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  1. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Why do people think our players are so bad? I have not seen a better GK, centre half (mings), centre mid (mcginn), number 10, centre forward in this league than ours. The rest are not that bad either! We should easily be top 6 and with a fair wind pushing too 2. Do people really think that Sheff U have significantly better players than us? They have Enda Stevens and Billy Sharp playing for them!!!! I would love to see the reaction on here if we had tried to sign either of them in the transfer window ! If we had the Leeds manager we would be top 2. We have been totally hamstrung by 2
  2. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    It’s hard to see what he is trying to achieve. He just seems a bit lost to me. Hope he proves me wrong but I have no faith that he will..................time will tell
  3. He has played 94 matches in the premier league, which is, I guess, 94 more times than Conor Hourihane! For that alone he deserves a bit of credit. He also deserves a chance. The Villa team have signed him whilst they decided to avoid Fer. Maybe we should be grateful that we do not have another overpaid liability in our squad.
  4. His interview displays an incredibly impressive young man. Really hope his luck changes because it seems like he really deserves to succeed. Love having characters like this at the club. Reminded me of two impressive characters from the past, Southgate and big Ugo God bless his soul.
  5. Why have we signed this guy? If he cannot get into our defence at the moment then he must be awful! Our biggest failure in the last 10 years has been our inability to buy good players! Hope this is not a sign of a continuation of that trend!
  6. He is also in a new team, in a new country, with a non existent defence and an angry support!
  7. Least of our worries this kid. He has all the attributes to be very good. It’s the crap in front of him that we should be worried about. Of the outfield players that we actually own, I only think Jack and super John are any good. The rest are rubbish
  8. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    That is admirable but what are you basing this on?
  9. Hope you are right. He is a supreme althlete but I just do not see a footballer there. Slightly off topic but I do rate big Kienen and yet he just can’t seem to get a look in!
  10. Why do you think he was sitting on the bench in league 1. Maybe he is too good to play at that level!
  11. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Garbage manager, nice bloke! Did we learn nothing from Bruce. Until we appoint a good manager we will continue to tread water. It’s so painful that I am beginning to get to the apathetic stage which is a sad reflection of our once great club.
  12. We should just buy Brentford and then loan the players we want! The club is probably only worth about £10m
  13. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    I do think that our players are better than mid table. Look at the evidence. Kallinic is the most highly rated keeper in the league. Chester often captains his country. Elphick has been flying with Hull and winning every week. McGinnis pure class,as isGrealish. Abraham is the best striker in the league. We have got the players. Sheff Utd are second and they have got Billy Sharp up front Ffs! Smith already looks to be wilting under the pressure. Due to the nature of the last 5-6 years, Villa is a pretty unique prospect. The fans are, understandably at a very low ebb and patience is very th
  14. Cannot believe this guy has been getting a game for 2 years now. He is woeful. We have 2 good midfielders at the club. If either are out then we really struggle. I would dread to think what would happen if both were out at the same time!
  15. Not bothered about signing a striker. We have loads of them! I would much rather we bought some quality defenders and midfield players. That way we can totally dominate games requiring only 1 or 2 goals for 3 points. The amount of chances we create would be sufficient for Kodjia to score enough when backed up by the midfield.
  16. Just thought I would look at this thread, to cheer myself up. I have not been disappointed! This guy has played 1 game. Yes.............. that’s 1 game. If you think he was at fault for the first goal then I suggest you go and do something else on a Saturday afternoon. I have been watching villa since the mid 80’s and we have never had a keeper who would have done better for that goal. He did his job. He blocked the initial shot really well, making himself big and difficult to pass. The fact that the ball then ricocheted off the player and in is pure bad luck. The other 2 goals were the r
  17. A guy that I work with, who watches Wolves home and away, reckons Hause is pants. He is a bit of a nob who knows nothing about anything. Therefore, on that basis, sounds like a good signing to me
  18. Let’s give this guy a chance. He has proved at Hull that he can do a great job. He needs our support and then, who knows, he could save us a small fortune!
  19. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    It is so refreshing to have a manager who is brave enough to be honest. I used to hate listening to Bruce talk total BS about a game that we had all seen. Having Taylor, Elphick and Kalinic available will help. Glad we are also looking at midfield because after Jack and McGinn the rest are all bang average.
  20. Pleased for him. He looks like a proper player to me. Hope he nails down a starting place.
  21. Really pleased for him. Well done son
  22. I agree. The lack of patience that some people have now is ridiculous. It is also counter productive. We need to have reasonable expectations and let people settle in. It is unlikely that we will get top 2 but we will make the play offs. Hopefully by then we will be nearing our peak if we support the coaches and players.
  23. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    What narrow minded view? Read my post again. I do not say he can do no wrong. Of course he has made mistakes. He is a human being. He will make many more. He is brave enough to highlight these however and try to do something about it. He deserves our patience. He has only been in the job for five minutes. Let’s see where we are in 12 months time. Shortism is killing our club.
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