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  1. @StefanAVFC so sorry mate. Watching your adopted country torn apart by fascists is horrible. At what point would you pull the plug and up sticks?
  2. Thanks for posting VV. I looked through VK's points and had exactly the reasoned response you did. I would have posted something similar but many times in the past I have done that and the poster either disappears into thin air or writes something contrite. On another note I was in Miami on 9/11 - I'd just moved there about a week before. Nice coincidence!
  3. Link I mean - a fascist group wants to cause violence and antagonize. What are the people who are being threatened (usually LGTBQ, minorities) supposed to do? Just take it? Where fascists are concerned wasn't it proved by McDonald, Baldwin & Chamberlain that appeasement doesn't work? Blows my mind we are even having to have this conversation. - Isaac Asimov
  4. Mate - just look at the news articles from this past weekend. It was a Proud Boy's rally. They stand for violence just as other fascist groups have in history. I posted one article from 2018 to show that it isn't the 1st time they have done this in NYC. A couple of videos of folks getting caught up in the violence does not change the fact that the instigators of this are a fascist group. I have to be better? Come on.
  5. I agree, but I didn't say it it's justifiable to attack people who have a different view to myself. You inferred that so please read what I wrote again. To clarify: The Proud Boys are not in NYC just to show their support for Donald Trump. They are they to antagonize and one of their stated aims is to cause and provoke violence. The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies the PB's as a hate group. Their leader Gavin McInnes advocates that violence is a way of settling political disputes. PB's are based in Portland - I'm not sure if their affiliate membership were present in NYC yester
  6. Look it's quite simple: "We are testing far too much.If we didn't test, then our infection rate figures would be great." This is the 'leaders' of the US & the UK's argument. Or am I wrong? Please explain to me that I've misunderstood and they aren't imbecilic morons spouting anything to give the appearance that they know what they're doing.
  7. Martinsville IN is the headquarters of the KKK. About 20 mins from IU Bloomington one of the most liberal places in the Mid-West. The US is a plethora of Dichotomies.
  8. Hmmmmm. It seems very clear to me that they were there to antagonize not to "support." That's where we are sadly, but that was their intent. Could you see a peaceful gay pride parade in Tuscaloosa, AL* ?** *(Insert any pro Trump county) ** as an example
  9. @omariqy So, we've really got nothing to moan about with Villa at the moment have we Rob? @NurembergVillan Yeah, which is always a disappointment.
  10. I'm sure the analogy has been made somewhere before, but living in Trump's America is like the ending of the Matrix trilogy. Agent Smith has taken over every person, is everywhere and his persona keeps increasing exponentially. You just can't escape Trump, his noise, his chaos, his administration's inept attempts to govern, which is really an attempt to cover up their lust for power, enriching themselves at the trough whilst remaining in the good graces of a narcissist by being sycophants. It's exhausting, and honestly feels like some sort of psychological warfare being unleashed on
  11. The debutant ball was just mind blowingly funny. The film wasn't as revolutionary as the 1st and of course "Who is America" is a similar vibe. But the actual 'story' is pretty funny (how they wrap it all up at the end) and of course outing Giulliani as the absolute creep that we all know he is is fantastic.
  12. He played 3 games for Scotland last week and this is his 2nd game this week. Combined with Barclay carrying a knock we just couldn’t compete with their fitness levels. If JackS shot doesn’t get cleared of the line or he passed to Ollie after that amazing run it’s a different game. oh well, fair play to Leeds.
  13. You don't understand football if that's your opinion
  14. What are you on about? Because they run alot? They've had a grand total of 1 shot on target and we've had 2
  15. The commentator is waiting to cream himself if Leeds score on the counter. Have they actually had a shot on target?
  16. The name the nose. It all seemed so bizarre to me as a 10 year old.
  17. During the 90's & 2000's right wingers/fascists/nazi sympathizers would enter the US armed forces to gain access to advanced arms training. Supposedly there was a movement to have them purged from the army etc. but there is evidence that they moved into local law enforcement where they have been welcomed and nurtured. The explosion of the internet connecting militias, fascists & gun nut owners with like minded police and other federal officers (ICE, Border Patrol etc.) has created a secret underground army of disparate nut jobs who are itching to do....... Well I don't want to thi
  18. The 1st step will be running it at the same time as the domestic leagues - so Manure, Ci$y & Plop would still be playing in the English league (which is obviously why they want to have less teams in it.) Then, the teams who are getting the revenue from the Euro Super League will be be able to pay the wages of the top players, have massive squads and just play their 2nd teams (B-teams) in the domestic leagues. This is what happened to the league cup, and now has happened to the FA-Cup - both competitions have become completed devalued. (Remember our 5-0 win over Liverpool under 11's la
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