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  1. I hesitate to ask which dark corner of the internet you found that Mike. Or is it just a weekend dress up thing Any way, each to their own
  2. For some unknown reason Russell Crowe is a fan of theirs. He narrated that ridiculous documentary that white washed the fact that they f*cked everything up in the run in and missed out on promotion in 2019 But thinking about it these days he looks like an old Northener who has drank too much bitter and had far too many pies, so I guess he'd fit in up there.
  3. Well I'm slightly disappointed we didn't improve our goal difference that much today, but I suppose a clean sheet is one positive. I easily still see us getting over 100 points this season though.
  4. Great autocorrect there! Should say ‘camo’ but I’m leaving it
  5. I’m guessing we’ll be wearing the ‘camp’ kit today? Our home and black kits surely clash with their blue?
  6. Thanks for posting. I love El Paso - it's a really great town and community full of lovely people. Next time I'm down there I'll try and get in touch with him. OT but it's devastating what that Trump supporting kid/scumbag did there last summer.
  7. Grealish and Barkley will be fresh. McGinn suddenly looked like he'd found his fitness again while playing for Scotland - he looked ripped Depending how the travel has effected Dougie, I'd be tempted to start the team that just beat the champions. Be ready to bring on Hourihane/Ramsay/Nakamba as the JM and DL tire.
  8. SC should be 8 years. Plus you should be an atheist.
  9. Supposedly Leicester's main centre back pairing are out injured, as is Vardy and Maddison is a big doubt. If we don't equal our goal tally against Liverpool then I'll be disappointed quite honestly. We also have to tighten up at the back because we can't concede 2 every week.
  10. There should nationwide term limits to stop the entrenchment.
  11. She's an embarrassment (Chinese spies aside.)
  12. Show me the video of the interview. I'm sure it was a leading question and the article is a complete manipulation of TM's answers to loaded questions. They want clicks so they write controversial headlines and a non-sensical article with edited cherry picked quotes. Just ignore it. No footballer ever says what they think. They say what they need to say to show respect and deference to who ever is picking or paying them while trying to sidestep loaded/hand-grenade questions from hacks. Hacks who are desperate for controversy because they are unable to write compelling, interesting a
  13. Always knew there was something off about that guy. Finally, Mr.Blobby #metoo'd
  14. Probably why he will only pick his favorites not those in form.
  15. You just know we are going to get a spammy goal from a hoof ball to paper over the cracks
  16. Jack getting love on the BBC site. Bob and Gary calling for him!
  17. I'm desperate for you lot to post something because every time I look at the game I find myself nodding off.
  18. I find myself agreeing with twitchy. 2020 is truly a bizarre year.
  19. I'd prefer Harry Redknapp to NobGate. At least his teams played with a bit of flair.
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