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  1. He was so fantastic at relieving pressure. When we were under the cosh he would pick the ball up, shield it and always draw a foul stifling the opponents momentum. We haven't had anyone in midfield capable of doing that for years hence why we always concede in the last 10 minutes of every game since 2012.
  2. Why does everyone on VT think that gams are colder/wetter in the Championship? They are still played in England aren't they? Not particularly aimed at you Gary just an observation.
  3. Just watched that - good stuff. I was a 21 year old living in London at the time and it brought back good good memories. Although I'd forgotten about the trouble which kicked off all over the city after the semi-final defeat.
  4. Bloody 'ell that was my first ever Villa game! Also, John Bumstead <snigger>
  5. I was quoting you when you said : "Pretty sure he scored at the last one." - Meaning he scored at the last tournament - so I agreed with you - that he had scored 1 goal in 4 years (at tournaments.) I then pointed out that was his 2nd goal in 12 years (at tournaments.) ------ Whether or not he is the best option compared to Rashford etc. is just opinions which is part of the reason we love football. --------- I do admit to generally disliking the England/FA team/money making machine. My general distain for England started with the 'Golden generation' and all mode
  6. Don't like or rate him and thats football - it's all about opinions. If being the all time top scorer warrants a place in the squad does that mean you would have picked Bobby Charlton until this year? I didn't say 1 goal in 4 years. I said 2 goals in 12 years meaning since the 2004 tournament and I apologize if that was unclear, however I believe you probably knew that was what I meant.
  7. And he scored 1 goal 4 years ago. So a grand total of 2 goals in 12 years at tournaments from England's leading striker/talent/talisman or whatever bs description the media hype him with.
  8. If Rooney hadn't stopped to whine to the ref there and actually run in to the box he might have got on the end of that.
  9. By training for olympic pie eating?
  10. What has happened to Sterling? He looks like a shit Shaun Wright-Phillips now.
  11. Obligatory post wishing the England band would Sh*ut the F*ck *p
  12. I reckon me and my mates would give the Red Bulls a better game here.
  13. This is funny. They are really shit.
  14. Oh and the real funny thing is Bradley Wright-Phillips has scored 2 and one was an overhead kick. Shaun is on the bench.
  15. Yup it's kinda fun :)) although their flags before the game were funny. Halftime is a tribute to the Beastie Boys !
  16. I'm at the NYCFC vs NY Red Bulls game. 3-0 at halftime to the Red Bulls lol. They look so much more organized that the Ci$y lot. Pirlo though just plays the most beautiful passes without even looking. It's like magic.
  17. So on Saturday I'm going to the 1st New York 'derby' I've been to see the Red Bulls before but it's such a pain the a*se to get to their stadium in New Jersey but Yankee stadium is a 20min subway ride from my apartment. I am conflicted however and not sure how to feel about going to see NYCFC. Seeing a football match 20 mins away is exciting and I would like to see Pirlo play in the flesh. But the NYCFC / Man Ci$y abomination team is a form of the cancer thats been killing football for years. Are we now going to be a similar cancer under the Doc?
  18. Thing is last time they had Carrol who was a 1in 2 striker that season (2009/10). I don't see anyone in their squad at the moment who is capable of that.
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