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  1. Awful until the last 15 minutes when he was good. He needs to try and do things much more quickly. When he does, he is too good at this level.
  2. God bless Sir Doug. Lived life to the full. Rest in peace
  3. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    JT brings a bit of hope but that is one massive risk. Will get my support of course but I am stunned. Very risky indeed. I hope he can cope because he is in a cauldron now, the likes of which he will have never experienced. Good luck Delano, you may well need it!
  4. Don’t want Rodgers but do want Smith or Wilder.............ha ha ha ha. Rodgers not good enough for nearly winning the premier league with Liverpool and winning everything with Celtic. Two of the biggest clubs in the world. I think he is also younger than both of those two. He has a pretty good record everywhere but one club! Most importantly of all he has real presence. The other two have never had to deal with big personalities. Rodgers had Sterling, Sturidge and Suarez eating out of his hand. Just remind me what Smith and Wilder have done in the game? Actually no need. I already
  5. This in its entirety! We are Aston Villa. If we do not think big as supporters then we may as well give up. This is a big job requiring a big personality. We need confidence, experience, proven ability and big big balls. I am sick of being afraid of every team we play. Let’s show them that we are AVFC and they are not in our league. That starts with getting your attitude right and that stems from the manager. Brendon all day long. He would transform this club and I am sure he would come. Go get him board
  6. Don’t underestimate the draw of English football. It is the best place to be. I read a BBC article yesterday where Carlos Carvahal had turned down Sporting Lisbon just on the off chance an English club came calling. He was not available until September for family reasons and consequently had had to turn down some approaches from English clubs too. He said that he was gutted! Would actually not be at all surprised if he turned up at Villa!
  7. Steve Bruce does not have the right mentality to manage a club like ours. It is too big for him. I remember Wyness saying that Bruce is so scared of losing that he cannot sleep. The man is crippled by fear and this just manifests within the team. There cannot possibly be an excuse for keeping him anymore. That said, a small number of our fans need to grow up. Throwing a cabbage as a protest is moronic. It is a pre meditated action which just makes it worse. Some of the comments on social media are also appalling. People must realise that not only is this antisocial and unnecessary but it
  8. If they had wanted it enough, he wouldn’t need to!
  9. Fair play for stepping up. He is not to blame. Why did nobody else show any courage? The lack of bottle is a reflection of the manager. Least courageous manager we have ever had
  10. I would like to think that if he is going in the international break, then that decision has already been made. What happens over the next two games is largely irrelevant. They may be leaking stuff just to try and keep him motivated by dangling a carrot. We need the points so let’s hope for two wins followed by a swift p45
  11. If Smith is the only option then I would rather keep Bruce and I have never wanted Bruce at the club! This next appointment is massive. We cannot afford to take a risk just because he is simply not Bruce. We need someone who has worked at a big club and dealt with high profile players. I am not sure who that is, although I would love Rodgers, but there must be loads of better options. Why take the risk? Bruce must stay until a suitable replacement has been identified.
  12. He is as good as gone. The new owners have not invested all of this money so that Bruce can stumble through match after match of total incompetence. They will pull the trigger soon, regardless of what happens between now and then. They are shrewd business men. Bruce will not go until the replacement is lined up. I bet he is sacked and replaced in very short order. He may as well stay until the right person is secured.
  13. Why do people use the loss of his parents as an excuse? I started a new job on 2nd July. My Dad died two weeks later after a short illness. He was much younger than Steve’s parents. I had to crack on and make it work because I have a 3 year old son and a wife to support. I miss my Dad, a massive Villa fan, like mad but I get on with it and I am doing a really good job. My Dad would be proud of me and that drives me to succeed. Bruce was failing well before his parents sadly passed away and that has nothing to do with our predicament in my view. Time for us to draw a line under this mans t
  14. This is a real test of our new owners and our supporters. The Dr was a fool but I think/hope the new guys are more clued up. Nothing they will have seen will have convinced them that Bruce is the answer. They will definitely fire him at some stage, probably very soon. The big test is replacing him with a suitable candidate. We need to be brave and think about the medium term. Any manager must bring a strategy that will lead to a sustainable future. Our job as supporters is to get behind the new man, even if choppy waters await. We must recognise progress even when results may not follow
  15. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to post on this thread. In my mind this is some of the reasons why yesterday was so wrong: Generally a much better balanced defence, although Hutton and Taylor both need to work much harder to stop crosses coming in to the box. Hutton is also too slow now. He cannot defend one on one. Elmo or Bree should both be picked ahead of him. Playing Jedinak has got to stop. He is only capable of sitting in front of the defence. This just creates pressure. We need more energetic midfielders who can press and keep the ball away from our box. Even when
  16. He has the raw attributes to be very good. He is clearly struggling with confidence. Our poor defence does not help. He will come good but he needs our support. We are much too quick to form an opinion. Let’s get behind him.
  17. I hope so but he will need to improve his attitude. We all face obstacles in life but it is how you deal with them that ultimately matters.
  18. M_Afro

    John Terry

    Wow. Filled in quite a few gaps there my friend! Perhaps you should purchase a dictionary and look up the meaning of the words “partly” and “informally”.
  19. M_Afro

    John Terry

    I have a feeling that JT was partly, informally managing the team last year. Without him all organisation has disappeared. I would not be surprised to see an instant improvement to our overall play if he does come back. He is much more important to us than his own individual performance.
  20. I’m sorry but I despair sometimes! It didn’t go the way I wanted it to for a few weeks so I stopped trying. Got a new advisor and he told me to start trying again so I did. Despite acting like a 3 year old I am definitely ready for Championship football! Of course you are mate............grow up! There is not a footballer alive who is worth a place in the team but gets constantly overlooked! If you are good enough you will get a chance.
  21. And Wolves finished below us in his first season
  22. Why is it naive? Surely it is naive to ask someone to do something that they have never done before and expect them to do it well. We are beyond risk taking. I accept that each appointment is a risk but it is the job of the exec to mitigate that risk as much as possible. Appointing a man with no experience of fulfilling the objectives of the club is not risk mitigation, it is madness! Come on. You are an oak. Of course you are....because you are a Villan. We don’t want/need Dean Smith. We need Pep Guardiola. Let’s make it happen. Oak
  23. Sorry, but this is exactly the kind of thinking that limits us! The fact that nobody else cares does not stop it from being true. Nobody cares about any other football club apart from the one they support. We are still a massive club and you should never underestimate that. If we, Villa fans, do not believe in our club then how can we expect anybody else to. Liverpool fans have not won the league for three million years but they still think they are the biggest and best club in the World. Therein lies their strength. I don’t think Bruce was a safe option. I have never thought he was worth
  24. I really feel the need to challenge this. We are Aston Villa. Founder members of the league. European Cup winners. Until 2 years ago, premier league ever presents. We have massive support, wealthy owners, a brilliant stadium and huge expectations. What has Dean Smith ever done to suggest that he should get a chance? We really should be aiming much, much higher than this. We need somebody big enough to take on the challenge. Dean Smith would be a massive risk. Why take the risk?
  25. I doubt he will be sacked just yet but it won’t be much longer. He is on trial in my view. He certainly will not be afforded the ridiculous amount of slack that he has been previously. We are in the unfortunate position of watching a man self combust very slowly. The big worry is who we will get as a replacement. The talk of Dean Smith is terrifying. We have a squad full of big egos. They will require a bit of a name to get them to toe the line. Also, managing Brentford and managing Villa are completely different. We need a big manager, with a big ego. Also, talk of Big Sam is equal
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