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  1. Having Bruce as manager is like playing tennis with both hands tied behind your back. We have some real talent at Villa and yet collectively we are significantly lesser than the sum of our parts. Who else to blame if not Brucie! I know we won but the results will soon begin to keep pace with the performances. Woeful.
  2. Agreed. They have got a top, top manager. I think they will do very well this year. Early days but they could yet do a Wolves
  3. Did he though? The goal at the start of the season, as stated by him, was two points per game and automatic promotion. We fell reasonably short on both of those. Warnock achieved this with a much worse squad and lower budget. He maximised his asset. Bruce has fallen well short of doing the same with us. He is the King of inventing arguments to lower expectation. He is now using what happened over the summer to dampen expectations again. It’s as if he is a new manager taking over a crisis club! He conveniently ignores the fact that he has signed a load of players who he does not play beca
  4. Just cannot get excited about his teams. He just seems to muddle his way through, hanging on, in spite of his inadequacies! I genuinely think that a better manager could get us to play much better with exactly the same resources. Anybody who genuinely thinks we have played well in more than a handful of games since Brucie took over does not understand football. We will not get promoted this season if he remains in charge. I have said the same in each of the past two seasons and I was right. Nothing has changed now. Hope he proves me wrong.........but he won’t
  5. Don’t think we are finished in any way yet. Still expect to see us loan at least 3 more. Probably a left back, a winger and a striker. We will then be stronger than last season in my view. Good times ahead hopefully ?
  6. Reminds me of a young Andy Townsend. Now that would do nicely!
  7. Not heard that? What’s wrong with his attitude? Always seems to try hard when he plays.
  8. If Bruce is going to stay as manager (please don’t let it be so) he must finally see that you cannot play Brucie Ball without a big lump up front! Kodj, Hogan and Grabban may all be better players than Davis but Davis is easily the most suited to our turgid style of hoof balls! If you insist on persisting with this please at least have the foresight to do it properly! I know we won but we make it so, so very difficult. Chuffed with the result but I remain unconvinced by the failings of an otherwise likeable man.
  9. It’s so important that we get off to a good start this season. We have had horrible starts to our other two Championship seasons. The fixture list has been very kind to us. We have a reasonably settled squad and a manager who has been in post for a long time. We should be confident and taking the bull by the horns tomorrow. I hope this is so! Make it happen Brucie. Show some courage or step aside and let someone else give it a go. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
  10. Way too much negativity on here. We have new very rich owners. Owners who appear, at first sight, not to be crazy Chinese people! We still have most of our key players from last season. We still have a month to improve the team with loan signings. In my view, we are in a better position than this time last year. Believe people. We have as much chance as anybody else. It’s very open this year!
  11. We can still loan players up until the end of August but no permanent deals after next Thursday. So, all in all, Thursday means nothing to us from a buying perspective as we are likely only loaning but it is very significant in terms of sales!
  12. M_Afro

    The Rebuild

    With the squad that we have we should definitely be finishing in the top 6, probably the top 3. With a few carefully chosen additions, namely a GK, CH, pacey attacking midfielder and a target man we should definitely finish top 2. Anything less will be a failure. Surely people must be running out of excuses for Bruce now!
  13. Can’t believe he is going to be number 1. One for the future surely? Think we will also sign an experienced keeper.
  14. Not so sure. These guys want a return on their investment. They need fast promotion. If Steve does not deliver, which I firmly believe he will not, then he is gone. I really hope I am wrong because I obviously crave success as much as any other fan.
  15. Have you seen any progression in our play over the past 12 months? Happy to be illuminated!
  16. Absolute guarantee that Bruce will get the boot before Christmas. He is incapable of learning from his mistakes. It is so predictable. Let’s hope we are not too far behind when the new owners see the light. I also would not let him buy any players. We will be saddled with a load of crap when he finally goes. Loans only for Steve please.
  17. We can now look forward to the re-signing of Snodders, Terry and a few others that Steve Bruce can still beat in the annual egg ‘n spoon race! Hope I am wrong because we desperately need pace in our team!
  18. Never wanted Bruce in the first place. Still do not want him. He has failed in my view, predominantly because of his negative approach. I have to admit though that I do now have massive respect for him as a person. I really think that he is a very decent human being. Therefore, despite the fact that I still want him to go, I will still be a bit sad at the departing of a very decent man.
  19. M_Afro

    Keinan Davis

    Let’s just agree to disagree. If a striker has the ability to retain possession of the ball, in the final third, he creates time for his teammates to support the attack, he pulls defenders out of position creating space for newly advanced supporting players to exploit and he also prevents the opposition from gaining possession and commencing their own attack. Non of these things are shown as assists or goals scored but their importance to a team is priceless. Compare the above to someone like Hogan. He may score more goals than Davis but what is the aggregate position when Hogan plays?
  20. M_Afro

    Keinan Davis

    Heskey has 60 odd England caps! Surely the most important thing is that we score more goals than the opposition. Someone like Davis not only creates opportunities for his teammates but also massively relieves pressure on our own defence, limiting opportunities created by the opposition. A simple game and a simple concept indeed. I admit that the very best strikers can be both goal scorers and creators. Those guys are however very few and far between,
  21. M_Afro

    Keinan Davis

    Some people just do not understand football. It is a team game. The same people who never appreciated Heskey, still do not appreciate Sterling will never appreciate Davis. He is a massive handful. He has massive potential. He is unlikely ever to be a prolific goal scorer but that does not mean he cannot improve the overall effectiveness of our team. Football is about the collective yet so few people seem to understand this most basic of concepts. The way that Bruce sets his teams up means that a Davis type striker is essential. Unfortunately not even Bruce himself seems to understan
  22. Davis should definitely be on the bench but in place of Hogan not Jimmy D.
  23. Nearly voted him motm. He was so good at relieving pressure when he came on.
  24. M_Afro

    Keinan Davis

    What has happened to Davis? He offers so much more than Hogan and would provide a good bench option. I would have him and RHM on the bench ahead of Hogan.
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