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  1. Wasn't suggesting him for manager. However drinks and dinner would be another matter....
  2. How are they set up OBE? Is Traore playing as a central striker or a winger with Davis up top?
  3. Is there any way to watch this without an AVTV subscription?
  4. I always thought the story was that the original target was Jelle Vossen. Lambert went to watch Genk play, saw Benteke and decided he wanted him instead.
  5. No matter how many times I see that it never fails to bring a smile to my face
  6. Cue the tabloids bigging us up to win the Euros
  7. Both kits look like pyjamas to me
  8. Well unfortunately that is the problem with party politics and with divisive issues such as gun control (and abortion, but lets leave that one alone for now.) 2A was written for another time but that doesn't mean I'm dismissing it's merit. For example, in Saudi Arabia you cannot criticize the government. You cannot write on an internet forum, on a blog, on twitter, or publish a piece of paper that says you don't agree with the government on an issue. Bad things happen if you do. But here in the US we are guaranteed protection by the constitution if we chose to do any of the things I menti
  9. Hey Dom - I moved here exactly 17 1/2 years too (from Stourbridge) and having just got my citizenship I can vote for the 1st time in a Federal this year. You're absolutely in a lose/lose if the GOP don't block Trump for the nomination but we're still not there. Yet........ I've always seen the 2A as an idealistic clause rather than how it exists today. But I've never been able to reconcile that the majority of people who vote for a really strong US military also desperately want 'the right' to overthrow that military if the government gets out of hand. Even the most well armed militi
  10. Where to? Has he made any demands yet? When did he convert to Islam? The world has gone mad I tell ya, MAD!!!!!!
  11. I understand that the Premier League is currently the most financially successful league. The reason why the premier league earns so much money is because of the collective bargaining of just the clubs in the league. Before the PL all 92 league clubs in England bargained together but 72 of them were cut adrift when the PL was formed. What we are moving toward is the European version of that exact scenario. The likes of Juventus, Inter, AC Milan PLUS Real Madrid, Barcelona Manure, Man City and Chelsea will 'breakaway' and negotiate their own deals, cutting adrift anyone who isn't at their level
  12. I can soon see a time when domestic leagues throw out the home and away system. They'll have a computer algorithm which generates a supposedly 'fair' fixture list for everyone. This is the sort of system the NFL employs for it's scheduling. That would cut down those pesky games against the Bournemouths and Watfords of the world so the big boys have more time for European games and World club competitions.
  13. I still can only work out about 1 in 3 words of what he says and the way he structures his sentences make him unintelligible.
  14. Something like a total of 22 games over the previous 3 season raised serious doubts in my mind. However I thought he could prove be an okay addition at right back even if he was a disaster in the middle. I was wrong.
  15. I did exactly the same thing Why is this relevant?
  16. Pat Murphy is an insufferable prick. He thinks he knows better than everyone else apart from MON who he revers. H can't get his tongue up his MON's arse far enough. Some of the spats that Murphy gets into with normal fans on twitter are an embarrassment to the BBC
  17. Like always it's also about the managers support staff. I read a Brum Mail article not too long ago about Rowett's back room team. He owes a lot to one of his old playing colleagues who does a lot of scouting for him. Can't remember who it is, but it's not just about getting the one guy in to pick the team on a Saturday (or Friday, Monday or whenever the **** Sky want us to play.)
  18. The move has been a disaster for both of us. Why Christian? Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??!?!?!?!?
  19. Just need a late winner for Sunderland now to complete the Lols
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