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  1. Agreed. We would need major surgery to avoid another hard season. For what it’s worth I’m sure we will make signings in the next month and those additions will help us improve on 17th place. Always look on the bright side of life da da....da da da UTV
  2. Initially (mainly due to links with Watkins and Eduard) I was in doubt about this deal. However having seen a few stats,especially over the last three seasons. if this gets over the line at under 20 million we will most probably bought 10 goals and 5 assists. Its a good deal IMO.
  3. I think relegation fight is hard to predict this year. I think the teams that have come up out of the Championship are far more robust. There are also less weak teams in the Premier. With that said here goes. Palace (based on abysmal end to last year) WBA (based on form after lockdown under pressure and lack of recruitment) Fulham (because they came up through the playoffs and haven’t significantly spent) anyone from 9th downwards will at some stage be involved I think. Outsiders are Sheff Utd (second season syndrome)
  4. This guy will do a job.Probably the type of experience knowledgeable forward play we haven’t seen at Villa Park for some time. Maybe the younger more exciting signings will arrive who knows. One thing though....all the links to exciting players have been mostly dismissed on here. A similar type of link with an uninspiring type of signing is treated like it’s definitely happening.
  5. Fair enough, but my point was as they haven’t sold any season tickets this year then by definition no one is a season ticket holder. Its much more likely that they allow people to buy tickets to single or groups of matches by ballot.Entry to the ballot being based on the amount of previous seasons attendance.
  6. The price is what ever Villa feel he is worth. I think we should go all out for this guy!
  7. Aren’t we all non season ticket holders at the moment. Or have I missed something?
  8. I think it’s not necessarily about Wilson as a player because his skill set fits the bill. Its more about the overall message it sends if we sign him. We like to believe the club are looking to sign young players on the up rather than late twenties and just been relegated types.
  9. Or is that when it comes to football they turn into idiots. It seems to me that whilst most people would give a young lad some leeway in the workplace when it comes to making mistakes,they wouldn't dream of giving a young player in playing for the team they support the same consideration...
  10. I can see your point about WBA and Fulham they both need significant reinforcements. As do Villa. To say that none of us will add to our existing squads is not realistic, none of the above mentioned teams will go into the season without stronger squads. The difference between us and them at the moment is our squad as it stands now has survived a season in the Premier league So we have a stronger starting position and (yet to be proven)deeper pockets.
  11. Still......a full back quartet of Target Henry Guilbert and Cash would be an improvement. Without a doubt wingers and a striker will be on the list too.
  12. Whilst i think HUGE is probably a bit over an overstatement, JAMAICAN VILLIAN states the attacking full backs are important in the modern game. Liverpools full backs provide frequent passing options going forward to their midfield. Do you not agree that better options in this area would support Jack? I think his link ups with Target this year were quite important to us in some matches.
  13. I read an article about this. Basically it was attributed to Wilder and he was saying that there is some “lazy recruiting” going on because us and Fulham had come in late on the deal. He seemed to be saying that nobody else knew about the guy until Sheff Utd went in for him
  14. Why the obsession with made up transfer values? Ive seen Matty Cash play he looks like a decent player. Swift as well looks like he can play. Both would improve us.
  15. MarkLillis


    With all due respect can I point out that this window is still open and will be for another 5 weeks.
  16. Agreed Stoke have a good manager in O'Neil he knows his football ,they have been working quietly in the background at Stoke and I think they will be top 6ish for sure.
  17. Very disappointed for Jack! What more can he do?
  18. Pretty sure we buying the top level of players available to us after we sold Dwight Yorke back in the late nineties. The likes of Merson and Dublin came in and you could maybe say they were the best we could have got. Also when Big Ron rebuilt his side after David Platt left a lot of players we brought in were well know established players Staunton, Richardson etc. None of them were top level players though and none of them were statements because of course the statement we made was "we are a selling club" because our best players had just left. It would be a massive statement if we could go to any Prem club and take their top player! That would be a statement to make I think!
  19. Check out The Story of Don Revie & "Dirty Leeds - Considering how into their history they are its a surprise that Leeds fans can consider themselves anything other than provincial club that had a lot of success under one manager. They are very similar to Brian Cloughs Derby or Forests sides of the 70s. Whilst you can see why a certain generation of fans sees them in a particular way...….its mystery why any younger fans think different?
  20. Still can’t believe this was not a penalty
  21. I know it’s not the be all and end all but I think this is a underestimated skill.
  22. Spot on.Find it amusing when fans of other clubs tell us to stop living in past. Why would you want to forget a great history like ours? It’s part of our club we are the Villa we are today because of our past. Leeds wouldn’t be Leeds without the early 70s. Wolves wouldn’t be Wolves without the 1950s Aston Villa aren’t Aston Villa without the 80s You can’t just drop a period in your history because it doesn’t suit the modern day narrative that Villa are nobodies.
  23. Did I imagine a Sun headline back in the O'Leary years that said "Smith signs for Villa" Of course Alan Smith never did sign for us.
  24. The whole frontline needs shaking up. So based on links. Rashica Tammy Watkins Based on the fact that I really like him as a player James Ward-Prowse - although I realise it is entirely unrealistic.
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