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  1. I think he’s good enough to be our third choice when we only play one up top. He’s not amazing but he is not going to be earning much and I’m sure he will get better.
  2. I think we could get him for £5m. He only has a year left on his contract and Stoke will be desperate to off load any big earners. His form has been awful but he is young and has lots of ability. It’s a yes from me.
  3. Even if the ST is Ormo that’s still the smallest front 6 in PL history.
  4. M_Afro

    Said Benrahma

    Is he work rate really that bad? Do we have stats to back it up? He seems to lack pace which is something we are not short of already. Lovely first touch though
  5. He’s also predicting that Leicester will finish second next season
  6. Some idiot on Twitter called Sean. Highly unlikely. Why would he want to go and play second fiddle to Vardy?
  7. Agree. Both need to be pace merchants. Sarr and Eduoard should do it. Cheeky £60m should be enough
  8. Hardly any PL signings so far. The longer this goes on the better it is going to be for potential buyers. Things will happen when the time is right. I still really hope that we go for Sarr. It’s an interesting move from Watford to place a price tag on his head. Seems a bit desperate to me. I would test the water with a £20m bid. I really think that he is attainable and he is exactly what we need. He could also be worth £80m in a couple of years.
  9. Like probably about 75% of VT members I have just watched a YouTube video of him. He is clearly a good footballer who is also hucking fuge! He did a header back to his gk followed by a forward roll and for all of these reasons I am absolutely in!
  10. Looks like he was badly injured last season. I think it’s unlikely we would be interested now. We were definitely in for him last summer.
  11. I went in a Bournemouth forum this morning. They were discussing the pros and cons of signing Scot Hogan. Every time this thread gets you down just remember how bad it could have been!
  12. Blimey. Surprised at that. It’s still alot for them in the Championship but maybe we might consider it. I think we can do better though
  13. I would imagine that Wilson will be on massive wages. Bournemouth will be desperate to ditch those but I can’t imagine we will be desperate to pick them up!
  14. M_Afro

    Scott Hogan

    Great little player. Why would we sell him? He will score a gazillion goals and fire Bournemouth to a record breaking title win....................lol
  15. M_Afro

    Wesley Moraes

    Give the kid a chance ffs. I hope he never reads this thread because it is embarrassing.
  16. Interesting. I watched a bit of Watford towards the end and he always played well. He’s a bit spikey too which we badly need. Decent shout that
  17. I think there will be some absolute bargains to be had as we come toward the end of the window. Particularly in the last little bit when you can still do business with Championship clubs. I think that’s why things have been a bit slow. Some Championship clubs will be desperate for cash and will maybe looking to offload their higher earners. Up front payments could become very attractive. Based on the above and absolutely nothing else, I think we will sign the Stoke keeper on a free transfer or nominal fee.
  18. Maybe he can have a word with Sarr and get him to join
  19. She sounds dreamy. You got her number?
  20. Watkins used to play second fiddle to Maupay. Is Maupay that brilliant? Not really. He has done ok. Is his understudy going to do better? Unlikely.......Next
  21. I was kind of warming to the idea of signing Watkins for £18m, providing we were also going to splash big on a better option. If we are thinking of paying any more and having him as the main man then nooooooooooooooo! Have we learnt nothing?!
  22. I have seen him a few times. He looks the real deal to be fair. He is big, strong and fast. He has good feet and he knows where the back of the net is. I would be really excited if we signed him.
  23. I agree. I just think it’s really positive that we are investing now. Hopefully it will pay dividends
  24. I guess I am basing that on the fact that we have produced no players who are even squad players. Also we seemed to target success at youth level by having older players, who were never going to be good enough, playing against 16 year olds. Just my opinion of course. We will see what happens over time.
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