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  1. Hope this Heaton rumour being out is just that and a nothing story. His presence gives me greater confidence than Steer. Hoping for a win of course, but realistically can see a draw from this.
  2. Grant Holt standing still and Gary Penrice. Both awful strikers for us. Finally, after a very promising debut, Carlton Cole was very poor.
  3. No reason why we shouldn’t be confident either. Wolves aren't hitting the heights of last season and their best defender is out (Boly). We certainly shouldn’t fear them, but respect that they are useful going forward. Grealish out (if he is) would be a blow to us, but I think our energy in midfield may be too much for them. Their midweek game could play a part hopefully with tiredness etc. My real concern here is that we have been conceding second half goals cheaply and Wolves seem to love a late goal. Can therefore see us going 1or 2 goals ahead and then us being pegged back. Hoping for a 2-1 win, but could end up 2-2 or a 2-1 defeat. One thing is for sure, it won’t end up 0-0.
  4. That’s him. Yeah, I remember the plumber as well and agree, he likes the working family background types for sure. He’s in the final at least i reckon (Thomas).
  5. The young lady fired last night was pretty useless to be fair. However, looking back over Lord Sugar’s firing during this series especially, it doesn’t paint him in a good light. I think Lord Sugar has a real soft spot for the big fella, but can’t think of his name?Annoying as he is.
  6. Have to choose my words very very carefully here, but I for one will not miss R Godsiff or his support staff one bit. Not pleasant people and any change will be refreshing.
  7. Apologies, Keith thought you said “hog roast”!
  8. Wish people would just leave him alone for a while now. He’s got a very busy few weeks ahead and my children are certainly looking forward to seeing him at the Merry Hill grotto!
  9. Limited footballer, yes. Woeful, no. Could do a job for someone in the Championship or League One.
  10. I always thought he looked decent at Brentford and honestly think that if we hadn’t have got promoted, he’d probably be in our squad right now. As you say, an underrated player in the championship.
  11. I mentioned our OS prior to the last meeting about how bad, and how out of date some of the content is. Can we raise the issue of our website please? Do the club acknowledge that there are issues with it or are they happy with it compared to other Premier League clubs? Be good to hear there thoughts. On another note, following the well publicised upgrades around the ground during the summer, could the club confirm what the next phase of upgrades/improvements are going to be? Finally, and apologies if this has already been addressed previously, but do the club have any plans to change the club badge, rename stands or rename Villa Park itself?
  12. If we need a player to hold the ball and play off, then there’s only one real option for me: Every team needs an Akinfenwa!
  13. Strange feeling this evening. Half of me is a bit fed up losing to a 94th minute goal, but half of me is immensely proud of the players and staff this evening. We’ve just given the current champions of Europe and leaders of the league one helluva game, that they were fortunate to win in the end. Champions elect do this kind of thing where they just keep going and don’t accept being beaten. How many times down the years have we seen Man Utd and more recently Man City score last minute/injury time goals. It’s that never say die/winning mentality. Devastating as it is to lose, I truly believe playing like we have today that we will stay in this league and hopefully do so with some points to spare. Annoying, gutting, heart wrenching, but proud of my team. UTV
  14. I still look back fondly at one of my earliest home games when we beat Liverpool during the 92-93 season. Dean Saunders scoring two on his home debut and us winning 4-2. He very nearly scored a hat trick that day when he also hit the bar. 38,000 in the crowd and the place rocking. I think it was also the game when I witnessed the worst miss from any player ever in front of the Holte End! Most of you will know who I am talking about. A great occasion and would love a similar result today (doubt it, but you never know)
  15. To be fair, we’re currently on a Haven holiday park which is full of kids everywhere, but I still wouldn’t knock on caravan doors with my kids. Each to their own I guess.
  16. On holiday in Weymouth and we’ve had 3 knocks on the caravan door this evening from Trick or Treaters? Perhaps it’s just me, but what’s wrong with people! I mean, if I buy some chocolate I actually want to eat it myself or perhaps share a chunk with the kids, but certainly not give it away to some random!! Bugger off ya scavs. American crap which has no place here. **I actually feel sick right now from having fish & chips and too much chocolate**
  17. It’s Roswell all over again! Liverpool Out!!
  18. Ties to be played week commencing 16 December, but Liverpool have a fixture clash due to the club World Cup game?
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