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  1. Why? We are a much more balanced and dangerous team with Ross. AEG had a great December and deserves his place on the bench. He is a great option as back up and as an impact sub but he is not quite a starter.
  2. I know we just come to expect it from him but his assist last night was a thing of beauty. Unmatched vision meets exquisite execution. The kid is a genius. He is absolutely priceless.
  3. We were singing “Where’s your famous Roker roar?”
  4. Looks like he has an assist to his name today. Good lad
  5. I was in the pub too. I remember the police having a villa fan with long hair face down in the tarmac outside. The atmosphere in the pub had been great before that guy threw the glass. Numpty!
  6. Bit off topic but did anybody go to the league cup game away at West Ham in about 1990? We got rammed in to a small terrace and ended up standing on the pitch behind the goal whilst the game continued. Spinky saved a penalty whilst we were stood behind his goal if I recall right. The atmosphere was toxic. I remember walking through a mass of fighting afterwards. My dad got hit in the head by a coin. Did not feel safe again until we were north of Watford! Those boys down there are lunatics!
  7. I went to that game. There was a bit of trouble in our pub pre match but generally fairly well natured. It was a bit toxic after. Bosnich was unbelievable that day. Saved about 5 one on ones
  8. I think that’s quite common. So long as the other club allows. It means both negotiations can take place concurrently
  9. Very much reminds me of Dean Saunders. He scored his goals in clusters. He creates for his team mates. He works so hard for the team. Come the end of every season he will get a good amount of goals and assists but he will have spells without scoring. Even then he will continue to contribute to the team. His run of goals starts tonight. 4-1 to score first. Fabulous odds. I am having some of that.
  10. I watch sport to see people do stuff that I can only dream of. I love that about Bert. He is good for at least one piece of pure filth every week. Great times to be a Villa fan.
  11. I have never seen a similar situation that hasn’t been given offside. Even the ref on the tv thought it was offside until the FA somehow tried to defend the decision. We should have had a free kick. Mings knows this and he also knows it means we retain possession. The only thing that was crap about it was the decision. Please stop slating our players just because we lose. Mings was class tonight. I guarantee any other ref gives that offside and everyone says what a great game Mings had.
  12. The old Brucie 10 match non winning run. I remember them all too well!
  13. M_Afro

    Louie Barry

    I keep watching his interview over and over. I absolutely love to see how excited he is and how much he loves the club. What a top lad.
  14. M_Afro

    The NSWE Board

    What these guys have achieved in 2.5 years is nothing short of miraculous. I have honestly never been happier supporting this great club. The first team are playing brilliantly, we have a great manager (not always my feeling), the strongest set of youth players I can remember and best of all we have a bunch of players who genuinely seem to care about our club and are really good blokes. Who knows where we will be in another 2.5 years but I honestly believe that for the first time in decades, something special is possible. We have got our Villa back. UTV
  15. With the C-19 situation it’s highly unlikely we are going to get a positive result tonight. I guess we may have to be content with a 5-2 victory this time! Scousers must be very relieved. UTV
  16. I am pretty sure that I read somewhere that we paid a £10m loan fee on top of hi wages.
  17. What are his many shortcomings? I think he’s a top player personally who is pretty effective at most things. Genuinely interested to hear the many things that you think are wrong with his game.
  18. Was he Jan? Class player indeed but that was some time ago. If we could get someone of his class then we should do it.
  19. I think he is doing pretty well for his first season. I just don’t think you can play him and AEG in the same team. Of the two, Bert is the more complete player. Barkley comes straight back in, move Jack to the left and keep Bert on the right. AEG as an impact sub.
  20. From memory we have been fairly poorly served by the January transfer window in the past. I am struggling to think of too many positive signings. I can only really think of Mings, Carew and maybe Young who made a positive impression and in the case of Young he was pretty poor until the following season. This year we are not in desperate need of anybody in my view. We are better off saving the money and using it more wisely in the summer. I think this is also what we will do unless someone too good to be true is a possibility. Anybody else think of any really good January signings
  21. Ok mate. I disagree. You’re entitled to your opinion as am I. I find it embarrassing and lacking in class.
  22. No but it is embarrassing to say things like Hause would never make that mistake. We should have stuck with Hause. Nonsense. Mings is a great player who is central to our turnaround as a club. Let’s get behind him not have a go.
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