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  1. I could only watch about the last 20 mins of the 1st half but from what I saw Slovakia will cause the English backline plenty of problems. They are very comfortable on the ball and play plenty of one, twos around the box.
  2. Coutinho just scored a corker against Haiti
  3. France 2 1 Romania France Albania 1 2 Switzerland Switzerland Wales 1 1 Slovakia Draw England 2 1 Russia England Poland 1 1 N.Ireland Draw Germany 2 1 Ukraine Germany Turkey 1 2 Croatia Croatia
  4. This Brazil vs Ecuador game has had a storming opening 10 mins
  5. Neither did I. But at least we turned up unlike the players.
  6. I agree with all of this. Brooking was just a good player ex-England international who didn't offend anyone thats why he got his gig. McClaren's appointment also has the same smell as all the others you mention. Yes men who can go to tea at the FA and mind their P & Q's.
  7. That would a good shout. It was also never revealed exactly why El Tel resigned. Something about his business dealings wouldn't reflect well on the FA - all very hush hush at the time I seem to remember. Hoddle had something about him until he went cuckoo. Then Keegan was a disaster, and it was always argued that Sven should have achieved more given what he had at his disposal. Never agreed with McClaren being appointed. That was because the rags were desperate for an 'Englishman' after Sven. Fabio was a yawn. Have I missed anyone?
  8. I agree with all this Paul. A lot of people are worried about the defense but that is a problem no-one can solve because we have the personnel we have. (Although Shawcross is worth a shout.) However we are blessed with all this attacking talent and it will be a travesty if Woy can't work out how to use it effectively. To be honest I've never really understood why he got the job. Sure he took Fulham to a Europa final (and lost), failed at Liverpool and stabilized the Baggies in mid-table. Those aren't really stand out credentials for an international manager. Sure he looks and sounds (i
  9. You could look at Airbnb.com which will give you more options. If you're not familiar basically people rent out they're own apartments while they are out of town. It's a great system which I've used all over the world. Agree with Tony above especially for your 1st time to NYC. Staying in the middle of it all can be draining at times but probably worth it.
  10. Depends if Cleverley is coming in with Januzaj.
  11. Everyone was expecting Rooney to be playing in the number 10 role with Kane and Vardy partnered in front of him. Just look at all of pre-match build up online. No-one was anticipating this disaster of a system that Hodgson has come up with.
  12. I don't think anyone suspected that if he did play all 3 it would be in this formation.
  13. Ali moves to the center for a moment and something happens. It breaks down with Rooney though - I just think he doesn't have enough anymore to warrant a starting position.
  14. Has someone gone mad with a lawnmower at Wembley? Bacuna's hairdresser maybe?
  15. Kane Vardy with Rooney in behind for the 1st time. Thats the front 3 most wanted to see so it should be interesting.
  16. He was so fantastic at relieving pressure. When we were under the cosh he would pick the ball up, shield it and always draw a foul stifling the opponents momentum. We haven't had anyone in midfield capable of doing that for years hence why we always concede in the last 10 minutes of every game since 2012.
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