for first place XI. Centre Midfield - K.Phillips (Leeds) Smith was huge fan of him and Leeds want keep him, Phillips got hard choice, like it is their "Grealish to us" as he support Leeds, he wanted stay and yet he happy to move to help fund leeds as leeds still struggle to buy. Leeds want him for 25 millions which i think very reasonable as he is big potential and i think he is BEST English defensive midfield with good offensive skill in current and I would happy him play for England even he is Championship Smith want him as all cost, even i would get him regard the price. Result: we negotiate with them too long and we not got make move to good offer or we don't accept leeds deal 25 millions demands. In end as last day we panic to buy Marvellous with Cheap or they was go for Luiz for replacement Phillips? or both? I think it is wrong call to drop Phillips for Marvellous but Luiz is not bad players as we got buy back clause is very good profit if he did well so technical money save and worth to risk even Luiz is early day - i can see this logical move for Luiz but not Marvellous as he is unknown. Left Winger - Jota We bought him of birmingham with cheap deal, Smith play him as Centre Attack Midfield and Smith know he can play Right Winger - Inside forward - he was brilliant player but slow... yet problem was not know to us was hernia injury he play through with this and affect the performance take a time. it is Smith player. Result: brought him very reasonable yet very low price which could be best deal of season but in end nothing product only great understand with Gulibert but occassion he hold for himself when should pass to him overlap this Gulibert and Jota was Gulibert best play open right side to attack even he is very slow player. Right Winger - El Ghazi (Ajax) Smith reward him to move Aston Villa;he is Ideal for back up Left winger as Grealish would ideal for play Left Winger as first choice problem he is also choice centre attack midfield, we should go buy first choice. so El Ghazi is become first choice Left winger without back up (that hassan come in for) both is not good enough for premiership Result: we bought him for Reasonable price as Loan-to-Buy. Forward - Abraham (Chelsea) Smith want him, Pre-Lampard Chelsea was happy to sell him until Lampard come want him stay and play as first choice after he see him perform for us in championship, Smith would happy buy him as 20 millions as he is future English Striker, in matter he is best striker after Kane. Result: we move to other striker optional Forward - Maupay (Brentford) I been explained about him, I Think smith possible want him 2nd choice after Abraham that in turn he won't move to Villa, he is also is 2nd choice become first front-line striker as smith system. Result: We go Wesley 22 millions and he is not fit system I think he is panic buy after we try get hassle cheap for Maupay and in end refused so go Wesley as 3rd choice, and Wesley is poor player and not fit Smith system. Counter Result: Samatta come in for Wesley as Wesley injury - he is did well and better that wesley in fit smith system problem is we don't sort winger problem last jan window transfer - that reason Samatta not got much goal, he will come good than wesley. Samatta is more time scout and research that wesley. Our Winger optional is not great, that why we got lack creative in width, I wish we go bowen and good right foot winger who can finisher and feed forward.
  5. yeah I was huge expect Maupay move, Smith want him and Maupay want move, Smith happy with 20 millions as mutual support to Brentford. That somehow they (suso? christian?) refused buy Maupay that buy wesley which unknown more that Maupay and Wesley play for us and show not fit Smith system.
  6. yeah I was huge expect Maupay move, Smith want him and Maupay want move, Smith happy with 20 millions as mutual support to Brentford to aid them fund better as mutual respect to his former club so he also want Konsa as he is was big future for Centre half, He was wanted second choice for Right Centre half after Axel, again Axel decide to stay man utd, therefore Smith is lost 1st choice so he thought Konsa could job, I think Suso (and Smith as he go scout watch Engels) get Engels for replacement Axel be fair he is come brilliant partner with Mings that Smith mistake to drop him to play Hause and Konsa, Mings as 3 back when Engels injury which Hause and Konsa not ready for premiership in my opinions. I can see Hause and Konsa good partner as both made for each other as 2nd choice partner so easy swap and performance well - cup match is proves it is was right move until 3 back make both players is more worse that early cup partner which they was good form. That somehow they (suso? christian?) refused buy Maupay that buy wesley which unknown more that Maupay and Wesley play for us and show not fit Smith system, he is not only one... Phillips (smith keen want him as he is seem like BIG fans as he liked see what he player and performance when he against villa, and he know he is his system) problem were expensive so they refuse so they move to Marvellous which same mistake as Wesley, so Maupay for Wesley plus Phillips for Marvellous. That is what rise me suspect over this, Also Smith looking like he try not talk much about Maupay Solution, as he didn't give a clearly answer just say price is expensive and try get over it quick and move to other topic before he go on about this further, his body language seem like he is not happy with this as he seem like really want him play for smith again - All he is can say less to this. for me Suso should blame for this transfer deal as his job is D.O.F. not Smith transfer as Smith all is he say yes and no, if he say no but who Suso was other offered to him? Maybe Wesley is better optional through Video? Scout Report? So Smith might go ahead as we just lost to Abraham as he decide sign contract with Chelsea as Smith was expect him move to Aston Villa that second choice Maupay (they Suso and Christian might see he is not value return or somehow they say not to him) he don't idea who else he want after 2 strikers who was his player to fit his system. Smith seem like clueless when to buy who are unknown player to him, I notice that he like players who he see and against, and system style he will know better. Ie Phillips and Konsa, Maupay and Jota (Jota is his worse player his sign but get brilliant deal, I think Jota should play Centre - But Attack Roles rather box to box roles rather right winger - he is good right winger but problem is slow and premiership is too fast for him play in winger)
  7. I think these possible Scenario;- 3 of these cause this happen. Smith was original want Phillips and Heaton, Rico Henry, Konsa, Maupay. only get 2 of these to buy Konsa and Heaton. As Smith know these will fit to his system and his players will fit well. Suso refuse these cos these no re-values cos no profits as they want go european player type as potential big values return that all ie Marvellous and Luiz, Wesley, Hassan, Engels. Other part reason is club hold the court and rise price as they know they will buy them so they force to price out of their price range to get profit to buy better players for themselves as championship fund to buy players is diffcult and FFP is make they worst hard move to buy players. That make Suso refuse suggest these player, Smith need good fund transfer after stay up is better approach player to move there and Christian back Suso and Smith will to try this method to make more money if we stay up, as group work together. I was suspect that Targett was panic buy i think cos first choice J.Justin decide move to Leicester over us, second choice Rico injury for 3 - 6 months out (i think) and they force to buy Targett as he is potential good player in turn he is not ready, but make worst is his price head is high expectation on him. if we go get Phillips he will help us stay up better that luis and marvellous as he is ball winner and very good passer will help build from start to finish. Phillips and McGinn, Grealish in Centre will strong as top 10. Other reason we not good this season cos we not got enough winger, El Ghazi not good enough and Hassan is unknown. we should have go to Bowen and Reach, Lolley, and more players was list i cant remember all of these indeed they go for 2 right foot winger and unknow to english leagues. Drinkwater is worst decide for me, when there was better optional that him.
  8. I don't understand why some fan blame Gulibert? the reason? - he is gift goal 2nd... it is crazy to blame him? as he is man marked tall than him and header goal by Rodrigo? I blame for him for this goal? NO! I blame ref and linesman as this is will never happen goal if it is given right call, yet we should defend corner better; on my tactical analyze, we should put man far post defend Gulibert or Targett will good job in this roles rather zonal man marked (Rodrigo) that Smith and coach fault not Gulibert. Be fair he is pocket and man mark Sterling and turn him boil point to explosive and got booked for his temper on Gulibert, which he should sent off for his behaviour, he is my 3rd top List MOTM after Ties both Engels and Mings than Gulibert. Targett has load big "Defensive" mistake than Gulibert as he fail closed down him most of time that why Foden got free rein and threat all down our left side. Some fan forget about his defensive cos his attack is better compare to Gulibert? it is shortsighted ! Gulibert try attack right and overlap and no one pass to him, that why he quiet attack and his crossing normal hit and miss (most miss) he can devilery lethal cross as Targett on his good day as all he need practice cross past first man. on 1st goal is parity fault as El Ghazi don't help him out as Elmo help Gulibert to double man Sterling - Gulibert manage shut him before Elmo come aided to him if he slow Sterling and Elmo come help force Sterling pass to other player to organise defend better and tight for man city which failed penerate us, when they target our left side our defensive and orgainse is cock up by Targett, I am understand why people called Taylor to back to left back due defend reason but Targett is more important in offensive phase which our offensive phase under Taylor is far worse as it lack creative that reason we rely Targett to attack our left side as no left winger better than Grealish - matter fact we don't got premiership level even low level premiership winger that why we rely Grealish!! let me explain deep why Targett should blame more that Gulibert - Foden assist to first goal cos he got space to cross in and more time to kick, and more time to accuracy to kick as Targett was bit slow to closed him down as seem like he don't want step in and fail tackle or fail to have win ball and foden will more space and El ghazi was close to him before he running to space and he allowed him and jog to centre to cover when there already cover by other players, why he don't aid to support Targett. El Ghazi did it many time in past, that why i don't like him when our defensive phase but his offensive phase is most time good compare to Hassan, but Hassan is better track back and defensive phase that El Ghazi yet Hassan offensive phase is poor excute compare to El Ghazi. That reason El Ghazi and Targett is culprit in our left side when defensive phase! Smith is did great job but small part which he could better, but 2-1 is decent result be fair on him and he is still right man job but his transfer is unprosperous beside Heaton and Reina, Samatta, Mings, Engels - but I suspect it is not his actually work it is Suso. only one i am not happy with smith was sub samatta when i think should try Davis and him play 2 to long ball to release our under pressure and give midfield to move up field to pressure them from up to down again to make man city force them to build up to down. our midfield not good enough... hurry up Mcginn to partner with luis and Grealish free roles in 4-5-1 (4-3-3)
  9. Thought it is put release clause purpose act as failsafe for we fail promotion to premiership last season. Once we promote it is cancelled and removed release clause; As originally jack wanted to also smith want stop lowest bid war so set up to stop hassle if he were still in championship if we relegated and it is become trigger once again 60 millions. If we still up and I think we should put 100 millions as minimum and let bid war. Worth to find out? I prefer he go Barcelona if Messi left or understudy before Messi retired he is ideal replacement. As can't see him in man utd or maybe man city regular - pep style I remember he say always Want to playing for 2 clubs it is Barcelona and Aston Villa. Let hopefully Barcelona say loan back 1 more season if Messi didn't left or once Messi retired and he move to there. Please any of you updated release clause as we under the fog about these.
  10. Mount and Grealish both is complete different type footballer; I think Mount actually very talent players that people rated him, this is my point of view be fair on Mount and Grealish both are player different style not fair to compare both player. I don't understand why people against Mount and laugh over other people opinion. Let me explain what i think of 2 players Mount and Grealish:- there a go (please bear with my english) Mount is more a Central Midfield (he can play as left inside forward) with he is play more balanced than grealish; Mount is more attack mind yet have good defend mind, he is attack midfield mould which reasonable people who use this to compare both I think Maddison and Grealish compare is more sense that Mount. only Grealish is ahead better than him it is dribble and draw to foul, and mount is par with him it is killer pass. Grealish capacity to penetrate opponent's defend against him he use his flair breakthrough which grealish best weapon and he use these traits to bring wins for us that why villa fan (us) love him and other clubs fan hate him and think he is overrated. Mount play it is limited as he is safe player also he is big club to player that reason Southgate would pick him over Grealish. for example if defend phase and Mount better odd to hold and win the games than Grealish. If we play Grealish same role in "Attack Phase" will better result for attack due his dribbling and draw foul, and killer pass but in "Defend Phase" he could cost us the game with silly mistake under pressure in our half box and poor man marking could wreck our chance to win or draw, hold the score that is what grealish weakness, be fair I don't see this weakness is bad news as grealish still learn and developed his games and focus his weakness will make him better footballer that what coach able help him improvement. But if we play him left inside forward as he did for us, he would bring better result than mount. Grealish would have problem breakthrough is he has England have Sanchos and Sterling ahead him, who i would replace one of them for Grealish for Start Line up? be frank I want to see Grealish and Maddison play same pitch and centre midfield with winks in defensive midfield, Grealish-Wink-Maddison or Grealish-Mount-Maddison this would be brilliant and threat consist the games it is will beautiful these 3 midfield like magic in attack phase yet "i got bad feel about this vibe" potential problem as "Lampard + Gerrard" That why i might worth think would better if we play them both different roles rather both in Centre midfield move to opponent style If opponent is who like sit Deep Defend area, I would play this 3 midfield and 3 front like we are strong and pose threat... Grealish - Abraham (kane - inj) - ???? Mount - Henderson (or Winks) - Maddison (or) Sancho - Abraham (kane - Inj) - Sterling Grealish - Mount | Winks - Maddison) Foden? Freeman? Bowen? Lolley? Greenwood? McNeill? Sessegnon? March? for right slot of 3? - who else is flair left foot england has?? I don't think Sterling will penetrate them with killer pass if they sit too deep when these can bring long shot and killer pass, good cross than sterling but he will bring goal more that Grealish with dart running into box and goal which other player likely fail to do... personally I would play Foden or Bowen even March - the problem with these is England would not pick for tactical reason, they normal go for big names and play for big club, higher level. that is what major problem with England so bin Lolley and Bowen, Foden, McNeill, Freeman, even we don't have left foot winger problem still same track way long time ago... if we have welsh left foot player for england will solve the problem (Giggs and Bales since 90's we would win world cup!) also if we want counter attack with good football ? Southgate would pick Sterling (Sancho) - Abraham (kane - Inj) - Sessesson (even Sancho first choice) Cork (or Henderson) - winks (or Rice) - Maddison (or Mount) something missing and who missing? oh it is no Grealish in this line up? that possible same reason other people wouldn't pick him, maybe 3rd choice after Mount and Maddison? in centre midfield, No offence.... even i want see Grealish play for England I prefer winks over rice and henderson; if you wonder why i pick Cork as he only one is more box to box would better balance for defend and attack, and i rate him very good player even he is not far elite status level if he is not pick i would pick longstaff or Chalobah even Matty James, John Lundstram for box to box midfield. if Kelvin Phillips playing premiership i would pick him for DM roles with Winks so it is more tactical optional to pick.
  11. ah suck, it is shame as i desperate to see skill and pace left foot inside forward (or left foot grealish type player) as we lack in this department as Jota not pace player yet skill in there which not suit our 4-3-3 but i wonder if we play him in 3-4-3 as would bring better result as he not good in 4-3-3? who else there can play left foot pace inside forward? I know Daniel Sturridge can play this roles as he did for liverpool as Sterling - Suarez-Sturridge it is will very good for 3-4-3 but 4-3-3 not sure as he is not track back to help out defend, even could bring wreck defend with his left foot and pace, but vision and passing is question that why liverpool rid him to Salah other reason to rid him it is a injury record.
  12. your are not mad, as it is your opinion as it is good see other people got different view and understand, perspective is good to shared. Nakamba is great player as i been point to his weakness - consistent form as some he is play in a game and did great and some other is worse, also other problem is generate to attack is problem if we play him yet one thing i agreed defensive sense Nakamba is very valuable over McGinn, if we want go attack so McGinn will better job with his long shot, running in box, vision to pass forward and better result that Nakamba could delivery us better result in hold the line with less creative force to supply to wide or forward.
  13. If Smith can do this each games with revision who opposition and what their weakness against formation so we can change each games to confuse them or bring more better result that i will more happy to support this scheme. which i was always want to see manager who can who is a good tactical master (adjust formation each per game to exploit weakness and give opposite guess what the formation that we will bring to game.) same time have good eyes selection player, play their strength and suit our style that is winning formula. one of two problem with 4-3-3 is right slot of 3 is big problem to creative, but maybe play Samatta on shoulder which help 4-3-3 attack solve problem and bring better result that Wesley as he like play too deep as that reason i point it to him and he is ideal for 3-4-3 to play wesley strength. two of two problem with 4-3-3 back 4 is good defender problem is Targett not good at defend but very good attack even good overlap, i think he still better in 3-4-3 as focus attack rather defend, so left back is big problem with this 4-3-3. Fred is good right back but he need more game to learn premiership that why he is on and off in defend solution but his overlap is lethal in this formation yet he did well in 3-4-3. back topic to Luiz I really hope he keep good form yet below elite standard as i really don't want man city think he is good enough for them and they come back for him in summer with cheap fee right to buy re-call to back man city as once work permit will final to get him play for Pepe Team as he often want him play for him but work permit. if we hold him until 2 or 3 right to buy recall fee will bit high that first year.
  14. I'm hopefully we go for 1x striker and 1 x left foot winger | Inside forward it is seem like we not in for Bowen as WBA in for him. if reject Hull is fight to hold him until summer we could back in for him in summer so it is such shame as i think we need him to play right slot of 3 (in 3-4-3 even 4-3-3) that what we need to sort until next summer what happen to PSV G.Peirera? as last time i heard he is go to England to sort transfer as bid is accept i wonder who he talk to? he is idea for step in left foot inside forward (Right slot of forward 3) if we failed get Bowen - (would love to have both of them as I don't see Jota in ideal for Right Slot anymore but maybe move him to Attack Centre midfield to back up Grealish if we play 4-2-3-1 again) once we sort these we can move to summer to revive the rebuild squad we can sort replace with Taylor with first choice maybe back up to Targett and Maybe Elmo as his age is likely affect him if long term play regular so i think he move to Qatar or MLS will ideal for him - (I know Elmo is our best crosser but he can play regular or stick one more season as bench and second flick team?) and One more Centre midfield to replace Drinkwater once loan finish & hope we sign Reina in end of summer once loan finish so it is would nice we have 4 very good goalkeeper - Heaton & Reina, Nyland, Sarkic. that is very good department of goalkeeper if we have these that we will full ready for next season.
  15. Nakamba he is did great job as well but his consistent form is question to me one games he struggle and other games great, if he keep this form until McGinn it is will hard for McGinn get in this squad, guess possible return to 4-3-3 for 3 of this midfield, I think 3-4-3 is very good for us, don't want this see change formation to 4-3-3 as 3-4-3 is winning formation Big Question - should we change to 4-3-3 for play 3 of these midfield in same squad, even we are good at formation 3-4-3 and we did not bad games result with our recently 4-3-3? ((off the topic - if we got better play right Inside forward in wide of 3 Grealish left slot and right slot is need sort once, we have Samatta in centre 3 will result better compare to wesley we have would result same as we did 3-4-3 ** be fair on Wesley I think Wesley is ideal for 3-4-3 not 4-3-3 it is nice to have 2 different striker who can bring maximum result in both formation)) No offensive to him, I think that Nakamba are excellent defensive midfield but his passing skill is poor, he ideal to pass to near team-mate it is could impact shape to set to attack as give them time to organise their defend against our attack, that reason I like see McGinn to pair with Luiz. Nakamba is ideal player like top 6 with regard formation in 3-4-3 or 4-3-3 that reason why I like see him play with extra security as he provide us last night.
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