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  1. I just checked and it looks like Brian Little signed Grayson for Villa in '97. Reliable player who would play anywhere he was asked. There's obviously going to be a relationship between them - no idea if it's good or bad. Southgate was Little's captain right? Also knows Bernstein from his time at the FA.
  2. I think I'm going to duck out of this thread.
  3. Bring him in as a striker. He'd score more than any of our donkeys.
  4. Didn't anyone else read that as if it was poetry or some sort of zen meditation statement?
  5. RDR2 is definitely coming out. A friend of mine did some work on it a couple of weeks ago. Totally random as he's not in the video game industry but he was motion captured for something in the game. He isn't meant to talk about it but I thought it's okay to just share it with VT. I'm sure his secret is safe with you guys, right?
  6. When he first appeared posting on internet forums he talked about integrity, sticking together and not giving up. He very often pointed to his military record as a indication of his character and that those ideals were going to be brought to the running of the club. Most people bought into it at first and for example the Acorns shirt deal seemed to mirror this attitude. People gave him a lot of respect and some posters were even accused of being sycophantic. Then when things didn't go to plan (as Lerner and the people running the club were revealed to be hopelessly out of their depth) it
  7. Benteke on in the 84th minute and he looks absolutely broken.
  8. Didn't he offer out some fans online to meet him at the ground to have a fight? That warrants zero respect. At the time he was on the board and a representative of the great football club of Aston Villa.
  9. Benteke on the bench again. His move has been a disaster for us and him. We didn't use the money well enough and he has barely played. I miss him
  10. I cannot believe this joker is back. Lerner would have been better off appointing his son if he wanted someone on the board looking out for him. Krulak has such a negative reputation with the fans.
  11. In his old thread when he posted on here he said he thought we would finish 4th before the season then went back on it and said he meant to say 5th and that his finger had slipped on his keyboard. I think it was before the beginning of the McCleish season.
  12. Lovely finish by Coutinho. Similar to the Messi one from last night
  13. I wouldn't wish a major injury on any player but I think England would be a better team without Rooney doing his Captain Fantastic headless chicken act.
  14. Crikey reading the last page of this thread specifically the exchange between Hanoi & Gharperr has made my head hurt.
  15. I thought he had something to do with nutrition? He basically made milkshakes for the players after the games.
  16. They're not really playing 'champagne football' but they are getting closer.
  17. Football really is fickle and a funny old game. After Fulham & QPR no-one would want Mark Hughes near Villa but he's managed to turn Stoke into a very tidy outfit. At the start of this season Ranieri was laughed at as a PL manager - recently there were suggestions he could go back to Chelsea. Nothing can seemingly guarantee success - just look at what happened to 'proven winner' Mourinho this season. The only way to success is to try and set the club in all areas to win and support the manager and coaching staff. This is something that sadly Aston Villa has failed to do for many, many
  18. So simple from Vardy there. It's what Young & Gabby used to do under MON. If you can't beat your man just get a corner.
  19. Fox was a department director at Arsenal and a successful one. He wanted a shot at running an entire football club and he got it with us. He has failed pretty spectacularly. The only way he could redeem himself is to stay on as CEO, take a large pay cut and get us back up within 2 seasons. I think that is unlikely. What is never going to happen is him stepping down to become commercial officer, taking a huge pay cut and answering to someone else after he's was the boss before. It doesn't happen in any industry.
  20. Being teammates with Ronaldo must be so frustrating. It's pointless trying to run and get into position because he just shoots. It's like playing down the park with that kid that shot every time he got the ball or tried and dribble around everyone and never passed. And as I post that he scores lol - I rarely ever watch Chumpions League games.
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