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  1. Danny_Villaman84

    James Chester

    today i think the sub:- elphick should stayed and chester should sub, we should nurse him to full health. his attuide is truly captain but not strong vocal and command captain therefore i think elphick better captain than chester in my view. Chester is good footballer but his defend ability is get worse and more worse when play bruce shouldn't sold baker as he and baker was best balanced before bruce decision get terry in, i think baker and chester should partner for 3 years if we not sold him, we will better defence than currently. I think we should risk to play elphick and hause - i know he is poor today, he is need more games to play better as axel was same boat as him first few games and he grow better... (or play Raven indeed him) for next 3 games to give chester to rest, and come back strong from chester as he was carry knock injured for us to play regular due lack resources of center half..
  2. Danny_Villaman84

    January transfer (we need a whole new team) window 2019

    Actually i'm joke about Richards but other not
  3. Danny_Villaman84

    January transfer (we need a whole new team) window 2019

    Reason; i alway edge like go find other clubs ie Lolley and Reach, Muapay etc over our youth even I alway want see our youth to play first team more as it is felt "PROUD" one of our product. Problem is:- I will keep it short and brief. Players generally; whose is over 20's alway want first team regular which we cant offered all players, that reason we alway release too early.. Players play u-23 will learned nothing mental vs man games after them step into first team good example: O'hare he is immense greater talent problem he step in and he start well and become fade reason felt hit of mental barrier as man games is big different in physical level compare U18 and U23 Buy other club player is mental ready-made and proven in level, which we need shortcut to back premiership and potential can play in premiership if right type and skills, right mental for higher level which u18 and u23 offering NOTHING at the instant and they will mental destory and confience destory, manager quick discard him which i don't like see players like this.. not good to see player into black holes and hard to find back once they were better player as before, become flopped. Buy lower leagues will cheaper yet it is affordable to lose him in low fee rather big... problem it is good for long term if we get their youth player and short term if player is older and ready-made is might risk for Championship and premiership like Vardy for example is pure lucky find him and play this level. This reason: I would like see "Reversed Team" back rather U23 and Change U18 to U20 Indeed as they will learn better 16 years old vs 20 years old better than 16 years old vs 18 years old which not developed much, once we spot they got good potential, keep and move them into reversed team and sent them loan when they are 20's to 23's years old once know they not good enough so sell or release them will solve problem. if player with huge talent like O'hare or Grealish (or now ramsey and Hayes-Doyle, two Clarkes, Raven ) when in his youth.. we should sent them loan with team (club) with same football playing style | Tactical as villa in low level club when they reach 18 years old so we can evalution them is them ready for our first team before they reach 20's th this would help us to stop buy outside our club and play our product indeed.
  4. Danny_Villaman84

    January transfer (we need a whole new team) window 2019

    maupay, he is great player but if we need him, we need sell Hogan and Kodjia to fund to pay him also we got abraham and davis which suitable our system which Kodjia not good as he is greeds players, if offer is there, might good idea sent Hogan or Kodjia in other way and get might 10-14 millions on him. we don't upset lose kodjia or hogan. He is prefer lonely striker for us, with our creative force and his creative, unselfless players will benefit for our midfields to score more and better chance to keep ball and goals when opportunity is open to exploit. if reach and lolley so both will bag more goals in long range or tap in box.
  5. Danny_Villaman84

    January transfer (we need a whole new team) window 2019

    I prefer Lolley over Reach, yet I would take Reach if he is cheap option in this moment. Try offer Elmo and 7 millions, would be decently price.. or *I would prefer this route* go Lolley for 12 - 15 millions in end of the season if FFP issues. (as we no need winger at moment, if grab him this windows will solve,wise move so less worries about premiership go in him might become wage wars between other club meant likely pay crazy price wage) also he is villa fan so he will play wholes his passion, he is more left foot in right winger cut in, which i been moan need it. What happen to Left Back Link especial K.Henry? is it gones quiet because Hausa as he can operate as play left back in optional, is Smith wait in summer when better option? Hope Bruce come in for Elmo and Whelan, Jedinak, Richards
  6. Danny_Villaman84

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea FAC

    we get worse and worse, we did well first 15 mins and at the moment last 10 mins we is get not great. :S hope we find gear up asap or we likely get worse.
  7. Danny_Villaman84

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea FAC

    i think we did quiet okay this half, just need stop give ball away, would like see Bikar in for Whelan as we slow to build up to get opponent half, yet whelan is good protection our midfield as swansea seem creative throught middle, i wish we got quicker DM like gueye. Albert is he got bad day as he keep give ball away load, yet it is still early games. mcginn seem like wear out :S Kallic seem like bit panic, it is not like him, i think he is hyper about play villa, once he get calm down he will better goalkeeper for us far better nyland.
  8. Danny_Villaman84

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea FAC

    is Hutton In Centre half, and Bree in Right back, i would play Raven indeed Hutton, Bree keep his place right back.. Good games so far, beside lucky 2 rebound toward goalkeeper which in end goal it is freak unlucky for Kallic. (Kallic is weakness is low level (Knee to feet shots) ) O'hare show us he can do grealish roles that what i knew he capacity it but not sure he is ready for it .. yet he show us he is ready.. hope villa get leveler soon, and hogan could score load chance i am sure he will got one today.. once he is scored and his confience will boost up and will goal for us regular.. come on you villa!
  9. Danny_Villaman84

    January transfer (we need a whole new team) window 2019

    I prefer konsa over mepham, even mepham are more talented is more ideal in solution at moment, but price is expensive I reckon it would worth..I like mepham too both in centre half will great for villa. 30 millions not worth really .. if we promoted we go for both is good move for reckon and buy better full back and we will strong in premiership. We should scour and scout cheap deal short term until we promote to premiership. I like one McKenna I reckon he is good price about half price to buy as if price compare to konsa or mepham Barbet is good talented, he is more like Chester with bit upgrade better version in my eyes as he can play header well in defensive than chester, if we get him cheap deal is better than nothing as it would be Good back up If all not get on time find any new players so we actively trigger elphick recall. if we go find any in summer as first choice to partner with Chester or sell Chester upgrade our two centre half (konsa and mepham) in summer and with barbet in 3rd choice it is very good deal in my option If McKenna not work so we should try back for French defender, too long for me spelling his name. I always like see youth player development like Clark, raven, j.b as 4th or maybe 5th choice, in normal rota Our curriculum we don't got 3rd centre half so raven or j.b should playing with Chester rather Bree and play Bree in right back until window open. By way merry Christmas (overdue 1 day sorry)
  10. Danny_Villaman84

    Tammy Abraham

    Repeat Post
  11. Danny_Villaman84

    Tammy Abraham

    We can't afford lose him, Tammy Abraham hope we perusde them to staying with toward to end of the season, yet if we lose power to stop him.. Hope Davis back to fitness so might throw him to see if he did well as bruce era he see few ball yet he is play forepoint to feed chance , now Smith era so he is got better chance to prove he can play good level and good football, fit Smith's system, it could be help ease our corcern as save our hassle to search simple type of Tammy. If Palace come for him, so we should ask Palace for Benteke as loan outgoing to Villa until End of the Season, might tempt them to drop price to 8-10 millions in end of loan. (Off the topic Palace was in track buy V.Mose) If Newcastle come for him, we might screw up! If Chelsea come for him so we should ask them first team 3rd choice striker whose chelsea decide.
  12. Danny_Villaman84

    Callum O'Hare

    O'hare is more ACM or Second Striker, which would be good if we playing attack style. he is more like grealish when he was young, he doesn't have draw to foul (Grealish's special move), which O'hare would play killer pass to opening scheme for forward by pulling defence to closed him down or simple passing to keep retain possession, or 1-2-1 passing to goal opportune before opponent could foul him (he is safety opition if grealish play this routine so it is "O'hare special move"). the problem is ... He couldn't do in centre midfield roles (yet) but I'm reckon he can developed like grealish roles (Advanced playmaker in centre midfield) in order to do this; which he need more game practice to learn new routine (drop deep to defence as team and playing ball to forward / or close opponent as once we lost in possession in zone 14). might play bottom 10 after leeds games would be good for him to play this type to challenge grealish in future. His style, more like Joe Coles Type than Barry Bannan. (off the topic: Barry Bannan would be great if we play him in Houriance Role, he would ping pin-point pass to winger and forward, ACM to got space to finish off yet he is lightweight.)
  13. Danny_Villaman84

    Alan Hutton

    I notice that too as dean Smith do slowly integration and development them before throw them in first team but some part of me want sort it ASAP but slow alway good advantage. Yeh it is good method i am occur with ur view. i watch u21 villa vs Fulham YouTube full match i notice that bree can play as pass and win aerial and score hat trick goals i think it is 2 header and 1 feet or it was 2 goals, he can put in box good ball but elmo better in this area yet defence term bree better elmo. I think he need play first team rather second team. I think that type would help us better balance in defence and link winger better to extra option attack from width
  14. Danny_Villaman84

    Tammy Abraham

    Brilliant striker, but he still is hit and miss much like andy coles use be for man utd and england. ( Glad he join us not hugill which he suppose be good players and still poor at moment, shame west ham destory his career as i alway thought hugill is potential best striker..until now..) hopefully he is developed better than andy cole and yet he is 20-21 (not sure age) and we go sign him in end of season hope it is reasonable price rather stupid price as usually happenend after great loan for other club. we should be thankful bruce for loan him and buy mcginn, rest of his transfer is poor. hope he hit 20s leagues goal this season hope chelsea don't recall him in this jan.
  15. Danny_Villaman84

    Ørjan Nyland

    Gollini, he is brilliant shot stopping but poor aerial and command in box. Bunn good command in box but poor shot stopping, Nyland - Neither he is "VERY-VERY" Poor in shot shopping and "ZERO" in aerial command | command in box. so for me Gollini I would pick him week by week he will developed better.. I would give Sarkik or Moreria, even Bunn chance after today...