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  1. blah...blah..money...blah....and we have Jack Grealish in our side btw!
  2. I don’t think we are ready to move on from the Jack Grealish era just yet. It doesn’t feel right…..he has unfinished business still!
  3. Absolutely agree. I just happen to believe that our plan is to build a team around Jack and I also believe he is on board with it. This plan will also have its ups and downs and as you know means that we go through this speculation about our best player every year!
  4. of course the point is if they keep their better players they would have finished top 4..... Kante, Chilwell ,Maguire Mahrez have all finished in the top 4 and played Champions league football with their new clubs since they left Leicester.
  5. I don’t know either, but I always link it to his time at Charlton when they were an up and coming club. Villa were always an easy target for up and coming sides in the past.
  6. It’s a shame that the club can’t manage to produce a great looking kit. However we don’t have to buy it. I wish more people would decide not too, then the club might consider the fan’s opinion instead of signing off on another dodgy kit!
  7. Just imagine the fallout if Jack had missed a penalty. I for one…. am glad he didn’t take one
  8. I agree,in my opinion Man City have no need for a player at his level right now. I hope he can improve and for fill his potential with us.
  9. If you ask me the kit designers haven’t got a clue.
  10. Cantwell always seemed a very decent player to me.Good engine and a consistent performer for Norwich. May well be our second choice behind JWP.
  11. I would like to see us go top of the Premier at some stage.Eventually mounting a strong challenge for Europe. A win against Man Utd at Villa Park would also be nice.
  12. Fair enough.It’s not the way it’s being understood by the general public though.
  13. It’s crazy.There’s no credible news regarding this and yet the whole country thinks it’s happening! My Mrs came home from work on Friday and said “sorry about Jack leaving babe” Ive been visiting family this weekend in the North east and they are asking me how I think he will get on at Citeh. I can’t be arsed to explain…..
  14. I just can’t see him doing this…..but you are quite right. Legendary status is tough to keep after he has played and even scored against Villa!
  15. Not having that…. I saw Gazza play many times he was a great player. Not elite like your Ronaldos etc but deserves all the plaudits he gets.
  16. Players with Jack’s obvious talent have struggled to get picked by England historically. Matt Le Tissier Tony Currie Stan Bowles just a few I thought of…..and of course Gazza himself was left gutted by Hoddle not taking him to France 98
  17. One of my favourites. Not that it makes him anything special as Ashley Westwood made that list while was here.
  18. From the comments I just read (on an official England post on FB) then you do. The majority only see hairbands and diving (which he is guilty of....) They don't see, the vison, the football intelligence, the bravery, the actual skill with a football, the way other players respect him, the way opposition coaches and players fear him....i could go on. Is it me or are all football fans keen to only see the down side of something?
  19. We win a lot of set pieces but don’t have an efficient set piece taker. JWP is an efficient set piece taker. This all makes sense. Since when have Aston Villa’s transfer dealings made sense? Since we have been taken over by serious business men who don’t like to waste money. Maybe we won’t get this guy,maybe we will but links like this will be the “new normal” I think anyway.
  20. This is a consequence of us being pretty badly run on and off the pitch for years. Whilst we know we have been badly run and that had allowed clubs like Norwich to have better teams than us, they think we are at the same level. You can’t blame them.
  21. I was watching it with two Baggies fans. The pre-game discussion was the usual....they think he's a good player but lets himself down with the diving..... 10 minutes in it was funny to see them react to some of the fouls he was getting because naturally you react when a player on the team you support is kicked. But of course......according to them Jack doesn't get kicked he just goes down too easily. Talk about confused, it was hilarious!
  22. I think we are ready for a player like this, someone like Cavani (not his level - obviously we can’t pay £350,000 a week!) who can come on alongside or instead of Ollie when we are searching for a goal. Someone who impresses his team mates by the way he conducts his everyday business.
  23. I think we are viewed in a very similar way to Leicester just before they had their title winning season. Not that I’m saying we will emulate them but the majority of us had no idea what Leicesters owners were building at the time.
  24. I really want us to take Neto.
  25. I can understand him being p@ssed off. The Baggies were a championship side in the Premier League and anyone would have struggled to achieve safety. He has had a good career and wants a bit of respect for his achievements I guess.
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