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  1. I can understand why people feel a little down about the window. It can be summed up in two words Jack Grealish.
  2. Last year was a stunning start to the season.It shouldn’t be used as a benchmark. We are not Man City.
  3. Whenever I have watched this guy play he’s been top drawer. Admittedly I don’t watch Bundesliga often. But when I do it’s usually a big match (Dortmund v Bayern etc) Seems to me to have been i high level performer in the last five years for Dortmund and Belgium. Villa can’t sign these players at their peak so if we have to do it at the end of their careers then so be it.I would love him at Villa.
  4. Ben Mee has played a big part in this move. Thug.
  5. Caleb Chukwemeka looks like a player.Direct and dangerous Archer great,hatrick on your debut…it doesn’t get better than that! JPB looks very lively. Carney was the least effective but still showed good touches. The centrebacks backs were given a difficult physical game and looked uncomfortable at times. Love that we can despatch these type of teams with an under23 side now.We’ve come so far in 3 years.
  6. This thread started 18 months ago with a discussion about Sheffield Utds possible Champions League qualification. Take nothing for granted in football!
  7. This guy will shine with Ings,Ollie and Bailey all showing for the ball in front of him. Now…. if they aren’t we need someone who he can confidently give it to who can hold play up and wait for the right moment. Fast forward two years and Jacob Ramsey could be that man. For now we need to bring someone in.
  8. We won today and there were a lot of good performances from our players out there. Newcastle we’re poor second half which was similar to their game against West Ham last week. I like a lot of our players they clearly all have ability, though I think we are missing a midfielder who can get on the ball and “boss” the midfield. A player like this would allow us to push into the top half for sure. Easier said than done I know…but I can’t help feeling that we haven’t made our best signing yet.
  9. I’m quite happy it’s Citeh to be fair. There something less real about them then Utd Liverpool or Spurs.
  10. That's semi finals in both cups......or final in one and quarters in the other. Ambitious but i guess we have to hope for it!
  11. Top striker in his prime. Knows where to be... Knows where the ball should be.. Know what to do when he gets the ball. Most importantly has the ability to to put this knowledge to good use. I'm going to enjoy watching this guy in a Villa shirt.
  12. Yes he was stand out for them in that match imo
  13. I must have too Having said that I have been working away from my PC….so that puts me at a disadvantage
  14. Death threats during the Euros....from crazy girls!
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