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  1. Randy's farewell message has got to be one of the weirdest public statements ever. An absolutely barking mad rich kid, born with a silver spoon who is fantastic at squandering his daddies money. But there's no point holding a grudge and I think the picture below was for me the crest of the Lerner wave. At that point in time I think all of us could only imagine a 'bright future' and if anyone had told you what was actually about to transpire over next few years, well, you would think they would be speaking as much bollocks as Randy's last statement.
  2. Serves them right for taking Benteke and ruining him
  3. I think you meant, "I bet you're fun at parties." (I'm really fun at parties.)
  4. 1-0 Wednesday Wait now it's disallowed. Bit of drama here.
  5. Bannan vs Sidwell tonight. Did they ever play in the same team for Villa? Moscow possibly? (I could check but can't be arsed.)
  6. 3-0 bwhahahahahahah Toon down and Stones is a f'kin liability. I hope Woy doesn't start him this summer.
  7. I know what you mean it looks fantastic. I can't begrudge them tbh - at least for once a team didn't buy it.
  8. Defoe - lots of people wanted him here over the years and if he had been this season it might have been different for us. The finish for Blunderland's 3rd today was top class.
  9. Scudamore being interviewed on NBC in the States before the Leicester game. If Satan and Tony Blair had a love child it's him.
  10. Wouldn't that by default have to include Qui - Gon his teacher - who was a shite character.
  11. Hmm really? A cover up and shady goings on in football would surely never happen....
  12. Actually when the Chelsea fans started singing "Ranieri" & "Leicester" it reminded me of Terry getting in full kit wank*r garb at the CL final. Their fans even glory hunt when Leicester win the league c*^ts.
  13. You wouldn't go for Denis? Even as backup?
  14. That was fairly common knowledge to most people following the club around the time of the takeover. The usual Doug Ellis type of behavior making himself out to look better than is is. O'Neil would never have agreed to come to Villa to work for him. He came because Ellis was leaving.
  15. Pam left ages ago. Now if Doris leaves we're totally done for.....
  16. This is a terrible terrible day. Although I've known it was coming for months it is still an awful feeling. An absolute travesty of mis-management and Lerner, you are an absolute disgrace to the human race. Hiding in the US while people bear the brunt 1000's of miles away. People you have nothing in common with nor ever will due to the fact you inherited over a billion dollars. You **** rocket polisher.
  17. That fantastic Anfield atmosphere is pushing them on (or some other bollox)
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