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  1. Halesowen had this guy on loan in 2017.He was head a shoulders above that level not surprised he is at Shrewsbury now. I have a question...I could see he was a good player but I would have never have said he could be a possibility for League club ,simply because of the players he was playing against.How can you make a call on him unless you see how he performs against better players? What things are you looking for that convinces you he can do it at a higher level?
  2. This is a fact. Another club that is similar are Wolves.The sooner they realise that success is not defined by finishing above the Villa is the moment they will become free to actually have real success.
  3. The Hegazi I have seen play for West Brom is far from shit. Baggies fans love him. I think it would be a good signing if the link is true and even more so if we are looking to bring in another Egyptian player.
  4. Yes it would be just like Villa to sign a player for £20M and then he gets a re occurrence of an old injury shortly after... Unless of course this is the new Villa and while we had him on loan we found out all their is to know about those injuries and are confident he will be fine?
  5. MarkLillis


    I like this version of Wolves.They are a good team that play good football. Dont be too hard on the fans either,they have NO IDEA what sustained success is.For them 2 seasons above the Villa is massive. Us being back has taken some of the limelight away.Now they have to actually beat us instead of just playing the Premier League card and calling us historians.
  6. If we get Phillips we won’t regret it.
  7. Sometimes you just attend a match and see a player on the opposition that stands out. Its obvious to even the layman sometimes that this player will step up.Jack Grealish for example...other players are just “good for the Championship” Aiden Flint could be a good example here. The hard part for clubs/scouts is figuring which is which but I would suggest that they have some set of criteria to measure agains to help them make the decision. It would be interesting to know if anyone has an insight on what attributes a club look for in players that they consider good enough to step up?
  8. I would say a big club appeals to a lot of people. So for me if your fan base exceeds the city boundaries then you can consider yourselves a reasonable sized club. Of it’s relative because Utd have millions of fans all round the world whereas Newcastle or us for that matter have considerably less fans country/worldwide. This is why the Blues cannot consider themselves in any discussions like this....I mean you hardly meet a Blues fan that lives outside Birmingham do you...in fact they are proud about it
  9. The problem with Newcastle is the Myth that it is a big club. Yes they have 50000 passionate fans which is incredible in a town of approx 300000 but elsewhere??? Geordies are mad.They haven’t won a trophy for 50 years yet each season they get upset because they aren’t challenging! I think Ashley has looked after the club quite well tbf.
  10. We have lots of fans. 1.Concourses in most areas of the ground are to small for them. 2.lots of fans want lots of food/drink.Most areas of the ground do not have enough food counters. 3.Bring the price of this mediocre food/drink down so it is more in line with the quality(I always feel ripped off no mater what I buy!!)
  11. Agreed about the top six thing! I think the PL will be a much evener playing field with VAR. However fans not being able to confidently celebrate a goal is a real downside to VAR
  12. This is not a valid poll. Loads of people have voted without the full facts and therefore don’t know what they are voting for... I call for a second poll!
  13. If we were in any doubt about who the big fish really are around here. Aston Villa will now have more season tickets holders than WBA or Birmingham can sell seats respectively! We also could fill Molineux to 94% capacity with our season ticket holders only.
  14. MarkLillis


    Wolves have done very well over the last few years.Good ownership combined with a good manager puts them in a very good position. Villa appear to have the same combination now. Lets see how far it can take us
  15. Bluenoses will tell you that the move was carefully thought out by the great footballing minds at the club. ”Jota isn’t all that good” ”he didn’t do much for us” “You will find out”

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