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  1. Sheffield Wednesday have far more class. I think they have a similar situation up there to what we have with Blues. One a classic big club the other a bunch of knuckle draggers.
  2. Those Baggies fans wish nothing but ill will towards B6. Remember the tick tock bedsheet? Whilst it would be funny if the Geordies drop again,it has to be Albion for me!
  3. He has played well for us but not very often. For me the biggest issue is his lack of mobility (he looked like a carthorse at times on Sunday) Against Leeds we need more than he can offer (at present) so it must be Ramsey or Sanson. For me it would be Sanson to replace John McGinn in a deeper role and John McGinn in for Barkley further up the pitch.
  4. I find myself looking at fouls in a completely different way now.If I see contact I expect a foul to be given if the player..... decides to go down. The game has changed irrevocably. Strikers now should go down. Defenders now should learn how not to make contact. Fans need to understand that football will never be like the 70s/80s again and stop getting upset about it.
  5. The last 10 games are no harder the the first 10 games. The Premier league is a tough place to be but we are proving we can hold our own this year. Bring them on.
  6. Noooo! Bland club just dull,dull,dull Sorry!
  7. Agreed. Love them or hate them I would rather have Leeds in the Prem than Norwich or Bournemouth....
  8. Fair enough, I think that some football fans maybe surprised how many of their teams players are subjected these retrograde bans then. Like I said this is widespread in football. The genie is out of the box and many many players regard this as a skill set now.
  9. What Jack does is fully part of the game now. There is a most fouled table and it is common knowledge that Jack is always top of it. There a reason for this table in my opinion and that is the majority of football opinion realizes that "winning a foul" is now a crucial skill and staying on the feet is sometimes not desirable because refs wont give you the fouled you deserve. All clubs have players that try to do this. They just wish that their players were as good at it as Jack is Wanting players to stay on their feet when they have been fouled is both naïve and outdated.
  10. They did what they do best. They can do it to the best teams in the league as Liverpool found out themselves. I'm not sure Liverpool will be looking to strengthen areas of their team because of their defeat to Burnley and I'm not sure we need to on strength of our either. I think we just need to stick to the plan and buy accordingly (the type of player you describe might be next up anyway?) and let our young team can learn some "dark arts" for them selves instead of us buying a ready made shithouser. John Terry and Dean Smith must know few tricks between them surely
  11. Cant agree more. As a player (parks level lol) I loved it when we had a personality and player of McGinn's style in our side. Successful sides always need characters like this. McGinn comes with a massive plus to that as he is also a very good player.
  12. It is a common term used on the continent for the coach. There is a book called "Mister" by Rory Smith which explains the origins of this term.It goes back English men who went to different countries and became coaches. Mister was used by the players to address them
  13. I don't think there should even be a debate on the wording here. How can Rodri not be gaining an advantage from being in an offside position when from the moment the ball is kicked he is offside and thinking about moving towards Mings in anticipation of tackling him. He was offside the moment he started to move towards Mings,how could he be anything else?
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