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  1. Brentford seem to be doing good business again. Two young players who’ll know doubt will be worth £20m next season Got to feel for Antonee Robinson today, dream move to AC Milan broken down so he stays in sunny Wigan.
  2. Think we can all accept it’s a pretty uninspired signing, but it’s way better than putting a winger up top or looking in the Under 23’s for someone. Let’s see how he does before knocking him. At least it’s not Carroll returning!
  3. Mmmm, he seems a bit cocky to me? Not sure about this signing.
  4. I’m staying put now until 11:05pm, then I’ll eat.
  5. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Has Dean done a pre Bournemouth press conference today? Just wondering if he was put on the spot re transfers?
  6. Mate, i’ve got an office full of them! Wish I could say she was joking. I just had to stay calm:
  7. Big big six pointer. Win and we can breathe a little, lose and we’re back in the s#%£. If Samatta is fully fit I guess he starts, but if there is any doubt then Davis gets the nod. Nyland was great earlier this week, but if Reina is fit he starts for me. Doubt Smith will do this, but the rest that started midweek get the nod also. Drinkwater on the bench. He’s hoping we get an early goal, settle and then win quite comfortably. 1-3 win. Reina Konsa Mings Hause Guilbert Targett Luiz Nakamba El Ghazi Samatta Grealish Subs: Nyland, Engels, Elmo, Drinkwater, Hourihane, Trez, Davis
  8. Antonee Robinson of Wigan linked with a £10m move to AC Milan! I like him a lot and he could've been a good fit for us, but really, £10m? Football’s gone barmy it that move happens today.
  9. A woman at work today said that they’re not risking ordering a Chinese takeaway tomorrow night and they’ll probably go Indian! I really despair sometimes and had to just stair at my computer hoping for a lottery win this weekend!!
  10. Reckon he’s in detention until after the window slams shut tomorrow night or the poor kid’s grounded with no Xbox. Shame.
  11. I know it won’t happen and it’s not a position we really need to strengthen in at the moment, but would love us to sign Eze on deadline day. Would be gutted to see him move without us putting up a fight for him. Another couple to challenge Guilbert and Targett would be nice. Shame Nathan Ferguson appears to be going to Palace and Rico Henry, who Smith knows well, appears to be over his injury troubles now. Both good young full backs. Oh well I won’t be greedy, so I’ll settle for Bowen, Mitrovic and Benrahma as the window slams shut on Friday night.
  12. Jeez, what a night. Surely, a good day to go to work if I can be bothered to get up. Anyone seen my kids?
  13. ferguson1

    Ørjan Nyland

    Fantastic performance. Perhaps some credit should also go to Neil Cutler, who’s clearly got Nyland’s confidence up.
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