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  1. Well said. Its probably Smiths most important season so far as a manager in having to replace a player who sucked the oxygen out of the club and integrate the three new players in a different formation and tactics. Nothing has really gone his way with injuries, international breaks etc and was always going to take a third of the season to bed down the players and tactical changes. But we are have seen glimpses of what the new players are capable of, we just need to start seeing the consistency and this is Smiths challenge over the next few games starting at Arsenal.
  2. Fergie was an example, but all coaches grow and develop, its not just the last 10 years, some don't get opportunities, or have money to work with talented players. My opinion of Bruce is the game past him by a few years ago, but doesn't make him a bad manager. If an elite manager had the Newcastle squad to work with would they be breaking into the top 4, no, maybe top 10 just, but that would be about it. KMitch was making the point that sport science was why Bruce wasn't good enough and it couldn't be farther from the truth. An an elite level there's no difference between the sports departments, only how much money you get to use and in Newcastle's case they would have an average budget which isn't the fault of Bruce, but the previous owner who ran the club into the ground. People may not be fans of Bruce as a manager, but he's not a bad manager, just an average one.
  3. Don’t agree with this. Sport has always evolved, it’s whether you have the resources available to you as a coach to evolve. Ferguson was an old school coach and still out coached modern day coaches because he evolved and had the resources to do so. Sport science is an important factor, but it still comes down to man management and being tactically astute.
  4. The media has talked about sports washing, but what will be interesting is whether players who haven’t been shy in taking a stance on issues with racism, politics etc, will they refuse to go to Newcastle with the owners history of human rights abuses or will money talk?
  5. QldVilla

    The NSWE Board

    I'd rather have our current owners of the club over any of the others in the PL. This isn't about money, its about building infrastructure for the long term benefit of the club and community, having the best coaching set up from grassroots to elite and the best culture for the club to be successful. It isn't built overnight, nor is it bought. It will take time and patience from supporters and when we win trophies, which we will, it will be because we did it the right way and will be long term.
  6. Point out to me where the manager was being slated….?? The original point being made was that the team was flat against Spurs and after the month we had making 2-3 changes may freshen up the team. Maybe read all the posts before you jump to a conclusion. PS whether a player is injured, suspended or other it is still a rotation, using Leceister is just a poor argument and showing no understanding of sports science. Realty is today’s game requires some form of rotation of squad to maintain high performance levels over a season. I also made the point in my original post that Spurs have a couple of world class players in their squad that can rip apart any team in the PL on their day, so thanks for quoting me.
  7. For me it’s the time he seems to have on the ball, you can’t teach that.
  8. Ok champ, the comment was regarding your Leicester comment, they rotated. Yes I would have commended him for the rotation if he could have made them. As stated previously you missed the point that he couldn’t rotate in the midfield as the only choice was Nakamba and not the right player for the game and not a like for like for Ramsey who is the player who needed a rest. The experience of Young and Tuanzebe would have definitely helped. Its not the 1990’s any more the game has changed and we play a high press. It will take its toll and as good as Ramsey has been he’s still not ready to play several games on the bounce, especially against the quality teams we have played in the past month. Players also knowing that there’s small rotation will help maintain high standards as players would rather play than be rested.
  9. Yes and Leicester had 3 players who played 36 games and 3 who played 35 games through the season. The rest played less than 35 games. The point being made is not to rotate every game, but to acknowledge the possibility that after a month of playing Chelsea twice, Everton, Manure and then Spurs that making 1-2 changes may have been advantageous in certain positions. You are kidding yourself if you believe 11 players can play a 38 game season and not be challenged both physically and psychologically and their performance not be affected.
  10. Geez I don’t know, maybe understanding sport at an elite level and knowing that elite teams rotate their squads to maintain high performance levels would be a hint. It is impossible to maintain high levels week in week out without rotation especially when playing elite teams in the PL. Asking a 20 year old without a full season playing week in week out at a high level and not expecting a performance drop regularly?? The point you missed was Smith couldn’t rotate the midfield because Sanson is injured and Nakamba isn’t strong enough to play 90 minutes consistently. But certainly Tuanzebe and Young could have come in. It also sends a message to the whole squad no matter the performance high standards must be maintained. PS no hindsight in my comments, I just don’t write every thought I have on this forum, I expected some form of rotation.
  11. Just think some need to remember that he is 19 year old and isn’t quite ready for week in week out PL football and after the current month, maybe needed a rest.
  12. I'm disappointed with the loss, but would have been happy with a point. For me the game cried out for a bit of rotation, as we have had Chelsea, Everton, Chelsea, Manure & Spurs, and yes I know we played mostly kids in the Cup game, but we have been playing at a high level for 3 weeks against very good teams. There is always going to be a bit of fatigue after a run like that whether physical, mental or both and this is why the better teams have big squads. As great as Ramsey has been playing, he's 19 and probably deserved a rest, I would have brought Tuanzebe back in and probably Young at LWB for their experience. We could have done with a fresh Sanson today in the midfield had he not been injured and raises the issue that if we want to play 3 midfielders, we are probably short one quality player to rotate and maintain the pressing over 90 minutes each game, week in week out. Spurs had to win today, they have been under the pump and while they weren't brilliant today they still have players like Son, Kane etc who can hurt any team in the PL at any time. They just got us on a day where we were off by 1%.
  13. But you continue to forget football is cyclical. Man City 20 years couldn’t sell anything in the old 3rd division and the way they have gone about it has turned most football fans off due to the greed. Sky don’t want to show football with half empty stadiums or did you forget Pep’s rant two weeks ago?
  14. I don’t follow this logic at all. Elite teams? Football has always been cyclic, teams rise and fall, some more regularly than others and is why the Premier League has been popular, not the so called elite teams. Man City are only where they are because of money, Chelsea the same. Even then with all the money they spend, if they dont have a top manager they struggle to win trophies. Arsenal, Spurs have gone backwards through poor recruitment and average manager appointments. Subsequently they are no longer Top 4 teams. What will happen to Liverpool when Klopp leaves, Abromovich finally gets bored or Guardiola leaves City? History shows us that they will unlikely be as successful which leaves it open for teams ready to step into their positions. The dog is supposed to wag the tail not the other way around. The best competitions are ones where more teams have the chance to win the competition, so the need should be to ensure revenue is dispersed evenly, except on prize money. The more successful clubs already receive more money through sponsorship. Leceister was one of the biggest sporting stories in the past decade, it attracted world wide interest from non sporting people and people who don’t follow football. If this happened more often it would be far better for the PL and English football in general.
  15. His second full year in the PL was always going to ore challenging. He’s had an interrupted start to the season, but he’s still getting into those positions to score, just needs to be more clinical, it will come.
  16. Don’t think it will be 10 years, already happening with CL you have to pay a streaming service called Stan in Australia to watch the games now. 5 years ago it was Fox Sports, then PL and CL moved to Optus Sport, now Optus has lost the CL. Its going to become quite expensive to watch different football leagues in the next few years, albeit its already started and will only get worse. Your right, PL must already be investing in their own streaming service, why get payed for others to do something you can do yourself and make maximum profit for the clubs.
  17. That’s because most people have no idea what it takes to be an elite coach and every coaches path is different. Smith’s journey was long because he hadn’t played for a big club previously and had to earn his opportunities and even then people still doubt him. He has continued to evolve and become a better manager each season and is the perfect manager for Villa.
  18. Thought the exact same thing when he went down, but will give him the benefit of the doubt. Really proud of this kid, his game has improved so much over the past 12 months and getting better week to week.
  19. Great to see him back at the top of his game, he was playing well at the Olympics and has brought the form back to the club. Been a huge fan of him since he joined the club it took some time initially but always showed glimpses of his class and he will continue to get better each season.
  20. Not sure I’d say he’s better than Bosnich quite yet, he needs to do it over a few seasons and win some trophies, but the potential is there. Hes very similar to Bosnich in his shot stopping and getting in the ears of opposition players, gives the defenders confidence. Both are very confident but they do it differently.
  21. Really pleased with his performances over the past two games, he never lets the team down and a good professional. Deserves the praise, unbelievable technique to get that goal.
  22. It’s early days into the season, but really excited to see how it unfolds. Villa has now knocked off 8 of the top 10 teams in the PL over the past 18 months which shows we are being consistently competitive and the team now has self belief. There is still a lot of work to be done, but the development of the team over the past 3 years since Smith’s appointment has been outstanding.
  23. He’s really stepped up this season as a leader, on and off the pitch.
  24. Just OGS deflecting his poor tactics for the match and that Villa outplayed them. Funny watching those Manure pods they are melting down, nearly as bad as the Arsenal ones when we turned them over last season, hilarious.
  25. Signed also by the looks of it.
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