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  1. Its not great.....winning the league would be great. But we have improved due to the players signed in the summer window it is clear to see and whilst the jury is out on the new January signings I agree the attitude of someone who cant see the improvement that the new players have made to our squad is stranger?
  2. Ok thought I had missed a Dean Smith interview or something concrete from the club
  3. Whilst I agree Maddison is a good player,this is not an accurate assessment. In fact it is unfair on McGinn. You could say the Maddison is leagues ahead of a Walsall midfielder and I would agree....
  4. We have always done this at Villa. 1994 v Tranmere 1996 v Arsenal 2010 v Blackburn 2020 v Leicester Thats just the League Cup games. As I get older I see that it is an unacceptable thing to do hence only joining in on the first two. However there will always be young kids getting excited because it’s the first time something has happened in their short supporting life. What I cant understand is family’s and older blokes getting involved....those guys should know better.
  5. Of course they say that we don't matter... And it true if you consider that the Nottingham clubs and Derby have a big rivalry with Leicester as soon as another Midlands club hits a purple patch they love to beat Villa. I can remember some real excitement from Stoke once they started to beat us.....Coventry also got quite excited. We were tops dogs in the entire region for a generation. The do like to beat us.
  6. It’s the same inferiority issues that Blues WBA Coventry and Wolves have all had over the years to a lesser or greater extent. They get a good team but no matter how good they get the benchmark is always us....
  7. Yes I agree totally and to be fair we have had Villa Park like this quite often in recent years. The myth that flies around the Midlands that we are quiet and not as passionate as Blues/Albion/Wolves etc is quite frankly bullsh@t.
  8. With unprecedented spending I think it is a failure. we could have boomed but because him we nearly went bust.
  9. So many people feel the need to thank him when really all he did was achieve par for the course in a time of unprecedented spending. I enjoyed it at the time but with hindsight, how anyone can think he achieved stuff is beyond me. Will always be a failure in my eyes...
  10. He seemed to be “reluctantly on his way” if his reaction often the Hull match was anything to go on. I agree I think he will get support from most fans if at the end of the season we are not able to support his ambitions by being competitive in the Premier.
  11. MarkLillis

    Pepe Reina

    I would say we signed him because it was an opportunity too good to miss. For me his quality was never in doubt. He has come in and done exactly what I thought he would.The man has AC Milan,Liverpool,Barca and Bayern on his CV. Now he is in between our sticks. Massive signing.
  12. To be fair our Premier League status has rested on the final match for the last two seasons....
  13. Agree,I was 22 the first time I got to see us at Wembley. 1994 what cup run and final that was. It was worth the wait.
  14. MarkLillis


    Yes VP fans can be supportive, Wes had a fair amount of support for example. What I would say is when the sh@t is hitting the fan on the pitch and the crowd is restless young players need to be able to look for senior figures on the pitch (or even better..... partners in midfield or defence) to carry them through the tough times. I can think of at least three games when our young team has been woefully hung out to dry Chelsea away 0-8 Liverpool at home 0-6 and Man City at home 1-6. I remember the look of fear in Westwood's eyes walking back after one of those goals at Chelsea. What im trying to say is these kids need someone in the trenches with them sand we aren't often good at supplying the right type of player. Watch Indiana start up front tomorrow and see what happens if it doesn't go to plan for an example.....
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