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    Dean Smith

    Have a word with yourself mate. If you cannot see the improvement then you do not understand football. We have played some really tough games and you could make an argument for us winning all of them. You cannot blame the manager for poor luck and mistakes. Patience is what we need. For the first time in a generation we appear to have an intelligent coaching staff and an intelligent board. Do not underestimate the importance of that. Unfortunately we don’t yet have an intelligent team but that will come. Watching Villa these past few weeks has, at times, been an absolute joy. Work still t
  2. Surely it’s time for JT to dust off his boots! We need his calming influence and leadership. Am I the only person who thinks that Chester is pretty crap?!
  3. Decent squad player but no more. Missed Jack today. CH us bang average
  4. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    I categorically did not want this man as our manager. I am an idiot. Most enjoyable football since BFR
  5. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Our defence is clearly not the best but half of the problem is that they get absolutely no protection from midfield. Most of the goals conceded were due to midfield failures before defensive ones. For years we have needed a good defensive midfielder. We have purchased loads but none of them have been up to it. We are at our best defensively when Thor plays there but he is also not the answer. I wonder whether Smith thinks JDH could do a job there which is why he was on the bench the other day? Anyway, I for one will rejoice when we finally solve this problem. It seems to have been ar
  6. Best player so far this season. He really is a great player. I think he could be captain when we get back to the prem. He reminds me of Super Andy Townsend. Love him ?
  7. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    I was against Smith. I thought he was too inexperienced. He really looks to be proving me wrong and I could not be happier. Go on Deano. Keep it up son!
  8. Really pleased for him today. I was calling for us to be patient with him last week and got pretty much slaughtered. I really feel that he can be good for us but he needs our support. A few more days like today will really help him but let’s not be so quick to get on his back again the next time he makes a mistake. UTV
  9. Obviously not seen Bunn then.......Get a grip. We won ffs! Also, maybe google supporter/support/empathy/patience/over reaction!!!!!!!! Come on man. We won. He did at least one good save. He is improving. Give him a chance!
  10. Blimey. You must be hard as nails. Do you really never have doubts in your own ability? If you do, imagine having those doubts in front of 30,000 people and many millions watching on tv! Of course confidence is a factor.
  11. Fair enough. Do you care to back that up? We have become a joke of a club who make our minds up at the drop of a hat! Look where that has got us? Yep.........nowhere! Generally we have the best fans in the world but we really, myself included, let ourselves down in certain areas. We need to pull together to try and change our fortunes. I have played football at a reasonably high level. I am a goal keeper. In my view, this kid is worth supporting.
  12. Best game of the season so far. My motm. Well done Jacko ?
  13. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    I really did not want Smith to get the job. I thought it was a huge risk appointing him. I have however been positively surprised so far. Keep it up Dean. On the right track ?
  14. Ok. So the two dropped balls. Do you really think that an international keeper is incapable of making those catches or do you think that it may just be confidence? Not sure I even know what the other two you are talking about are but they do not sound like fundamental errors! Add them up they only come to four not six! Maybe your pre conceived perceptions are actually getting in the way of reality! Give the kid a chance. He does enough good things to deserve our support. Of course, if he is still making these mistakes in 12 months then fair enough but he has only been in the country for 5
  15. I am sorry to pick you out but I am sick of the rubbish being spouted against this guy ( and others). Please name the fundamental 6 errors that he made. That is utter rubbish. He made two from memory (both of which were confidence only). He also made a couple of good saves. Do you not count those?
  16. He played well today. His confidence is growing. We need to get behind him. Fair play.
  17. Nyland has not played that badly at all in the last few games. Lots of people gave him motm against Swansea! He is clearly lacking confidence which can happen when starting a new job in a new country. Add to that the fact that he has never had a settled defence to work with and those that have played have often been less than assured! Taking this into account it is no surprise that he is struggling a bit. He needs some empathy and support. He also needs a settled defence in front of him. I am encouraged that Smith seems to be sticking with a formation and a first choice team. This can onl
  18. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Why not? We are well capable of putting a run together. I am expecting a big performance next Friday. It could be the spring board for a run of wins. There really aren’t any good teams in this league.
  19. I don’t care who we sign as long as they improve the first 11. If they don’t I do not want us to sign anybody. I am sick of years of scatter gun signings. Our terrible performance in the transfer market is the major contributor to our current situation in my view. No risks, no projects just instant improvement or stick with what we have!
  20. People need to get a grip. There is absolutely no way we will even finish in the bottom half. I am fully expecting us to finish top 6. Rome was not built in a day but we have got better in each of the 3 games that Smith has been in charge. We will click soon and someone will take a right tattering from us!
  21. I am glad that Smith made a point last night of asking for more protection for Jack. He gets kicked out of the game every week. We are just so apathetic about everything at Villa. We just accept rubbish referee performances. We need to crank up the pressure in a subtle way.
  22. Thought we lost the game in the middle of the park to be honest. We have absolutely no physical strength there without McGinn.
  23. Nope. Just saying it as I saw it. He was twice as good as Hutton on the other side. I know it is easy just to slag off the same old players when we lose but I genuinely thought that he did ok.
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