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  1. Never wanted him. Wanted him sacked many times since. To me, his biggest weakness is his cautious approach. Hopefully come the play offs even he will see that caution is pointless and maybe we will finally see our team in full throw. Regardless of whether we go up or not I do not want Steve here next season.
  2. Top 2 was unlikely before today. Now it is even more unlikely. I guess we are at least getting our bad run out of the way now. It is too early to peak for the play offs yet. Still fancy us to win at Wembley, especially with the Kodj back. He should be up to speed by then.
  3. Ha ha. Good point. We may as well give up then because we lost a match! I’m pretty sure that the RAF adopted a similar attitude ahead of the Battle of Britain which is why the dominant language on this forum is German. Guter punkt gut gemacht! I am just off to cancel the coach for tonight’s game!
  4. Blimey. I thought that we were Aston Villa. Since when has a two leg fixture against Millwall been considered a difficult prospect for us? If we finish in the play offs I would love to play them in a semi final. As Villa fans we need to man up a bit. We still have a very good chance of promotion this season. Second is looking unlikely but it is not yet impossible. If we are in the play offs then we will be the team to avoid.
  5. I think you should read back. I never wanted Bruce. I knew exactly what we would be getting with him and I was right. A lack of imagination lead us to Bruce. A similar lack of imagination would lead us to Smith. What are his credentials; His team play well against us, he is a villa fan, he isn’t Steve Bruce! What else exactly? He may turn out to be a brilliant manager at a big club but why take the risk. The Villa job is much more attractive than people give it credit. We are a big club, have great facilities, great support, a patient owner, a good squad at this level, a big budget. We s
  6. I want those things too but I would like a manager who has already provided that environment at a similar size club.
  7. What about Snodgrass as a Nr 10? I think he could be good there. I don’t think he has enough pace for his current role but as nobody else is nailing the spot down, why not try him?
  8. Is anybody else starting to get worried about the growing number of Villans supporting Dean Smith as the heir apparent? Regardless of the past few years of under achieving, Villa is still a massive job. Why risk someone who has only ever managed very small clubs with low expectations? This is what he said after the match: ”Aston Villa are a big football club and the expectations from their supporters are that they win the league,” Smith added. “Ours are to go and compete against these teams and finish in the top six if we can.” Being manager at Brentford, as he himself accepts, is to
  9. Apologies. Just a typo I’m afraid. Should read “go but” not “Tobit”.
  10. His tweet is receiving some interesting responses. Villa fans venting their spleens!
  11. M_Afro

    Keinan Davis

    I would agree if he played in a team that were allowed to cross the half way line. Sadly he plays for us. It is so hard to get into and stay in the game when you are isolated for such long periods. He is doing well considering. I really believe that if he had not stepped up we would be in a much worse position. He deserves our unreserved support in my view.
  12. Before the last January transfer window he said that he would only buy players that significantly improved the team. In the summer he was only going to buy players with premier league experience. Both of these things were going to allow us to compete for automatic promotion. We are now only 3 points better off than this time last year with no obvious improvements in style or teamwork. Surely the board must see that no progress has been made. I agree with some of the other posters on here regarding the complete failure of Bruce to accept any kind of responsibility. It is as if the u
  13. Steve Bruce “I find every game in the Championship difficult”. Yep.......yep indeed. There’s a reason for that Steve.......Wolves say hi by the way!!!!
  14. This guy is getting a really easy ride in my opinion. He is the guy who is failing us the most. We need to crank the pressure up on Keith. Bruce needs to Tobit it is pointless if big Keith is appointing his successor
  15. Why is he not trying to win this game? He is clearly happy with a draw but we are desperate for 3 points. The only time we applied pressure we scored. Lesson there surely. I like Steve, he is a really good bloke. I really want him to do well but he is too negative. We should be waltzing around like peacocks on heat in this league but under Bruce we are nothing more than a collective of feral pigeons!
  16. Just seen the team. Very negative, very disappointing. I think he thinks we are playing Barcelona! It may be good enough to win, unlikely but possible. Why take that approach though? We need to win so go for it. Blow them away. He is finished here thank goodness!
  17. We need to win tonight. He knows that. I feel as though we are in a similar position to the one we were in pre Norwich. He went for it that day and we won. I think he will take the same approach today. I think that if we do go for it, we will win. The worry is that he will almost certainly revert to a negative approach against Middlesbrough! He is on borrowed time now in my view. It will be almost impossible for him to turn it around! Question of when and who rather than if.
  18. You attack and defend as a team. Davis at least provides a focal point which is something positive that we lost once he departed. He also won a penalty.
  19. The introduction of him and Gabby yesterday effectively ended any forward threat we had. Maybe try him and Davis though.
  20. M_Afro

    Keinan Davis

    Blimey. Give the kid a break. He is 19 and has no previous experience of regular first team football at this level. If he hadn’t stepped up during this period, we would be in a much worse position than we are. The manager is to blame for not signing a similar more experienced player when it was so obvious that we needed one!
  21. I think we will have to agree to disagree. In nearly a year as a Villa player, playing in a rubbish league, I have not seen him dominate a match once. I don’t know what his stats are for us but my eyes tell me that he is not very good.
  22. I don’t think he was the best midfielder in the Championship before signing for Villa. He did have really good goal and assist stats but that can happen over short periods with a bit of a purple patch. I think you have to look deeper at the actual performance in each match. He offers very little. I do not think it would matter too much about tactics because he is not very good. The tactics of the manager are poor though. That is something that we can definitely agree on.
  23. I don’t want to disagree or fall out but he had 6 good months at Barnsley, in the Championship. He has since had 11 months at Villa where, in my opinion, he has been a passenger. He has only been at this level for 17 months and for the last 11 of those he has been poor. I’m not sure where the 2 years is coming from. I don’t like Bruce. Never wanted him. Want rid now but the poor form of Conor is more to do with the fact that he is and has never been very good. It is nothing to do with the tactics of Bruce, in my opinion. Blame Bruce for buying him but the rest is up to Conor and his lack
  24. He hasn’t been playing at this level for 2 years. Please check your facts.
  25. Not wanting to call you out pal but please remind me how many of those games were at “this level”? He has only been in the championship for 18 months. First 6 good and the rest poor/average.
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