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  1. I must have too Having said that I have been working away from my PC….so that puts me at a disadvantage
  2. Death threats during the Euros....from crazy girls!
  3. I also go back to GT mark 1 era. We've seen many great players over the years, but nothing like Jack...he is truly special and if he left now I would be happy that I have seen many great moments from him in Claret and Blue He isn't a legend yet though there's more for him to do before he gets to that status, if he leaves now his best career moments will without doubt (baring a catastrophic injury) be away from Villa Park. How can he possibly be a Villa legend if that happens?
  4. Villa are doing nothing of the sort.They have signed a very good player who was clearly using Norwich as a stepping stone and may well think the same thing about Villa. Villa were never a stepping stone for Jack. Having said there is a football hierarchy and Arab money has put Citeh at the of the football food chain so I can see your point.
  5. This is exactly how I feel. Not only that but he is one of us. Brought up in the same way,in the same area doing the same things. It’s the end of a very short but enjoyable era if he goes…if he stays there are no limits with these owners.UTV
  6. Agreed He is invaluable to us as a club. In my opinion this only happens if Jack makes it happen otherwise no transfer fee is big enough.
  7. Of course. However if he leaves it just feels like all the other times….we want/need this time with Jack to be different.
  8. The only way we can replace him is bring in two or three players that can come in and bring assists, carries and goals with them. That said I don’t want him to leave….he is our talisman and the whole club benefits whilst he is with us. No signings can replace him and what he means to us.If he goes it means that this “project” is no different to any other.
  9. They are a little upset about things aren't they. They've gone from Pride of the Midlands to our feeder team in three years. Isn't it great to see the Villa acting like the biggest club in the area again at last...the last 10 years have been a gift to the Baggies but now they had their fun!
  10. You wouldn't tolerate it anywhere else. Football clubs and kit manufacturers (especially) get away with far more than other industries imo I stopped buying kits years ago, in fact I don't even go into the club shop......they really should to do a better job enticing fans to buy merchandise, especially season ticket holders.... But they don't care, especially while we just tolerate crap kits that we don't like and ridiculous lead times like the one you mention! I love Villa but i don't love being ripped off every time i have to buy anything but a match ticket
  11. Man City’s trophies are meaningless to us…Villa fans. Jack winning trophies with them will be meaningless to Aston Villa. His club….in his town. Of course maybe that means nothing to him as a professional player and he is just the same as every other pro,I just hope this time is different.
  12. Winning trophies at Man City is meaningless when: 1.You are a Villa fan 2.Your family are Villa 3.Your friends are Villa Who is interested when you win the league for the first time but it’s City’s 4th in 5 years? Not even City fans care…. I just can’t see what’s in it for Jack here…when he wins something at Villa it will surpass anything he can do at City. He could have an Aguero moment here….he can’t do that there. I just can’t see it happening UTV
  13. blah...blah..money...blah....and we have Jack Grealish in our side btw!
  14. I don’t think we are ready to move on from the Jack Grealish era just yet. It doesn’t feel right…..he has unfinished business still!
  15. Absolutely agree. I just happen to believe that our plan is to build a team around Jack and I also believe he is on board with it. This plan will also have its ups and downs and as you know means that we go through this speculation about our best player every year!
  16. of course the point is if they keep their better players they would have finished top 4..... Kante, Chilwell ,Maguire Mahrez have all finished in the top 4 and played Champions league football with their new clubs since they left Leicester.
  17. I don’t know either, but I always link it to his time at Charlton when they were an up and coming club. Villa were always an easy target for up and coming sides in the past.
  18. It’s a shame that the club can’t manage to produce a great looking kit. However we don’t have to buy it. I wish more people would decide not too, then the club might consider the fan’s opinion instead of signing off on another dodgy kit!
  19. Just imagine the fallout if Jack had missed a penalty. I for one…. am glad he didn’t take one
  20. I agree,in my opinion Man City have no need for a player at his level right now. I hope he can improve and for fill his potential with us.
  21. If you ask me the kit designers haven’t got a clue.
  22. Cantwell always seemed a very decent player to me.Good engine and a consistent performer for Norwich. May well be our second choice behind JWP.
  23. I would like to see us go top of the Premier at some stage.Eventually mounting a strong challenge for Europe. A win against Man Utd at Villa Park would also be nice.
  24. Fair enough.It’s not the way it’s being understood by the general public though.
  25. It’s crazy.There’s no credible news regarding this and yet the whole country thinks it’s happening! My Mrs came home from work on Friday and said “sorry about Jack leaving babe” Ive been visiting family this weekend in the North east and they are asking me how I think he will get on at Citeh. I can’t be arsed to explain…..
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