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Midweek football


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Meanwhile, over at Kiddy..


  1. Joe Lolley has just hit the most spectacular goal to make it two none to Kiddy.

  2. What a goal from Joe Lolley. Took it all the way and bang. You scouts from #Blues and #Burton DID NOT see that

  3. @khfcofficial: GOOOOOOOAL!!! HARRIERS 2-0 FC HALIFAX - WHAT AN EFFORT FROM THAT BOY JOE LOLLEY!!!” @Lolleyj10 well in lad!


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cracking strike from Joe that. He'll become a regular in no time


Found this on a Harriers forum.



 Lolley's pace and use of width was a real revelation; Halifax couldnt cope, and arguably few Conference defences would. 

If Matt was worth 300K, Lolleys worth at least £500,000!!

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Referees subconsciously favour the bigger sides all over the world. If you take it that Spain has a bigger gap between its big 2 and the rest then Spain is one of the worst exponents of it. It's a disgrace and players like Pepe should be retrospectively punished, not to mention Pepe in particular hung on a hook from his scrotum in the town square, but that's probably a little middle-ages for most.

Real Madrid own referees. So do Barcelona. They mightn't pay them but they get the decisions. Funnily enough I noticed AC Milan scored 2 goals in the last 2 minutes last night aswell to come back from 3-1 down against Bologna. It was a night for 'miraculous'(sic) big team comebacks.

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