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  1. Ha I was justing posted about Cortese! you beat me to it!
  2. Nicola Cortese was instrumental in a lot of Southampton's rise of course coupled with having an owner willing to actually invest. Cortese ran everything at the club and if there was a criticism of him it was that he micro-managed things. If Lerner really just wanted to leave Villa to run itself I don't know why he didn't break the bank to get Cortese or someone like him - pay him 10 million a year! Surely that's got to be less expensive than what he's about to face with relegation. Same thing as this past January - pay Remy 1 million a month until the end of the season FFS - if he g
  3. Roger Cohen of the The New York Times writing from London. A cold, harder observation of what is happening with the benefit of distance from the circus that CNN et al seemingly cannot resist.
  4. The Canadians have their say aboot Trump.
  5. From September 21st to March 21st they lost 18 games, drew 5 and won 4. Thats pretty dire for most of the season. But you're correct in assuming that I think he's an absolute tosspot.
  6. Not really. They were completely dire for most of last season and he was sacked in the summer. Ranieri coming in, Mahrez being a once in a decade buy, and Vardy catching fire are far more important factors IMO.
  7. Me too. How long before someone suggests MON?
  8. Surprised there's not a topic for this yet. What are you thoughts on the rumored US style (i.e. non relegation) European Super-league? With FIFA in a weakened state and large investments that need to be protected is now feasibly the time? Also those large investments are made by people with no real ties to the communities where the clubs reside. So is it time for the moneybags of football to just f*#k off and left the rest of us to it? Would that make fairer and more competitive domestic leagues? Or would it ruin the game forever? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35707372
  9. Where they finish next season really depends on how well they invest the money they'll get from the PL and the Champions League.
  10. Yes, Lawrenson is a complete prick and there isn't a 'pundit' whose opinion I listen too less.
  11. Can't believe Utd are joint 4th
  12. The lead singer of Travis looks a lot like Adam Johnson
  13. I agree. An outdated MON style 4-4-2 would at least make us more competitive. Don't let the full backs past the half way line and play someone on the right and left of midfield who can cross the ball to Gestede. Maybe Bacuna on the right and someone from the youth team on the left who has no fear? play 4-5-1 away from home.
  14. And now we're bottom of the league
  15. Exactly the player I'd compare him to. There's a lot of other English 'talent' like this too.
  16. You could have argued it either way at the time. His lack of game time over the previous 3 seasons was an issue for me, but then the same could be said for Martin Laursen and he gave 2/3 great years. His performance today prompted my vitriol to be honest. He was just awful and I don't think he'll be any use to us in the championship.
  17. 2012/13 He played 8 times for City 2013/14 He played 7 league games 2014/15 He played 7 league games (Italy) 22 games in 3 seasons and the people at Villa thought he'd be a good buy. What a bunch of jokers we have running this club. We should have just kept Senderos. He isn't that fast, the timing of his jumps is terrible, he can't track players and he's weak. I think he broke though at City because he was athletic - up and down the wing from right back. Typical English blood and thunder player but eventually found out and mentally weak. Please leave the day the transf
  18. Do you trust Lerner to appoint someone any better?
  19. Neither of whom were available when we sacked Sherwood so are you suggesting we should have yet again paid millions of pounds in compensation to either the Baggies or Sunderland ?
  20. Ok you got me. To be honest I only had one eye on the game and balls if I'm going to watch any highlights. All I saw was the cross and it was a peach. Plus I really wanted to make a Gabby eats pies gag.
  21. But who is he meant to pick? The only people left are U21 players. He seemed to have settled Sanchez into the holding role and he got inured. Westwood wasn't in the team but then Ayew decided to have a spaz at West Ham and there is literally no-one else left to play. It is absolutely criminal that Garde wasn't allowed to buy the defensive midfielder he wanted in January. The board and Lerner threw him under the bus. I can't understand how you conclude that Garde comes across as terrible in interviews. He's calm articulate and makes sense. Is Sherwood the standard bearer for intervie
  22. He whipped in a beautiful cross today in the 1st half. Absolutely no-one was in the box and Gabby was just standing on the edge of the D thinking about pies.
  23. It's much more recently (and highlighted in the Leveson inquiry) that the Sun and others papers published a countdown to the 16th birthday of both Emma Watson and Charlotte Church. So it's been at least 30 years since they began, and continue to run such 'countdowns' to the sexual age of consent. http://www.theguardian.com/media/2011/dec/29/leveson-inquiry-sexist-offensive-reporting
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