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  1. that what i often told about him play ball to feet and he will bang I not wrong about him but every time cross potential to score if good striker (who clever and good header finisher) will bang more chance more that wesley has.. that why I want new striker who good finisher foot as wesley (minus pen) and good header as benteke, and good hold ball as carew that what we need look for. that reason, i were wanted see other striker over him, yet great see wesley score two yet there load key chance cross to box brilliant cross by Targett only issues for me he not make dart running or move right position to threat, he just stood and watch ball flow near his head useless it is toward to his feet low cross he will running to this to finisher with beautiful angle to put in... it is make me ponder about whipping cross to him is pointless.. come on Villa and play same first half, don't sit back and keep attack as don't want same mistake as asrenal and spurs.
  2. when he was knock out, and we were in good attacking position could get more chance goal, and ref order us to give away to throw in - due head injuryed. that restart ref order villa to give goal kick. it is not right thing to do, we could restart in advanced area could to bond to happen to goal.
  3. when he was knock out, and we were in good attacking position could get more chance goal, and ref order us to give away to throw in - due head injury. that restart ref order to give burnley goalkeeper to restart when should be throw in our side.
  4. I'm fed up to play him week by week when I always say get Davis in for him until he build his confidence and offer threat, and better running to ball when cross for head level, about 4 chance crossing he and he is not in threat area to chance header in.. he back off or mis-timed, or refused to running he rather play to his feet when i often point it out.. we need stop cross to head to him so direct to his feet and magic will go on.. but he often too deep when he got free space but we need him to running riots in box 25 yards but he often wait for ball to his feet rather running dart to space as he did Everton. I been describe about his playing style many many time and i feel repeat to post this again again again ... in Wesley thread and we need striker in jan thread.. PLEASE PLAY DAVIS FOR SAKE! so we can sub Wesley to put on in 60 to 70 mins.. to learn or fight for start rather sit and bench, watch the games.. or alter plan it is we might have to play 2 forward - Wesley and Davis or Kodjia...even pair Kodjia and Davis rather Wesley on pitch problem will create is.. lack creative beside from Full back cross will work but we need McGinn and Jack Grealish both cant offer 2 man in middle as both will effective if 3 man in centre midfield
  5. when I see his name's come up on start line-up my reaction to this... is... * Pro - Great call and that what we need add creative and better aerial in back-line good offer service to forward, good possession footballer.. * Con - Bad call as I Know he will get injury soon as he play vs Brighton and today is will put his legs bit too much pressure as he just back from injuring - Hamsting and ACL is one need long and extra time to recovery and training, work-out strength to this area before jump week by week it is can affect recovery.. in game - he is far better than Taylor when he off i knew we are screw up.. because we were better defend with good header and good tackle, good read games until Taylor on it is un-done what we good at it.. in fair it is hard to decide play him or not.. for me i think he should play 1 per week vs strong team and rest if we got game in mid of week,build up his strength and recovery his hamstring we have to play Hause in LB whiles he rest once he full roar and fit for 2 games of weeks.....I rather Hause over Taylor. so Bench we should Hause rather Elmo or Konsa.
  6. Good goal, Wesley. but same poor performance in general. That what i been often say these, Wesley always drop deep when our attack go on.. and he sit forward and stay there and thing happen - quick attack jack create and goal. That why I keep say Get him stay further up and will goal cross to low feet! like last night i point these to his weak and strength. He is still not good enough, if we got proper striker and arsenal will sit back with 10 men as worried threat from proper striker. Wesley on Arsenal can command in push forward as Wesley deep so give more time to man mark and reaction to his threat. Roll to next games - his big chance vs burnley but they have very good centre half but weak strength but good defender reader the games so Wesley will locked yet hopefully McGinn or Grealish give goal.
  7. @useless Gosh if we did bent solutions and we spent 40 millions save up and all these money that bin **** that but save up might worth risk to gear smith second phase to make strong team and consistent, stability so win win situation but only if we got balls to do bent all over.. eithier worse Hogan or McCormack solutions and we go down If we got 40 millions striker young players with can perform best all the games and save up and top 6 for next 3 season so I will happy with these might worth risk and sell some money back even might profit so that is ideally. But loan with right to buy is better option, don't want mings all over again so I occur this.
  8. Agreed as look at Bent we buy him expensive sign in Jan and he save us stay up but in end waste money and no profit 18 millions go bins only 1 half season he is did great maybe 2 season if I count first 2 season, he good at it and rest of his career not good enough.. Don't want go throught these again ... That is wise move I agree with this strategy but only problem is ... Benteke wage is crazy and they will throw crazy price for him move out.. would love him back he is my favourite forward last 5 years. Personally we should go Bowen to buy or other players too so if fail Bowen will help get up next season, or we stay up premiership with his help and benteke loan will make sense move for us and pay his crazy wage and hope lower sell to me to help crystal palace cut money to add transfer use his wage 100-125k per week to end of season around estimate 3 millions add transfer for them to buy players. Gales? No thanks but he could be our Robbie Keane - performance Jan to end of season. Wise move as 2020 euro is come up and someone no playing as first team with Great player in past and want back in for international so fuel Thier desired to play to prove nation to call him up or same as forward who sit bench Want player regular would make force to move with loan to buy options so win for us and club to get profit and less wage bills and chance to buy money in summer rather waste never player no increase money fee will down if they don't call international for fringe or bench players. As someone point to benteke he would feel want this chances as he great form under villa shirt.
  9. Yes, New Forward is needed by started of January 1st. If we were go for Maupay the problem will solves I think Smith was want him first place and Jesus might one suggest Wesley and better value for future, in end mistake sign in my option, Original i want Maupay and other forward, actually i was don't want Abraham as i don't think he will up to standard and he play brilliant for chelsea and prove me that i am wrong about him... but he is been ineffective for us in our last 5 games (might the reason JADED to make him poorly player? ) Actually problem about our forward Wesley - as I been point these in his thread. there 3 (maybe 4) things cause - Wesley don't score or chance to covert goal. Positional Awareness - He is drop too deep, I think he should try "Shoulder on line" rather drop too deep often - I would understanding if Defend Phase, but he did it during Transaction Phase, this reason our creative often quick move to attack position and in turn Wesley is out of position to finisher so that why he don't got time to running right position cost our chance. he is keep in postional sense and off the ball, is poorly which hard to pass to him in forward area, make lack opening for our creative force, that why he lack in Half-Chance or Key Chance positional.. might i am wrong about this. Potential of his is very good Team work forward which will great for us, but we need goal, that problem he don't provide that goal to help stay up premiership, maybe good enough to stay up, but last 5 games he don't helpfully - beside Everton's Game which he brilliant running in right area and right time, why not show rest of 5 games only one - Everton - might his understand with jota is great and depend Jota form to make his chance better. His Header ability is poorly which i often point to this and need more training on this, also running dynamic to header rather static to header that why opposite defender find easy defend against him in aerial... which not his fault that is not his playing style - so try Low Crossing or through pass so it is will solve his problem Potential if he do the crash course on this area and use weakness to strength with other area so we have winning and very good forward in at moment he is not good unfortunate. West ham which if full wall like brick to stop through pass and long shot, header | High Cross easy defend but it is have weakness - fast and counter attack, low cross | lay to goal space player to exploit. This reason he is failed to create threat against west ham cos he drop too deep and give they organise to defend easy to give them more time.. that why it is work for him against Everton. We don't play his strength and match his speed in transaction to attack, but in Everton, we play his strength give him ball and he move area he want, that we got give him space to creative for his dart running to ball to feet which is his strength rather crossing (header level) and we win counter attack and he was shoulder on line as we win balling fast that expect, if we don't win ball fast that why he started draft to deep to help defend, that why we don't match his speed to forward that why they easy find us defend like slow and static fly get Swat easy. I Think this is might 4th reason, our attack come from right, Wesley is did well to reaction this, and in our attack left, Wesley poor reaction it might lack to create chance for him so play Targett might help better attack and overlap to him to free to running area with less double team on him, and isolate him ? due Guilbert and Jota, to help him to find space in our attack right? and Targett crosser better that Taylor might benefit for him. Is Davis answer half of Wesley - Shoulder on line and great support to around him, good header, good shot on him yet problem with him is bit slow - Better than Wesley, yet other problem with Davis - he is injury prone, and Don't enough to Threat in Box in premiership level, also he is don't good at get deep to carry forward, also he is often opening chance and he is didn't got enough to goal and he is prefer lay to around him, hope that crewe's games which he score and give him chance, we didn't give him chance after wesley perform poor, which we should give him starter vs Arsenal and Burnley if he failed both so revert to Wesley to starter it is worth to try. Is Kodjia answer Half of Wesley - He good at carry ball to forward, but injury prone as well, and he is lazy don't help this team-mate as Wesley and Davis. Also he is not Team Player if he got ball and option is lay to team-mate with very opening to chance to goal or ... he got tiny chance to goal with defend to cover goal and goalkeeper cover goal too.. which option you kodjia will pick? answer is blast to goal with no chance to goal and moan to himself, even see his team-mate and didn't chance to give him it is tell about himself even I often thinking he is very talent forward I wish he is better that this. wish we mix both up into good even maybe bad cocktails of Kodjia and Davis into one to save money and problem forward. Archer - He is caught my eyes and make me want watch him more games for senior, as his potential is way ahead for his age... I know it is Crewe and short time but around first team he is very good for novices players, I would love see him play on pitch as sub maybe push to starter i know he is likely not ready to play as first over but would like see him come on from sub rather Davis or Kodjia to promoting developed him rather go find buy him. that reason January windows is need buy 1 or 2 winger and 1 forward will help our score forward problem. I wanted to see we go for Left Foot Right winger - 3 English base club - Lolley and bowen, Eliasson, 3 foreign team with gem players - Pelayo Morilla, Robert Skov, Louis Schaub, - Use be played in English club and foreign team gem players, Berghuis Note: I wish they sign Fabio Martins or Benrahma - (I reckon we go in for him again in Jan if El Ghazi and Hassan don't preform well.) both over Hassan first place for our Right Foot in Left Winger. and Forward - it is hard to find and think one of several to pick one. maybe worth to risk try this - Jack Marriott, Sam Gallagher, Aleksandar Mitrovic I think Mitrovic - is likely answer to our forward problem
  10. I think he is might down my worse and Worst Striker and waste money in my point of view even i can see glimpse of his potential (Everton and some part of match) but all he need more games which we cant afford at moment if we need stay up in premiership.. this problem. i know he is 20/21/22 he is young as it is about 4 years to chance better Even I Would give Davis starter even with Archer to bench, with Wesley bench as well ahead to see Archer if he can performance well that it is better that Kodjia or Wesley play undroppable, it is fresture me. if we buy experience short term (2-3 years) striker with other good striker as well (2 strikers and 2 winger in Jan will solve our the problem) it is might good idea loan him to other club in championship Jan to July "learning" course of English Defence style defence. that why i think Brentford we offer them as loan in exchange pay cash for Benrahma. this is might benefit for them and us, include Wesley.... what you think about this ?? it is will helpfully speed up his development. only way is... he need stop play deep and stay forward, and learn right time running for header, and focus on header in extra time training ask Grealish and Jota, Freddie, Targett to cross him and he and Davis keep running and header practice all time might help his weakness area,...
  11. I think we should let him go in Jan or Summer, his replacement is Benrahma which will better for us with Hassan to Challenge Him, and El Ghazi not place for him or 3rd back up winger, which will waste his talent that why Loan or Sold him is logical once we get Benrahma and Bowen | Lolley in Other Side. His behaviour is Unacceptable so Fine him and put him back bench until he sort his attuide and track back to help full back, and play more teamwork that give him chance..And Play Hassan next games with Jota other side. Problem is we don't got winger spare, that is what problem our squad at moment.
  12. He is get my favourite Right Back, which last time last time i liked Right Back it is while ago it was Luke Young, (also Lowton - even he is potenial great right back if we more games need to playing but we didn't give him chance) and his tackle & Attitude is remind me Mark Delaney! which is good thing which we got crap both side full back since Young in Right Back and Bouma left is worse long time ago, in our full back that only i can remember full 4 back is strong.. so 3 of 4 Strong back, Hopefully Targett back soon so it is likely make our Solid and strong, Sercue backline finally since Bouma-Laursen-Mellberg-Delaney even Laursen was often injury. Great Performance, Freddie.
  13. Grealish... What I can say about him.. I think he did well "No.8 Roles" he is good at this be fair on him and some fan don't like what he did, even i understand why Smith play him to better create from deep and keep ball this reason Grealish play this area... but I notice one thing he is not use his talent to strenght in 2 areas which he was very effective in championship beside his great killer pass and good eyes to pass, draw to foul. 2 things he is very good use these and he is bit afraid to do this * Long Shot, he not try often this when he is do bang to try see if goal or not. he is hold this back and give McGinn do this job but i think he and McGinn should Shot anytime see opening and try hit and Wesley will running to Rebound and goal. * Dribbling to great open space he is do this in deep but question why he not do this in Thier box it is would bring Pen chance or pass to player like he is did Cystal Place, why he not try this again, what he is afraid or he under order don't do this to don't want ref booked him for fake diving when he not often do like Noble did yesterday which he is should sent off. (would down to 8 men) why he stop do these ? that why Grealish not play well in premiership as he did in championship. but personally I always him to try again in left winger so he got passion to track back and bring ball to forward, will well with Targett Overlap, to more threat in left as we did in right, Jota and Freddie even swap winger occassion * Start Left and do cut in with overlap with Overlap to drag defence to width to open centre to dart throught with Grealish, even Jota skill dribbling close control to chance to goal and create, cross in by cut in, killer pass. when ball in other side move to Zone 10 so give 2 threat in deep and dart into box if he read that Jota attempt cross in End Post area, will better result over our 3 avalible winger. Swap to Right running to Byline and drag to pass Full back cross to box, to give time other side winger to running threat extra in End Post, like Albrighton and Downing with L.Young | Lowton in Right Back and I Cant remember Left Back, Amari, or Cissisho (he is not that great) else did to us in past. even dribble by byline will more option to pass to finish off by wesley and other players will logical move by these. even plenty option include these if Grealish move in left winger * Lansbury in No.10 will solve the problem or No.8 both suitable his area. (433 or 4231) * Jota In No.10 will add threat for Hassan or El Ghazi in play other winger, (we actually need Bowen or Lolley that why i keep moan want them move to Villa) * Bring Houricane in this roles for extra set-piece threat (433) * 3 back Luis and Marvelous as 2 DM with one of them burst forward to support, with McGinn Late Running into box, and Long Shot threat. (4231 or 4213) Or, 4-2-3-1 will better him even "No.10" he need push forward and advanced area to receive to quick attack from there will result highly effective and chance to goal, to penerate them quick, rather deep to bring ball to forward it is can effective in occasion but quick and precision is a vital important in games. this reason we so slow to execute to move in advanced area to chance to goal.. but this problem West Ham got already wall back to defend killer pass and easy defend against cross as too many back that why we failed to goal yesterday, credit to West Ham Game Strategic, it is work well for them. IF we play same team but only altering is.. two (three) change is Targett for Taylor and Wesley for New Forward, Try play Davis for now until jan, Play Hassan and Jota until Jan to buy Bowen (or Lolley) and Benrahma (Both of them) will better option.
  14. this quote i copy and paste from birmingham mail - live. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-press-conference-qa-16845905 (scroll down to 17.54) I confused with this quote.. is it meant VAR agreed with Kevin Friends' Decision? What The...F..going on with this??? VAR should say No foul and No Diving but goal should stand.....
  15. Agreed that targett actually well before he off injury's as I watch Crewe and targett is did good job and he show he can defend in aerial, and good control, pass well, go overlap right time only slightly problem about him in this games sometime overlap mistime running and got hit counter attack, yet he able back line to cover hause when he cover for him which good defence job, and occasionally, he pull easy out of position by Crewe winger, as bit lack support from winger But I would play him over Taylor cos his ability attack like gulibert did right lane and he can defend aerial which Taylor poor at this which value to defend from set piece and cross, long ball which Taylor often let ball over his head due don't have ability defend and header win. No offence Taylor he is brilliant form last 3 games, very good defence again back but attack still need practice hopefully he improve this area so we will good left back deptment which I will happy.
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