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  1. They got played off the park by Burnley for 45 minutes last week! Their performances have not been much better than ours. No way can they thrash us at VP. We are much more likely to win 3-0 than they are.
  2. I remember Dean saying that he wanted to talk to him about a new contract (some time ago). I would be surprised if we weren’t in discussions. He starts most weeks and I think he has less than two years to go.
  3. I think we will win this. A comfortable 3-0. Everton have been riding their luck so far and we have a decent record against them recently. A first Bailey goal too just as a cherry on top.
  4. I think you have to go back a long way until you get to a Villa centre half that’s been better for us than Mings. Maybe even as far as Laursen and Mellberg. He does make the odd mistake but in between those he is always excellent. We have lots of players who don’t reach his levels. I hope he is part of Villa for a long time to come.
  5. Mings is a long way down our list of worries. We are lucky to have him and we would be lost without him.
  6. M_Afro

    Jed Steer

    Mings ball was poor but Steer had a really poor starting position, he then stopped instead of committing to the challenge, he failed to make himself big and he got his angles all wrong. He is certainly not absolved of blame. That goal never goes in if Emi is in goal. That’s the difference in having a world class player and a lower championship player in goal.
  7. M_Afro

    Jed Steer

    It really wasn’t. He just played to his level of capability. He is nowhere near a PL keeper which is why he’s never been one. That’s not his fault. We are all limited by our own capability. If you mean that Emi would likely have done better then I agree. Emi would have stood a chance of saving all 3 goals and he almost certainly would have prevented the second one which was the killer blow.
  8. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Totally agree with this. It was frustrating yesterday but I really enjoyed the game and the performance. It was our best for some time. If we keep at those levels it will be a good season.
  9. Mings getting loads of stick for the second goal today but Axel was awful for the first. Got it totally wrong from start to finish. Lots more to come from him I’m sure but let himself down there.
  10. M_Afro

    Jed Steer

    I like Steer but he is nowhere near good enough to be our first reserve. Emi saves at least one and maybe two of those goals today.
  11. It was poor from Mings but he was totally let down by Steer for the second goal. That doesn’t go in if Emi is in goal.
  12. He was really good today. When he plays well we seem to play well. I wonder if we will get him to sign a new contract.
  13. I was never into the Ings signing but it is too early to judge him. This was his first start with Ollie. There was enough there to be encouraged about.
  14. I am always quick to criticise Smith but no criticism from me today. Really good performance and a totally unjust score line. A frustrating result but much to be hopeful about.
  15. Great half from villa. Their GK motm so far. The ref has been rubbish. Keep it up boys. Ollie is a beast.
  16. I have no real expectation of us getting points today but I am really looking forward to the game. Chelsea is a really tough game these days but with the players we have available there’s always a bit of hope. I’m just looking forward to seeing Ollie, Ings and Bailey. They will cause problems if we can get the ball to them.
  17. Zaha is such a horrible little worm. That Spurs player would also have kicked 7 bells out of him.
  18. I really hope not. It could get really messy if that’s the case.
  19. There’s no scenario that leads to Jed keeping his place if Emi is fit. This is not a first amongst equals scenario. Emi is significantly better than Jed. Jed knows his place in the pecking order and has shown that he is happy to play second/third choice. If Emi is fit then he plays. Nobody at the club will have a problem with that. Who do you think Ty and Ez would rather have behind them?
  20. M_Afro

    Jed Steer

    Ha ha. I am 48 and should be able to rise above such matters but his hair really annoys me! I mean, it really annoys me. Way too much! Anyway, massive day for him. Deserves a bit of time in the spotlight. Go well with your rubbish hair you penalty saving legend!
  21. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Result is pretty irrelevant. Any points would be great but unexpected. It’s all about the performance for me. We have enough decent players available to make it difficult for them in attack whilst also causing them a few headaches on the break. If we do that then the fans should be generally happy.
  22. I know what you mean and it would have to be carefully managed but having one good game in ten is not justification to retain your place. We can’t afford to wait for 60 minutes for him to prove what we already know. Dean just needs to spin it in the right way. We will be counter attacking and need our faster players up front.
  23. If Ings, Bailey and Watkins are all fit then AEG should be dropped. We surely have to play 4-3-3 today. AEG played really well against Brentford but it was his first good all round performance for a long time and Chelsea away is a completely different prospect. I know it’s ruthless but that’s exactly what’s required.
  24. Villa win is 10-1. That is unbelievable. I don’t think we will win but the odds of us doing so have got to be better than that surely!
  25. I love Mings but to suggest that he is better than McGuire is ridiculous. They are of a similar standard at defending but McGuire is much better at carrying the ball, passing the ball and he is also a much greater threat in the opposition box.
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