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Tom Ince


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Wouldn't trust ShiteSports to tell me I had a penis.


If you need that confirming pal maybe a trip to the quacks is in order  :P

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whos this 1 club? don't see why everyone always says he is desperate to return to Liverpool, when ever I see him interviewed he almost seems to be biting his tongue about lack of opportunities there, don't think he left he them with the greatest opinion of them


think he's expensive personally, £8m for him or £2m for Redmond was a no brainer


the express are reporting its us and everton chasing him


According to Sky News Radio both Everton and Villa have already begun negotiations with Blackpool to sign the 21-year-old, with a fee of £8m - £10m thought to be enough to prise the youngster away from Bloomfield Road.

Blackpool boss, and Tom's father Paul Ince, will be reluctant to see his son depart having also lost winger Matt Phillips to QPR last week. But Ince Sr. has accepted that his son is likely to leave the club at some point, with the only proviso being he doesn't move a club where he will sit on the bench and stunt his development.

He told Sky Sports News last week:"What I wouldn't want Thomas to do is to go to a club and then spend a lot of time on the bench, as that would hamper his development.

"Whenever he does go, and whatever club he goes to, he needs to be playing football and his development needs to be taken forward."Look at Scott Sinclair when he left Swansea and went to Manchester City, he hasn't played for two years. That won't happen to Thomas."

Ince Jr. is currently recovering from a thigh injury, but it remains to be seen whether either Everton or Aston Villa are able to guarantee the England Under-21 international regular first-team football.
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One of things why i'd be against this deal is that Liverpool will get a percentage of the transfer fee due to a sell-on clause when they sold Ince to Blackpool.


I do not want to fund Liverpool in any way, shape or form.


(also - is Ince really that good???)

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As promising and good ince is, he isn't the dedicated ACM we require.


I agree, that's what I don't think we'll sign him.


Good player but more of an Ashley Young type as he starts out wide and cuts in from that side to shoot from goal. This sort of signing would be to challenge Weimann.

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