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  1. Unbelievable Jeff. Well done the beard
  2. Couldn’t care less who we get in the final, as long as we get to the final. There’s work to do tonight for sure. If we get through without any suspensions or injuries, then I think we should all be thrilled. If we do get through at least we can be sure that Smith will go all out to win the final unlike Steve “too scaredy-cat to lose” Bruce. The final will be anybody’s in my view no matter which teams qualify.
  3. As I have previously stated, why use the adjective “black” to describe Tammy in the song at all. Why not use “big” for example. There is nothing wrong with using the word black as an adjective if it is used in a responsible manner. The example that I responded to is a good example where the use of the adjective is not required to answer the question, so why use it at all? If the grandson had asked for a detailed description of Tammy then that would be different but he didn’t. It is fairly subtle but racists often express their attitudes in a subtle way. My dad always used to refer t
  4. It is racist I’m afraid. What difference does it make that he is black? Why even feel the need to mention it? If my son asked me who Andy Townsend was I wouldn’t say some white bloke who used to play in midfield.
  5. It is the use of the word “black” to describe Tammy that is offensive. We would not be talking about this if they had used a different adjective such as “big” but they didn’t. The sight of a load of drunk, white men singing that song is distasteful. If it hadn’t offended people then we wouldn’t be talking about it. I also truly believe that they would have known that it was crossing a line but proceeded to do it anyway. There is an small undercurrent of racism that exists in our country and particularly throughout football. The amount of people on here who are willing to defend this behav
  6. The chant has caused offence. If something offends a group of people, then it is not ok. It’s all a bit embarrassing really. I’m sure most Villa fans know better.
  7. The home atmosphere has been our Achilles heel for way too long (due to years of awful senior management). This season, under our new stewards, the worm has started to turn. Villa fans have deserved better for years and now we are finally getting it. If we don’t go up this year, I am certain that we will next year and the ground will be rocking. At times today it was truly awesome.
  8. M_Afro

    Jed Steer

    Top performance by him today. Keeps getting better and better. Really pleased for him.
  9. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Picked the right team today, in my opinion. He also made the right changes at the right time. I would have snapped your hands off for this position at ht. Plenty to do still but this guy is a class or 10 above Brucie. Keep going Deano. UTV
  10. He played ok today. People are too quick to criticise him. He showed a bit of courage to keep showing for the ball after his mistake. He deserves a bit of credit for that at least. He has been important for us this season and if we don’t go up, I hope he stays for another year. He is a top pro.
  11. We have to get promoted so that we can keep Mings. Absolute Villa hero in the making. Total leader. Love him
  12. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    I am sat at home, next to my 4 year old son, reading that interview and thinking about my own dad, a life long villa fan, from Aston who died last summer. I was never behind Smith’s appointment but it does feel good to have a man who shares our feelings for this great club, as our manager. He really seems a decent man too. I hope it all works out for him and that he always gets the respect he deserves from the fans. It really feels we are back on the right track now. Keep it up Deano. Happy to be proven wrong by such a good man.
  13. M_Afro

    Keinan Davis

    He reminds me of a young Hesky. Now I know big Emile gets a lot of stick on here but he was good enough to play at the top level for most of his career and also play umpteen games for England. If Davis can match that without being prolific, then he will have done well. He is a great option from the bench, when you are defending a lead. Defenders hate playing against him.
  14. This is Villa we are talking about. Beat Leeds, Norwich, Bristol and Sheff W. Lose the rest! I am only half joking
  15. He is very good. Hope he stays next season regardless of which division we are in.
  16. So pleased for this guy. He has really been targeted unfairly by some in my view but he is a real pro. Great today
  17. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    I have given Dean a fair bit of stick but the last 2 home games have been sooooo enjoyable. I really hope that we can keep it going now. Still need to find consistent performances but the last 4 matches have really helped. Nearly in our own hands now. Well done Dean. Please continue to prove me wrong.
  18. Fair enough. I totally disagree. You really thought he was awful?! Surprised by that assessment. Didn’t think any of them were awful. The two wide players were the worst performers in my view but it is impossible to judge how much their performance was affected by the incident! Difficult environment for the players and I thought Glenn stood up pretty well.
  19. I thought he did ok today, as he usually does. He is also very professional, a calming influence and clearly someone who cares. He always fronts up which is exactly what you need on days like today.
  20. Jack’s goal was unbelievable but I actually enjoyed Tammy’s goal more. I am not saying that it was better than Jack’s obviously but I do enjoy goals like Tammy’s more. It was a class team goal from back to front that tore Derby apart, leading to a tap in.
  21. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    I kind of agree with this but what he says in public and what he actually thinks are not necessarily the same thing. I do believe though that a lot of our problems are the basic acceptance of our position. We should be aiming very high and have the balls to say it. If you reach for the stars, you will fall short, but nearly reaching the stars is much better than nearly reaching the play offs. Think big, aim big and see where it takes you. We are only limited by our thoughts and dreams. We are way too guilty of being too scared to think big.
  22. Worthy of a contract for next season, unless by some crazy run of luck we get promoted.
  23. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Not a fan of DS but we were better today. Hopefully that will act as a springboard for the rest of the season. In my view he needs a big run for the rest of the season to justify keeping his job. Hopefully that will start by stuffing Derby at B6 next week
  24. He has always done a solid job for us. He is also a solid pro. Never understood the hate. People need to get off his back. There is always at least half a team worse than him. I went to school with Graham Turners son. I can remember a time when he was so upset at school following the abuse that he, his brothers, sister and mum had had to put up with at one match. Some low life spat at his mum. He hated Villa from that day forward and I never blamed him. Some people need to grow up. Moronic
  25. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    I don’t think he’ll be here by Easter
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